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100% + The Mojave Desert + Sagan

Sagan’s Roubaix victory was iconic, yet the thing that left an impression on me was his 100% moto goggles. It was one of those racing moments that had me laughing with glee. His sponsorship by the brand has produced a number of videos with the Slovak professional, including this one, featuring their Speedcraft AIR design. What is Speedcraft AIR? Well, watch this, set in the Mojabe to find out.

Apr 16, 2018 1 comment
Godspeed Trailer

The Race Across America is the subject of the film Godspeed, a documentary film hitting select theaters May 22nd.

“The Award-winning documentary GODSPEED has turned out to be no ordinary cycling film. The brutal reality of two middle-aged men, racing as a relay-team, around the clock, for an entire week, including the punishing obstacles and life-draining assault on their bodies, minds, and characters required something many world-class athletes depend on, family, friends, and faith. Purchase advanced tickets now. ”

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Stompump Tire Inflator

The inventions found on Kickstarter never cease to amaze me. Take the Stompump Tire Inflator for instance. Small enough to pack with you on rides, yet powerful enough to get the job done. Check out more at Kickstarter.

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PATAGÓN by Montanus

This is a good one!

“Patagón is the video that tells the adventure of Montanus during the bike and packraft exploration of a remote area of southern Patagonia, where, between the Austral Andes and the huge glacial lakes, the traditional Argentine culture of the gauchos still survives.”

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Surly Bridge Club Video

We made the joke that the new bike from Surly, the Bridge Club was an homage to a card game. In fact, Surly’s newest bike is an homage to hanging out under the many bridges in Minneapolis. Those who work and design at Surly seek refuge under bridges, to wait out the elements and seek seclusion, so it’s fitting they’d name their newest tourer after this behavior.

Check out the Bridge Club in video!

Apr 10, 2018 1 comment