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Leave it On the Road’s 2015 Crush the Coast Charity Ride
Leave it On the Road's 2015 Crush the Coast Charity Ride

Leave it On the Road’s 2015 Crush the Coast Charity Ride
Words by Michael Tabtabai

Ride from the heart and anything is possible. In mid October a crew of seven riders departed Portland and headed for San Francisco on a quest to ride bikes, take photos, and raise money to fight cancer. Through the rolling hills of Oregon wine country, down the foggy coast, through the Redwoods and down the golden rollers beyond Mendocino. We were a little nervous about the weather, as this was the time of year where the wind shifts and the rains roll in. But we got lucky – just enough rain and fog to make it interesting and more than enough sun to keep spirits high. To live the life of a cyclist, that is, 100% of your days truly devoted to the sport, the preparation and the recovery, is an awesome thing. And it is even better when you get to help raise over $25k for a great cause – City of Hope. When we arrived in SF three riders continued on to Los Angeles, knocking out nearly 1400 miles in 14 days.

This was the third major Leave It On The Road ride, and we called it #crushthecoast. (more…)

Nov 23, 2015 30 comments
First Time’s a Charm at the Steamboat Ralleye
First Time’s a Charm at the Steamboat Ralleye

First Time’s a Charm at the Steamboat Ralleye
Photos by Ian Hylands and Kyle Kelley words by Kyle Kelley

A few months ago James Scriven from Niner Bikes reached out and asked me to go on a bike ride with him. I agreed as soon as he asked and only afterwards began to understand what I had signed up for. As the details trickled in I found out that I wouldn’t be riding my own bike, but instead would be on a Special Edition Niner RLT. The bike would be auctioned off after the ride to benefit the International Mountain Bike Association. I wouldn’t even be using my own gear. The bike would be equipped with Blackburn bags, Big Agnes was providing the camping gear and Kitsbow even made a special pair of custom jean shorts for me to wear. Side note: my signature model can be expected to appear sometime in the year 2020. (more…)

Nov 17, 2015 55 comments
Hump Day

Every Wednesday morning brings about the Los Angeles River Camp Coffee meet-up and this week, I was finally in town so my morning began there, around 7:30am. After dining on one of Nils’ delicious tacos (yes, he brought that stove on his cargo bike…) I headed out for a ride with Nick from Golden Saddle.

It was a pretty loosely planned morning with the Verdugos on our agenda. The problem with the Verdugos is, they’re so big that you can spend all day going up and down the fireroads and singletrack. Which is exactly what we did.

I didn’t think this was enough for a whole gallery, but I really wanted to share a few of these, so enjoy! (more…)

Nov 11, 2015 19 comments
Enter the CXORCIST – Funeral Cycling
Enter the CXORCIST

Enter the CXORCIST
Photos by Stefan Feldman & Warren Fentonand, words by Kyle Scully

This past January, I flew from balmy Vancouver BC to a surprisingly frigid Austin TX to hang out at the US Cyclocross National Championships. The trip itinerary included meeting friends from the internet, watching some racing (the ones that didn’t get cancelled), and most importantly, racing John’s Crash Nationals Race. Unsanctioned “Bandit Cross” style races were new to me at this point in time and I didn’t really know what to expect… (more…)

Nov 6, 2015 3 comments
Riding in Guerneville California with Argonaut Cycles and Chris King
Riding in Guerneville California with Argonaut Cycles and Chris King

Look. I’m not a super über tech geek. I don’t really care about stiffness or compliance in terms of data or coefficients but I do like riding bikes and developing stories about them, in terms of my personal experiences. When Argonaut and Chris King asked if I wanted to come along for a very informal launch of a new bottom bracket standard, I had a few questions:
-Do we need another BB standard?
-Where is this launch?
-Will there be booze?

Two out of the three answers met my standards, so I agreed. (more…)

Nov 5, 2015 17 comments
Tandemonium on Lukens

Being able to get in a good ride before the work day begins is one of the many perks of living in a city that’s embraced by mountains. Simply look at a map and seek out squiggly lines. Pack up your bike, add snacks, water, a jacket and head out just before sunrise. These days, the day’s light is fleeting, so the earlier the better.

Last Friday a few of us wanted to ride Mt. Lukens, a 5,000ish foot tall dirt road climb. While it’s not as big as Disappointment or Wilson, its adjacency to the beginning of the Angeles National Forest along the 2 makes it for a perfect out and back ride. (more…)

Oct 26, 2015 10 comments
Mother Nature Did That Thing Again
The plants are so metal in the mountains.

NOAA predicts this year’s El Niño will be one for the record books. While Los Angeles is in dire need of rain, it doesn’t mean our trails are happy when the sky does open its glands and weeps onto our mountains. Last week, the 5 got hit with mudslides, cars were washed away, property damaged, etc. If this is a vignette into the future, we’re in for a bloody muddy winter. (more…)

Oct 22, 2015 15 comments
CommUtah’s 421 Miles of Dirt from Salt Lake City to Moab
CommUtah's 421 Miles of Dirt from Salt Lake City to Moab

CommUtah – 421 Miles of Dirt from Salt Lake City to Moab
Photos by John Shafer and James Adamson with words by Kurt Gensheimer.

Two weeks ago, James Adamson, Justin Schwartz and Kurt Gensheimer – known as The Commute Crew – completed a historic eight-day, 421-mile trek with 45,000 feet of climbing on dirt from Salt Lake City to Moab in an adventure called CommUtah. According to several local backcountry guides, nobody has ever attempted such an adventure consisting of 95 percent dirt, nearly half of it on single track. (more…)

Oct 15, 2015 16 comments
24 Hours of Recovery in Downieville
Rad atavism

‘Cross bikes, ‘cross bikes, ‘cross bikes…

Look. I love cyclocross bikes but I was beginning to get a little Grinduro’d out. After a weekend of shooting, talking, riding and basically living bikes at the event, I wanted a recovery day. Decompression. Detachment. Whatever you want to call it. I needed a vacation. Ok, not really. I just wanted to ride mountain bikes and be out of cell reception for 24 hours.

Luckily, we were already in the midst of some incredible mountains, so it was literally a no-brainer to hop on the road and book it up to Downieville. That place has always carried such a mystique for me. I’d never been before, for various reasons, but had ridden all over California so I was familiar with the terrain. But still. There’s something about that trail network that had been beckoning me for years.

It was my friend Andrea‘s birthday on Monday and she too wanted to ride there one last time before the season ended. She’s been numerous times, so it worked out perfectly. Sunday morning after Grindruo, we would leave Quincy, drive an hour or so, get to town, pass out, wake up for a morning shuttle, take it super chill, shoot photos, eat gummy worms, sip the flask and barrel along the downhill line, ending at the river…

There was one detail we were missing: bikes. ‘Drea and I were on Grinduro-ready rigs, not 6″ trail bikes.

Luckily Yuba Expeditions had rental bikes for around $100 a day. I scooped up a Ibis Mojo, Andrea got a Santa Cruz Nomad and we were good to go. Oh and tubes. Oh and I needed knee pads. Now we’re good to go. (more…)

Oct 13, 2015 12 comments
A Weekend in the Sierra Mountains at Giro Cycling’s Grinduro!

When Joe Parkin approached Giro’s Dain Zaffke about a new race format a few years back, the initial reaction the two had was more than a chuckle, rather than any degree of seriousness but the seed had been planted…

Why not make a new race format? Part gravel grind and part enduro. Grinduro. You get the best of both worlds, competition and socializing on bicycles. A few segments would be timed: a fire road climb, a fire road descent, a road time trail and a singletrack descent. The event would prove to bring about a rather interesting dialog: what is the most diverse bicycle in your stable? (more…)

Oct 12, 2015 29 comments