Guys, come on! Seriously. What is it with people these days? If you didn’t take a picture yourself, chances are, you shouldn’t put it on a shirt unless you get clearance from the photographer. If you’re making money off the clothing and you aren’t paying the person who took the photo. SHAME ON YOU.

Support your local artists, support photographers, support local musicians! support your friends! Why are people always doing this kind of stuff? We’re all a grassroots community still so why are people selling out their community?

Case in point.

Merge stole a photo from Mr. Zeta on Flickr and put it on a shirt which they’re selling. Their legal disclaimers also claim that everything on their site is their property. I also see a John 3:16 drop on that page. Come on… seriously? Mr. Zeta did NOT give them permission either!

via Macablog.