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On a Steel Horse I Ride: the Speedvagen OG1 Road Bike
the Speedvagen OG1 Road Bike

The Vanilla Workshop has multiple tiers in terms of frameset design and production. At the highest tier is a Vanilla. These are 100% custom, lugged beauties made entirely by Sacha White. Their wait list is so long, it’s not even worth mentioning. Then on the more readily-available tier is a Speedvagen frameset. These used to be only available as a 100% custom geometry with multiple options from paint, ranging from a simple, single color with detail hits to complex, “Surprise Me” paint jobs that are so wild, they’ve inspired how other builders tackle paint design.

Now, Speedvagen has a third option in its pricing catalog: the OG1 road frameset. These are stock frames, already painted and in stock now, ready to ship to you in days or weeks, not months. The OG1 also carries a pricetag that won’t make you choke on your morning breakfast, when it comes to a made in the USA frame anyway.

The OG1 is still made 100% by hand in the Vanilla Workshop and it’s painted in house with a custom Speedvagen design, usually two per year with the first year’s designs being limited to a matte lavender or a burly-looking matte olive drab! It’s obvious which color you’re seeing here.

These frames are a deal, but there’s a catch… (more…)

Jun 28, 2016 13 comments
Fat Chance Vintage T-Shirts

Fat Chance looks back to its roots with these vintage “star” shirts. For a while, you could find these at swap meets in the north east, littered with grease stains and holes. Now you can put your own beausage on one! On sale now at Fat Chance for $20.

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the Athletic and Attaquer: Bande De Filles Women’s Kit

For their newest collection, the Athletic teamed up with Australia’s Attaquer to do something bold and fun, resulting in a polka dot / camo cycling kit, complete with socks, caps, sweats and bottles, just in time for summer. Translating to “girl gang,” the new Bande De Filles collection from the Athletic is much more than just a kit, it’s a statement on the bond formed by women who ride together. Check out the full collection at the Athletic and don’t forget to read up on Bande De Filles!

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Mission Workshop: the Meridian Collection

After spending a few days in Japan walking around in the pouring rain while wearing my Meridian jacket, I can’t help but sing its praises. Now Mission Workshop’s best jacket comes in three options, including a sleeveless, hooded vest for when keeping your core warm and dry is of the utmost importance. Head over to MW to check that out, along with the Meridian Alpine and Meridian Phase jackets.

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The SimWorks Potluck Rack

Made from Chromoly by Nitto and available in two finishes: black or chrome, the SimWorks Potluck rack has everything you need in a touring or commuting rack. The large platform was designed with summer BBQs or potluck dinners in mind, specifically sized to hold a platter, a six pack of beer or to have a large Wald basket zip-tied to. Or you can use the rack for touring, with enough platform space to secure a randonneur bag and low-rider mounts for panniers.

This is hands down my favorite item I brought back from Japan and I can’t wait to install it on my touring bike. You can order one now through SimWorks USA but do so fast, these aren’t going to be in stock for long!

Jun 22, 2016 19 comments
ORNOT Cycling: the Bar Bag

Handlebar bags are the best. I use one to carry my camera, or tools, a jacket or even a corndog. Think of them as a reserve tank for those long rides where your jersey pockets are already stuffed and you would rather not wear a backpack. ORNOT clearly feels the same way about bar bags, which is why they teamed up with Rickshaw to make their own. Head over to ORNOT for all the details!

Jun 22, 2016 4 comments
WTB’s New Ranger 27.5+ Tire

I’ve been more than impressed with the recent 27.5+ offerings from WTB, including the Bridger which are on a Retrotec hardtail I’m reviewing currently. The Ranger is their newest offering in the plus size market, covering everything from hardpack to loam in wet to dry conditions. Head to your local dealer to check these out, and see more information at WTB.

Jun 22, 2016 5 comments
3T’s New Gravel Bike the Exploro

3T has just launched the Exploro, a new “all-road” or gravel bike meant for long days in the saddle on multi-terrain roads and trails. With the option to run 27.5 or 29 wheels, thru-axles, disc brakes and a special oversized, stiff and semi-aero tubing profile, the Exploro has checked all the boxes and then some. Oh and it comes in black… Check out some product photos below and full specs at 3T. (more…)

Jun 22, 2016 11 comments