All-City: The Wallner Pro Pedal


All-City: The Wallner Pro Pedal


Fresh off the All-City blog is the Wallner Pro Pedal:

“One of the products that I’m most excited for this new year is the introduction of our first ground up in house pedal, The Wallner Pro. The Wallner is named after our good buddy and owner of Breakaway Courier, Wayne Wallner. Wayne’s the raddest dude you know (even if you don’t), and his hospitality has been instrumental in building the “sister city” relationship with Milwaukee that we here in Minneapolis have come to enjoy and rely upon. “

Woulda been cool to see “All-City” on the pedals. With “ALL” on the NDS and “CITY” on the DS, a la A.N.T.’s cages. Still diggin them though! Con-denti! Check out more information at All-City’s blog.