All-City Championships Trick Comp Results


All-City Championships Trick Comp Results


Fresh off the Bike Jerks press are the All-City Championships trick comp results:

The comp went off really well and some very sick tricks were thrown down, huge 3’s, a 540 on the quarter, and Boothby threw down a truck driver. It was pretty amazing, and I’m super stoked to have had all these California boys make the trip to the Midwest. I don’t have much for photos as I was busy organizing and running things, but other folks do and as they come out, you’ll get to see what I mean.

Sponsored Riders

1 Jakob Santos (Uncle Daddy)
2 Josh Boothby
3 Wonka

Non Sponsored

1 Sean Coates
2 Vinnie Shim
3 Jake Hecker

Damn Boothby truck drivers? Holy shit. Awesome! Bummed I missed out. Just couldn’t make it this year. Sorry Jeff!