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Grinduro Knuckle Gloves

I’m not sure if I’ve ever looked more forward to a cycling event as Grinduro. The format is sure to bring about competition, yet I doubt many people will be taking it seriously. Personally, I’m gonna be in party ride mode. Especially after these next few weeks!

To liven up the environ, Giro’s got a few fun products slated to launch at Grinduro and of which we already looked at in this year’s Interbike coverage. These knuckle gloves will be a hit, I’m sure…

You can still sign up for this event!

Sep 27, 2015 7 comments
Follow Brian Vernor at Three Peaks

There’s a bigger story to be told here, about one cyclist’s journey into photography and chasing life-long dreams. For now, here’s all I can share…

Our buddy Brian Vernor is taking his first stab at the legendary Three Peaks Cyclocross race over in the UK this Sunday. For more follow @vernor and stay close for something bigger from Brian about his connection to this event.

Sep 25, 2015 2 comments
Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team Cycling Caps

This one’s too good to not give some love:

“A couple of years ago, Padraig, over at Red Kite Prayer, wrote a great paean to the cotton cycling cap. People have been asking if there would ever be a Richard Sachs cycling cap about as long as I’ve been building bicycles frames. It took me nearly 4 decades, but I finally am bringing a cycling cap to the market. And now I’m bringing another one.”

Pick one up for $22 at Richard Sachs.

Sep 24, 2015 4 comments
Compass Randonneur Handlebars

After vigorous testing, a full run at PBP and seeking out Japan’s Nitto for production, the Compass Randonneur handlebars are now available. These Extralight bars are light. More light than any of Nitto’s current offerings, yet strong enough to take on fire roads, cobbles or whatever you can throw at them. They are available in widths of 400, 420, 440 mm and are in stock now at Compass.

Sep 23, 2015 4 comments
Silca’s New Pocket Impero Pump

We saw this in the Interbike 2015 coverage already and it seems they’ve landed…

Silca took their Frame Pump and shrunk it to a jersey pocket, or pack-friendly size. Complete with the same leather washer as the Frame Pump, a unique silicone locking grip and better heat transfer for more efficient pumping, the Pocket Impero packs a punch. Made in the USA and in stock now at Silca.

Now when’s that Yanco for Silca saddle bag going to be in stock?

Sep 22, 2015 10 comments
Mash 2015 Art Book and Video Pre-Order

Mash is celebrating its ten year anniversary with an incredible 9×12 inch, 350-page color book. Inside is a copy of the Mash 2015 video with an additional 1 hour of bonus features as well as a decal sheet.

They’re currently running a pre-order for this new MASH book and video and are expecting to ship in early November 2015. Head over to Mash to reserve your copy now.

I got to see the video at Interbike this year and it’s so damn good!

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FBM’s Raconteur Urban Riding Bicycles
fbm raconteur profile

FBM makes bad-ass frames in the US of A. Central New York to be exact and the latest noble steed and steedette (?) is their new Raconteur urban riding bicycles. With completes starting at $1,700, these mens and womens frames might pique your interest. Check out more at FBM!

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Giro Intros the Privateer R

What is still, to this day the best bang for your buck MTB or ‘cross shoe, the Privateer just got a bit of a facelift. Introducing the Privateer R, the newly-designed shoe from Giro. I’m eager to check this one out in person!

Sep 21, 2015 4 comments