A Few Words From Grime Bikes


A Few Words From Grime Bikes


Sometimes readers email me complaining about their experiences with companies. Small companies get stuck behind manufacturer’s lag and lead times, putting them in an awkward position. Yesterday, after a recent post on the Prolly is Not Probably Facebook, I hit up Joey and the Grime crew to address the issues. After a few emails, Joey sent me the following press-release.

“Grime Bikes would like to announce a change in the production and manufacturing model that will provide quicker turn-around times for end customers and eliminate confusion regarding production and wait times for YOMANG! frames.”

There’s more below!

Previously, all YOMANG! frames were built to order and sold as “pre-order” items exclusively with a wait time anywhere from 14 to 120 days. This is no longer the case. All YOMANG!, G.O.A.T. and other frame-sets sold through GRIME BIKES will be “pre-built” eliminating any wait time for end customers. Previously this was not possible for a young company such as GRIME BIKES. (Est 2010)

Any existing YOMANG! frame orders yet to be fulfilled, will be fulfilled in a timely manner. Any customer requiring a refund due to extended production time will have such refund granted in full. GRIME BIKES will continue to produce YOMANG! frames by hand in Brooklyn on a “pre-built” basis, as well as producing G.O.A.T. frames by hand in a much larger facility capable of much greater work output. Until all remaining orders are fulfilled, GRIME BIKES will not be taking orders on YOMANG! frame sets. G.O.A.T. frame-sets will be more readily available than the YOMANG! counterparts due to the nature of their production. G.O.A.T. frameset will be available to ship in July of 2011. We will not be taking “pre-orders” on any items.


Grime Bikes would also like to take this opportunity to announce the official discontinuation of our 700c/29er model YOMANG! also known as the SUPMANG! availability excluding SIDECAR.CO.JP who will remain our sole distributor of the 700c/29er YOMANG/SUPMANG model. Any existing 700c/29er YOMANG/SUPMANG orders will be fulfilled.

GRIME BIKES would like to thank all of our loyal customers and fans for their support and understanding as well as for making us the number 1 fixed freestyle frame manufacturer on the planet.

Stay tuned.

For more information contact:

Production Manager

I just want to add that it’s not easy starting a company from the ground up and I’m glad to see Joey and the Grime guys addressing their consumer base.