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Mash SF: Film Canister Purist Bottles

As I was dropping a few rolls of film off yesterday, I thought to myself “I wonder who will make the first film canister bicycle bottles?” Well, that answers that. Personally, this is my all time favorite bottle flip.

See more at Mash!

Dec 18, 2014 5 comments
Pedal ED: Mido Riding Boots

Out of all of the Pedal ED products, the Mido Riding Boots are my favorite and what’s not to love about them? Made in Italy, by hand, these boots offer a weather-resistant exterior with a Vibram sole, perfect for gripping pedals and even icy sidewalks. While they don’t have any clipless capabilities, they make for great winter commuter boots.

And, they look damn sharp!

See more at Pedal ED!

Dec 18, 2014 10 comments
Hope Cyclery’s Mean Green Salsa Blackborow Fatbike

Jarrod Bunk from Hope Cyclery has one rad looking fatbike. His Salsa Blackborow is kitted out with so many great components that it’s too good to not share. Industry Nine, Chromag and recently, he upgraded to NEXT SL cranks and Reverb dropper.

I kinda can’t wait to ride mine in the snow again. It’s so much fun. Thanks for sharing Jarrod and thanks for the bourbon at Interbike!

Dec 18, 2014 3 comments
Rothera Cycling: Team Za Jersey

Oh, pizza. How I love thee.

Rothera’s got the perfect ride motivator (pizza) printed up in an homage to Team Z. Made by Castelli, these jerseys aren’t going to last long. Like a pizza at a bike shop on a Friday afternoon, they’re gonna go fast! Pick up a Rothera Cycling Team Za jersey while it’s still piping hot.

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Kitsbow for the Ladies

Women’s apparel is often overlooked by companies, which is why it’s nice to see Kitsbow with a nod to the ladies. Introducing the new Kitsbow Women’s Base Shorts. Designed for women, with a female-specific chamois and a refined fit. I love the men’s version, so I imagine these are a suitable option for women as well.

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When Frame Builders Make Furniture: The Signal Haul

I’ve been meaning to post this project for a while, but I figured it might make a good last-minute gift for someone.

The Signal Haul is a project I’ve watched from sketch to production run:

“Introducing Haul by Signal. A limited edition offering for winter 2015. Initially conceived around Christmas last year, this became a project Signal continually prototyped through the summer between designing and building bikes.

Each Haul is crafted at Signal using using 3/8″ 1018 cold rolled steel rod and assembled in house with leather webbing or full leather with various Pendleton wool laminations and additional materials to come.

Custom powdercoat colors as well as leather and Pendleton options are available. 20 Hauls were created in this first edition and currently 12 are still available and ready for paint and assembly. Please email Signal with any questions and to place your order. $500 retail with 10% discount to Signal owners. We take care of our own!”

Dec 16, 2014 9 comments
Shanghai’s Factory Five Has a New Shop

It’s been a while, but after a good amount of prep and construction, Shanghai’s Factory Five have just opened their new space. They converted a 150sqm shell into their new storefront and design offices, while leaving the perimeter open to bring in natural light.

Factory Five carries their own frames, PAUL, Restrap, Mission Workshop and others.

Head to their Flickr to see more photos!

Dec 16, 2014 1 comment