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Salsa Cycles’ Grateful Deadwood – Kyle Kelley
Salsa Cycles' Grateful Deadwood

Salsa Cycles’ Grateful Deadwood
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

Leave it to Kyle to bring some hippy shit into the mix for Salsa’s newest drop bar mountain bike, the Deadwood. Sorry, the “Grateful Deadwood.” Personally, I would have gone with some sort of fellen tree or Nature is Metal reference.

Kyle recently went to Saddle Drive, QBP’s open house demo in Ogden, Utah for his bike shop Golden Saddle Cyclery after having spent a great deal of time this year on the Niner Ros9+. Needless to say, Kyle came into Saddledrive with a pretty open mind about the 3″ tire platform. Over the years, he’s also sold a number of Fargos to customers who were planning on tackling the TDR either in the near or far future. How could you make the Fargo better? Throw some bigger tires on it, right? (more…)

Jul 27, 2015 8 comments
Pink is the New Mr. Pink – Kyle Kelley
The 2016 Mr. Pink by All-City

Pink is the New Mr. Pink
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

With another successful Saddledrive under their belt, the team at All-City have unveiled their new paint designs for 2016 on their popular platforms with the favorite (in terms of social media clatter) being the new Mr. Pink road bike. Now with an English threaded bottom bracket, a replaceable derailleur hanger, still designed to fit a nice plump tire, fenders and other essential accoutrement, the Mr. Pink is a great all-rounder road bike

Its new paint is reminiscent of the old Eddy Merckx Telekom paint scheme, giving the bike an attitude like the racing frames from the early 90’s. Fit with Sram Rival, built from Columbus Zona and either race or ride-ready, the Mr. Pink is one of All-City’s most popular bikes for good reason.

Available now for pre-order at your local All-City dealer and read up more at All-City!


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Jul 24, 2015 22 comments
New WTF Kits Bottles

WTF Kits brought back their classic Whiskey bottles but in a 26oz size for summer. There’s also a restock on the popular Braaap Sabbath bottle. Head on over to the WTF Kits shop to check’em out.

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New Growth on the Salsa Deadwood

In the forest, dying trees bring about new growth. Bigger is better, when it comes to ride cushioning and traction. The drop bar MTB world is growing, thanks to Salsa.

This week is SaddleDrive, the QBP open house that goes down each year in Ogden, Utah. That means a whole lotta new stuff rolling through the Q brand’s lineups, including Salsa. With the success of the Cutthroat launch, I wouldn’t have expected a bike to immediately speak to me from Salsa for a while yet here we are, staring down a even gnarlier drop-bar dirt tourer / MTB: the Deadwood.

Granted, it ain’t carbon and it ain’t designed with racing in mind but that wouldn’t keep this 29+ from getting plenty rowdy on the trails. Check out more info on the Deadwood at Salsa, see the full 2016 lineup while you’re at it and see these bikes in person at dealers in October.

Jul 21, 2015 15 comments
Silca Announces the Low-Pressure Ultimate Gauge and SuperPista Ultimate Plus Pump

Whether you already have an SuperPista Ultimate floor pump, or you’re buying for the first time, Silca’s got two gauge offerings depending on the style of riding you do. I can’t remember the last time I pumped past 60psi for any of my bikes and wanted the ability to hit lower pressures more accurately on my Silca pump. Now they sell a low-pressure 60psi Ultimate Gauge for $65 or the complete SuperPista Ultimate Plus floor pump which comes with both gauges.

Just in time for ‘cross season preparations.

Jul 21, 2015 8 comments
The Athletic: Tigre Noir

I’m all for helping people out! The Athletic is helping out Aaron in Portland with these Tigre Noir shirts:

“”Crashing bicycles is expensive.” Heck yeah it is. That’s the hashtag that our friend Aaron has been using a lot in the past couple weeks. He had a nasty fall from his bike, then a pleasant ride in a helicopter (there were drugs) and now he’s on the mend and about to head back to work. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t bills…so many bills! We thought maybe we could help.

Now, Aaron has also been hounding us for quite some time to make a grey on black version of our friendly little tigre, so we decided that this might be the right time. Plus, he only wears black and only shoots black and white photos, so, what could we say??

NOTE: We will be donating $10 for every shirt sold to Aaron’s bills fund. If you would like to donate further, head over to his GoFundMe Page » Aaron Vs. T6. Every shirt comes with a “Yo Thanks!” decal that Aaron has provided as his way of saying thanks for the support. ”

Pick one up at the Athletic.

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Prepare Yourself For the Most Expensive Bicycle Lock Ever
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.32.56 PM

If you are a Captain America type, who likes to mink oil his Redwings, press his jeans, only ride American-made frames dressed with Chris King, White Industries, PAUL and the like while you eat your local granola dribbled with local honey then I found a lock for you. But you’ll have to give me a few minutes between mustache waxing…

Granted, that’s a bit of an extreme picture to paint. We all have tendencies, myself included and part of the reason I really like some of Abus’ locks is because they’re made in Germany. Same reason I like Panaracer and Continental tires. Domestic production doesn’t always coincide with excessive wealth or expense. Wald baskets are $20, King Cages are $30 and so on.

However, if I were so head-over-cleats with US-production, this made in the USA Shinola chain lock, clad in Horween leather would match my Helm boots just fine. Why oh why didn’t they do it up in Oxblood though?!?!

Yet as I said, $285 is a lot of coin! Unless you’re British, then the conversion comes to £182.87. Wait, that’s still a lot of quid!

Jul 21, 2015 6 comments