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The Radavist and MWBA for the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center

Thanksgiving is a time to bring community together and help out any way possible. This year, we wanted to do something for one our local Southern California Native American tribes, the Haramokngna. Along with the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association, we made an homage water bottle to the popular “Red Box” area on Mount Wilson. Red Box is one of the few places in the San Gabriels that offers shade and most importantly, a place to fill up your bottles at a spigot. This area is marked by a beautiful red box, painted with Haramokngna petroglyphs and designs, from which it gets its name.

On the weekends, the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center is open, serving cold sodas and snacks. Just about every cyclist in the Los Angeles area has been through this oasis, either on their road or mountain bike and has benefitted in some way from the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center’s services.

We’re selling these bottles, exclusively at Golden Saddle Cyclery, alongside MWBA with all proceeds donated to the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center. Stop by and pick one up and know your money is going to a solid cause.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 21, 2017 5 comments
The Best Flannel EVER is Back in Stock at Kitsbow

I first bought the Kitsbow Icon in 2014 and out of all my apparel, both on and off the bike, it’s become a staple. As soon as the temps drop, it becomes my go-to mountain bike or bike touring jacket. I’ve taken spills, experienced thrills and everything in between with it. It’s a true example of a heritage piece, in a modern world where everything is disposable. Made in the USA from Oregon-made Pendleton wool with Schoeller®-shape 3XDRY abrasion panels and built to last.

My point is, the Kitsbow Icon is the best flannel I’ve ever owned and there’s nothing I’d change about it. Kitsbow agrees, although they do offer new colors each year… The Icon is back in stock at Kitsbow.

These features were added in the V2 Icon:
NEW Increased opening of cuffs to accommodate a watch
NEW Improved coverage of patches
NEW Improved articulation of shoulder vents (and made sure they don’t pooch out)
NEW Added some reflectivity for night safety

Nov 20, 2017 4 comments
100 Copies: the Ascent

The latest from 100 Copies evokes the emotions of riding in mountains. Sealed or dirt, it’s never easy, but the rewards are just a few more cranks ahead. See more of this beautiful print, now for sale in limited quantities – 100 to be exact – at 100 Copies!

Nov 20, 2017 1 comment
Richard Sachs Seat Lug Survival Kit

Details matter. Especially on a bicycle. From the cable stops to even the seat binder bolt. If anyone knows about this, it’s Richard Sachs:

“The RS Seat Lug Bolt and Nut are precision machined from aerospace grade stainless steel solid bar stock. The pitch diameter of the bolt was held to a super precise tolerance prior to cold forming on dedicated thread rolling equipment. Rolled threads result in a part that is 30% stronger and has a superior surface finish. The care put into this one component demonstrates that whether you are making parts for airplanes, or for bicycles, the details matter.”

Swoop this setup at Richard Sachs or for more on the project from Horst Engineering, the Connecticut firm that made these, read this page.

Nov 13, 2017 12 comments
Silca’s New Bags are Made from Recycled Inner Tubes

Silca has two new bag offerings, both of which are made from recycled inner tubes, here in the USA by Colorado-based EcoLogic Designs. The Borsa Americano is a small, riding wallet based on the dimensions of the iPhone 7+, offering tons of extra space for your riding essentials. The Brooklyn backpack is a 972 cubic inch commuter bag, which will fit your laptop and other office goods. Both are in stock now at Silca.

Nov 9, 2017 No comments yet
Fairdale’s 2018 Lineup

For 2018, Fairdale brings back many of their offerings with new component selections, such as the Goodship road with three kit offerings, alongside new completes, such as the Lookfar Dropbar model. With this catalog, there’s just about something for everyone and any budget in there, so head to Fairdale to check it all out and your local dealer to test ride one today.

Nov 9, 2017 2 comments