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An Evening with Magnum Cycling UK

Rapha UK recently hosted an evening with Magnum Cycling, part of Magnum Photos:

“Earlier this year author Guy Andrews and esteemed photographer Harry Gruyaert chaired a panel discussion to launch Magnum Cycling, a “visual survey of the relationship between the world’s best photographers and the exciting and multifaceted sport of cycling.””

You can pick this book up at your local book store now and continue reading the story at Rapha.

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London Edinburgh London Trailer

1400k in five days? Rides like this require an exceptional amount of both physical and mental fitness, as these riders come to find out. Here’s the official trailer for the London Edinburgh London documentary, which you can watch here or pre-order for the film’s release.

May 16, 2016 2 comments

Here’s Charge UK’s submission to the Hack Bike Derby. Man, that event looks like so much fun!

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A Slice of British Pie

Rowdy lines, no excessive product clips and just a bunch of (pro) dudes having fun. Loving this one and if you love mountain biking, you will too!

Apr 19, 2016 3 comments
Field Cycles Orange Road Bike with Dura Ace
Field Cycles Orange Road Bike with Dura Ace

Ever since the first day of the Berliner Fahrradschau, I’ve wanted to photograph this Field Cycles road. Built for a customer in San Francisco, this bike just pops against the dreary Berlin weather and will undoubtably do the same in SF’s foggy environment. The owner wanted a zippy race-worthy machine with Dura Ace and ENVE, which is coincidentally why this bike is in Berlin to begin with. It’s on display at ENVE’s European builder booth, where builders from all over the EU were selected to showcase their talents.

Talent is exactly what Field possesses. This two-man team is nestled in the hills of Sheffield, a steel city with a long heritage of handcrafting beautiful works from metals of all sorts. Yet with every metal masterpiece, paint needs to accompany it, which is why Field uses their in-house painter, Cromaworks to design flashy, yet complimentary designs. While talking to Harry about Field’s bikes, he made a special point to note their custom dropouts and investment cast headbadges, two details he’s very proud of, coming from a metal fabrication background…

See more of this beauty in the Gallery!

Mar 20, 2016 33 comments
2016 NAHBS: Nickel Plated Demon Frameworks
2016 NAHBS: Nickel Plated Demon Frameworks

In my opinion, Demon Frameworks is doing something few other builders achieve: a unique, almost signature lug pattern. You can spot his bikes a mile away thanks to those meticulously carved, almost buttress-inspired designs. This year at NAHBS, this nickel-plated road accompanied him and people couldn’t get enough of it!

Feb 28, 2016 19 comments
Big x Top’s Mini Saddle Bag

In the winter months, sometimes it’s hard to carry everything you need for a long-distance ride in just a jersey pocket. Oftentimes you’ll need a hardshell, a baselayer, arm or leg warmers and warm gloves. Sure you can put all that on and be fine, but as the day goes on and it gets warmer, you’ll shed a few layers. That’s why I like bags like Big x Top’s Mini Saddle Bag. It isn’t an all-out touring bag, but it offers some easy-to-access extra space for your gear.

Feb 19, 2016 7 comments