Beautiful Bicycle: Andrew’s Co-Motion Streaker


Beautiful Bicycle: Andrew’s Co-Motion Streaker


Andrew, aka Blakey, is a Co-Motion enthusiast. This Streaker single-speed makes another addition to his already plump stable. Earlier we saw his Demon Cross that he trekked around the States with and today when I met him for a Long Black (espresso drink), he was riding this beauty.

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Like his Demon Cross, this Streaker has S&S for easy traveling.


And at the moment is set up as a single speed with front and back brakes, fenders and a bell.


This is the ideal city bike, especially for the Aussie winter and believe it or not, that’s not an oxymoron.


The city officials are sticklers for bells, lights and brakes here. While some would look at that as a total bummer, Blakey embraced it and built up his ideal single speed.


Not bad huh? Maybe tomorrow, he’ll ride another bike and I’ll get to document that one as well! Check out a few more photos at my Flickr!

Beautiful Bicycle: Andrew and His Co-Motion Demon Cross