Asphalt: Outlier


Asphalt: Outlier

You know you want it. Asphalt round 3 people! Who’s gonna win it this time? Up for grabs this round is one of the coveted Outlier Merino Wool Hoodies. I love mine. Been wearing it for weeks now. All day at the office and on my commutes every morning. Coupled with their Empire tee, it’s perfect for the Fall commutes. It wasn’t until my dog pissed on me that I had to wash it (no lie).

Find out how you can win HERE!

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Remember, it doesn’t have to be a track bike. It can be any bike. People ride all kinds of bikes in the winter. We’re not track-snobs over here!

… and please, remember to tag your photo submissions like so:

It makes it look prettier. :-)

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