A Look Inside Cicli Devotion


A Look Inside Cicli Devotion

Never before has an entry on this blog merited over twenty photos and never before has there been as much beauty in a single entry. Bicycle fanatics are some of the most eccentric people on the face of the Earth. Their passion unites generations of cyclists and their love for two wheels makes the world a healthier place. I’m sure every town has one and in NYC, there are dozens. Most of which are in their 50’s leaving a few in their 30’s. Cicli Devotion is run by the latter. Matthew Devotion has one of the nicest operations in all of New York City. Unlike most collectors, Matthew offers his expertise in a form of a consultancy.

His tag line is “Classic racing bicycles & components bought, sold and refurbished”. Kind of ambiguous right? Well, that’s his niche. Follow me as we take a look inside this operation and peer into the workspace of Cicli Devotion.

It’s not often that I enter a space and get lost immediately in the details. Well, that’s not entirely accurate but it’s not often that the details are so rare and beautiful.

Take this Somec track. Matthew’s first track bike.

There’s always something in the stand.

With boxes of old components stacked up.

Surfers, like cyclists, find lines and their zen in a similar way.

To set the ambiance for the shop, Matthew’s got stacks of dub and house.

An old Cinelli stayer cockpit.

Coors classic posters.

No shop is complete without pin-up girls.


Drawers and drawers of components.

You’ll see more of this beauty later.

Devotion’s townie.

Pop the cork…

A 1965 Cinelli pista for a client.

Complete with a badged stem.

This Maurizio is also for a client and has some unique details. Check out that brake drilling!

Seatstay caps.

Drillium dropouts.

Tim Isaac-built womens 7-Eleven team track bike. All aero.

Yes, even the track ends are aero.

Gorgeous! Cicli Devotion and Tears 4 Gears will be restoring this unique find.

A client’s Bridgestone RB-T.

A Hugh Porter build for a client.

Devotion’s townie, built for around $200 USD.

1982 Sarroni Red Colnago with Super Record and a rare Assos saddle.

A 1971 Vigorelli-built Masi which was repainted by Jim Allen at California Masi in the late 70’s.

1963 Frejus track bike.

1985 Pinarello Montello.

Here’s the show-stopper. A mid-70’s Marastoni.

This bike is loaded with details.

At the end of the day, the light is ideal for photographing the space.

The cycling insignia wraps the walls and engulfs the ceiling.

Not many people have a 3Rensho tandem in their shop do they? In fact, the only other place I’ve heard of having one is Velo Cult.

While Cicli Devotion is not a walk-in service, it is open to serious inquiries. If you have the need for someone to dress and fit your classic road or track bike, please feel free to contact Matthew.

Thanks for the tour!

I’ve uploaded more to my Flickr, so check them out.