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A Weekend in Stillwater, Oklahoma at the Land Run 100

Mud. It’s hell. A catalyst for catastrophe and the end game for any bike event. Honestly, it’s been the one thing grating at my conscious since first accepting the invitation to the Land Run 100 late last year. For six years now, Land Run 100 has been put together by Bobby Wintle and the team at District Bicycles in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It’s a challenging race on a challenging course, yet the entrants must adjust their own psyche to determine what mental state they will choose to enter these dirt roads. Be it personal grit, the desire to complete the course in its entirety, glory, or to be the fastest group of racers in one of many categories. Racers register for the event to conquer their own goals.

The story of competition is as old as the ages, yet the history of the Land Run was one formed long before the existence of dirt roads as we know them today. (more…)

Mar 19, 2018 38 comments
Vintage Radness at the 30th Annual Keyesville Classic – Erik Hillard

Vintage Radness at the 30th Annual Keyesville Classic
Photos and words by Erik Hillard

This past weekend was the 30th annual Keyesville Classic, the longest running mountain bike race in the United States. Because of its Vintage Class races, Keyesville is also a gathering of mountain bike restoration artists from across the country. Each year, a group of enthusiasts meets for the weekend with a beautiful selection of historic mountain bikes. (more…)

Mar 14, 2018 36 comments
Eroica Nova California

Eroica California‘s course is one of the most beautiful I’ve ridden and now you can experience the winding dirt roads on a modern bike, in a competitive yet fun event dubbed Eroica Nova. This race begins separately from the Eroica ride and is limited to 200 starting places. Head to Eroica Nova to register now.

Don’t miss this exclusive chance: NOVA Eroica is limited to 200 start place. Register now

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We’re Going to Land Run this Year

Photos by Jarrod Bunk

Yep. We’re going to Land Run 100 this year to hang with the team at District Bicycles, document the ride, the bikes and the people of the event and of course, to just hang out. We’d like to encourage anyone who’s on the fence about coming out to do so. As for my personal bike, I’ll be posting about my setup in the next week or so, with thoughts about how to deal with mud, the weather and camera gear. Expect more shortly and if you haven’t ever heard of Land Run, check out Jarrod’s documentation on the related sidebar to the left.

Feb 26, 2018 17 comments
If You Were Wondering, Frostbike’s Still the Best – Kyle Kelley

If You Were Wondering, Frostbike’s Still the Best
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

Especially for newcomers! It was really rad seeing Sean and Danny from Team Dream and the Cub House experience this unique event for the first time. It really got me thinking about a few of my first Frostbikes, and how a lot of my really good friends have actually spawned from this event. I’ve even seen other friendships flourish from introductions at Frostbike. Going to Minneapolis in the middle of winter as a cyclist probably seems like a bad idea, but when you actually think about it, it’s genius. (more…)

Feb 26, 2018 35 comments
Velo Cirque is Today at Velo Cult

Velo Cult is hosting Velo Cirque today at their shop in Portland. The fun begins at 3pm and goes until 8pm, today! Head to Velo Cult to be a part of the fun. This is a free event.

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