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House Industries Velo Tellason Jeans
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.45.08 PM

I’m a one-pair-of-jeans kinda guy. I usually wear them until they blow out, then get them repaired, all the while never washing them. I’ll ride mountain bikes in them, travel extensively, wear them on photoshoots, commute in them, wear them every single day and eventually they’ll age and develop a great finish. Nothing about my normal jeans inhibits me from riding a bike. That’s because normal jeans are perfectly ok to get sweaty in, take a digger in or get soaking wet from rain. The problem is durability. You need great denim that will last, not cheap, thin crap. My preferred denim is Cone Mills and my preferred jeans are made by Tellason, especially their black denim.

If you prefer blue jeans as opposed to black and have been looking for a great pair of US made jeans, don’t miss out on the new House Industries Velo Tellason jeans. They feature a mid-rise fit to prevent “plumber butt” and feature a slim, yet not skin-tight fit. The raw, made in North Carolina Cone Mills White Oak red-line selvage 14.75 oz denim wicks sweat into an indigo blue dye for your favorite white saddle too. They’re sewn in San Francisco and feature a custom, leather Velo Tanner Goods patch. They’ll stretch up to 1″ where it’s tight, so size accordingly. I’m a 33 waist and I buy size 32 jeans.

Buy once, wear, repair, wear and regret nothing. See more at House Industries.

May 26, 2015 13 comments
Firing Out of the Gate: My Argonaut Cycles Road with Bontrager Aeolus 3 TLR Carbon Clinchers
Initial Reaction: Bontrager Aeolus 3 TLR Carbon Clincher Wheels

Apologies for double-dipping in Bontrager today!

It’s been torrentially downpouring for the past few weeks in Austin, which flushes those dirt-obsessed back onto the roadways. My MTBs are gathering dust and yet my Argonaut Cycles road bike has been incredibly happy. Coincidentally, we did a photoshoot here in Texas Hill Country with Bontrager last week, which left me with a set of the new Aeolus 3 TLR wheels to review. So now it’s got a new pump and new shoes to skate around town on.

There’s a lot of made in the USA goodness going on. Check out more below.


May 26, 2015 13 comments
Fat Chance: 2015 Yo Eddy 29r and 27.5 Hardtails up for Pre-Order

After debuting the two signature Yo Eddy hardtails at NAHBS this year, Fat Chance Bicycles has opened up their production run for pre-order. Since we last saw the bikes here on the Radavist, a few details have been tidied up. The 29’r now has a curved seat tube, which gave it more tire clearance while keeping the rear end rowdy. There are other improvements from the prototypes to production, which are all outlined at the below links. These frames are made in California and retail for $1,699 with a $699 deposit due upon pre-order.

Head over to Fat Chance Bicycles for more details and information on pre-ordering the Yo Eddy 29’r and Yo Eddy 27.5.

Dammit, these bikes look good!

May 26, 2015 7 comments
Fast and Easy Tubeless with the Bontrager FLASH Charger Floor Pump
Fast and Easy Tubeless with the Bontrager FLASHcharger Floor Pump

The idea of buying an air compressor has come across my mind a few times. With three of my personal bikes being tubeless and a few other review bikes in queue also running tubeless, there’s a lot of tire and wheel swapping happening in the office. Bikes come in with a cyclocross tire and I immediately put on WTB Nanos. MTB tires fall victim to Austin’s craggy limestone and need replacing. Just about every few days, I was finding myself heading to Mellow Johnny’s to get tires put on. While I love giving them the business, I’d rather do that shit myself…

Back to the air compressor conundrum. I love those things, but they’re load and you can’t toss them in the back of a pickup truck or race vehicle with ease. When Bontrager came out with the FLASH Charger floor pump I remember thinking “oh, neat” before scrambling back out on the road for a few weeks. It wasn’t until recently that I bit the bullet and bought one.

At $120, it’s a bit more money than a low-end air compressor, but it uses no electricity, is much more quiet and honestly, seats up tires just as easy…


May 26, 2015 25 comments
SOLD OUT: the Radavist Berserkir Bottles

Inspired 10% by Clerks and 90% by Odin’s animalistic warriors….

One of my favorite stories from Norse Mythology relates to nature’s impact on man. Scandanavian warriors would often wear the skin of a bear or a wolf before entering battle, resulting in the spirit of the animal possessing them in battle. As Odin’s personal army the Berserkir were known for ferocity as well as loyalty as they fought for the pack leader. In fact the Old Norse word berserkir, literally translates to “bear-shirt” and was soon called “going berserk.”

Venturing into the woods, be it during an expedition, or just an everyday ride, we too can find ourselves transformed. Every time we push ourselves on the bike, or subsequently find ourselves pushed off the bike, we grow – #RubberSideUp. This introspective experience not only shapes us as riders, but it continues to strengthen our relationship with nature. If anything deserves respect, it’s the woods.

This image of the Berserkir, or Úlfhéðnar, is further empowered by the Norse protection symbol, the Vegvísir, which is a direction sign that enables you to stay the course without being lost. Something extremely beneficial to cyclists.

Drawn by Kyler Martz and made in the US of A by Specialized. Two bottles sell for $27 shipped or $37 shipped Internationally. This is a PAIR of bottles.

Sorry! SOLD OUT!


May 26, 2015 7 comments
All-City Cycles: New Sheriff SL Track Hubs

All-City Cycles recently took their popular Sheriff track hubs and re-worked them drastically improving the functionality. All while keeping the original design language. They lightened the axles, removed material at the flanges and topped off the re-design with Japanese manufactured 6902 bearings which roll incredibly fast and smooth while retaining excellent seals for all weather, all-day everyday durability.

The result is a hubset that weighs a mere 432g,198 for the front, and 234 for the rear. This makes it one of the lightest track hubsets in the world, a figure even more impressive when you consider All-City didn’t eliminate the usefulness of a fixed / fixed or fixed / free option as most racing hubs do.

The new Sheriff SL track hubs are available in 28 and 32 hole versions, silver or black, front and rear. See more at All-City Cycles and place an order through your local shop.

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Niner Bikes: Ros 9+ Now Available as a Frameset

Niner now offers their Ros 9+ as a frame and fork, allowing you to build yours as you see fit. There’s been a lot of buzz around this frame and after spending a lot of time around one in Los Angeles over the past few weeks, I gotta say that I’m impressed. It looks great and comes from a company like Niner that knows a thing or two about making highly shredable 29rs…

Check out specs for the Ros 9+ frameset at Niner Bikes.

May 22, 2015 6 comments