1982 Colnago OVAL CX


1982 Colnago OVAL CX

Um. Yes please. Speed Bicycles is at it again. This time they’re auctioning off this super rare 1982 Colnago OVAL CX, which uses the Columbus OVAL-CX tubing. Completely-aero, teardrop profiles make this bike one sick puppy. The detailing is what you’d expect from Ernesto; fully panto’d everything!

Check out some more shots below.

Super Record cranks with pantographed rings.

This shot gives you an idea of just how flattened the OVAL-CX tubeset it. Look at that seat-tube cluster!

I’m sure it’ll fetch a good grip of change on eBay. Watch the auction to find out how much it goes for and if you wanna see more photos, check them out here!