A Day in 10 Photos: 04.01.2011


A Day in 10 Photos: 04.01.2011


Today I pulled a prank on my readers. Not only did I fib about my bike getting stolen, but I carried a cynical tone in all my posts. While it’s true that Macaframa uses a lot of time-lapse, I still thoroughly enjoy their videos. Did you see JSN get thrown out of the party at the end? Good stuff. I’m also super pumped for Cardiel. His online shop looks pretty bad ass and of course I still get worked up over sexy track frames. NJS or not. Go support Cardiel and Break Free Customs. Milltag‘s jerseys are awesome. Some of my favorites in the industry and these new ones are a great way to show your GB pride.

Come on now, of course the Rapha rope is a joke. But I’m glad some of you guys picked up on the awesome copy they created to promote it. And I wish I had a spare Hasselblad lens. Don’t worry, there are more legit Reader’s Rides coming up.

Yes, my Merckx is fine and yes, it was a mean prank but thanks to everyone who came to my assistance and posted about it. Hey, at least it wasn’t as cruel as last year’s 26″ fixed prank I pulled!