1968 Colnago


1968 Colnago

Sweet Jesus.

This 1968 Colnago popped up on eBay this weekend. I caught it on my RSS and a few readers sent it into me to post. There are so many pictures up on the auction and I can’t even begin to post them all, so I’ve picked out some choice shots below. Simply stunning and imagine how rare it is to find an almost all original Colnago from this era.

Now it may not be your cup of tea, but that’s a piece of cycling history right there. I’m sure collectors worldwide are watching this beaut. Everything is in remarkable condition. Stunning.

From the listing:

Extremely rare early Colnago in lovely original condition. The bike is presented as found. I believe the parts to be all original except for the Weinmann rims and brakes that have been upgraded at some point in the bike’s history.

50,5 cm c to c seat tube, top tube 52,5 cm c to c.

No date stamp on the rear derailleur.

The bike is post Mexico 1968 (check decals), it has all the features of a pre-1970 Colnago so I would say 1968 or 1969.

It would appear that this is one of the earliest Colnagos known, so it is an important addition to the handful of identified pre-1970 models, especially as it is so original : paint, decals and parts.

The bike is presented in unrestored, uncleaned, barn find authentic condition