All-City: Twin Six Jersey


All-City: Twin Six Jersey


All-City is on a roll this year!

We have long wanted to do a kit, and since we proudly flaunt our hometown roots, it seemed only natural to partner with local boys Twin Six to make it happen.

Twin Six has revolutionized on-bike apparel (who’d have thought that making bike clothing that wasn’t hideous was a revolution, but clearly it is), and it’s nigh impossible to go to a cross, mtb, or gravel ride/race around here and not be awash in a sea of their designs. The boys over there also happen to be sometime riding buddies of ours, so it seemed like a natural fit to tap them for our first ever kit.

Yes, that’s kit, as in bibs and jersey. We’re not showing the bibs on the blog just yet, but you’ll be able to see both at Interbike next week. We are f’ing stoked and very happy with how this collaboration has turned out.

Check out more info at All-City’s blog.