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Breadwinner Cycles: Holeshot Disc

As the final lap bell rings, Breadwinner Cycles drops this Holeshot Disc build on us. The Portland framebuilding duo have a few opinions about racing bikes, how they should handle and what components work for the Pacific Northwest’s muddy races, as evident in all those great Cross Crusade videos… Head over to the Breadwinner Flickr to check out more detail photos and as always, holler at the boys for ordering information.

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Swift Industries Hinterland Collection

Swift Industries continues to pursue their love of experiencing the outdoors by bicycle with the Hinterland Collection, a collection of in-house made bicycle portage. The centerpiece of the line is the Hinterland Ozette Rando Bag which experienced a big upgrade through utilizing XPac™ textiles in the classic French box-bag design. This material upgrade makes the Ozette Hinterland edition the lightest on the market. Also new to Swift is the Hinterland Jr. Ranger Panniers and a range of shirts and camping accessories.

See the full line below and at Swift Industries.


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Velo Orange: Pass Hunter Disc Frames in Stock
Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.20.26 PM

Velo Orange’s newest frames really have it all figured out and the Pass Hunter disc framesets are no exception. Disc brakes, braze-ons, clearances, all with a classy 1 1/8″ threadless steel fork. Head over to Velo Orange to see more details and ordering.

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SOLD OUT The Radavist Croakies

Croakies. Often associated with frat boys, boat shoes and Sperry Top-Sider shoes, have a functionality for cycling as well. For road, touring, cross or whatever, if you use polarized lenses, sometimes looking at your phone or rangefinder camera can be problematic. Or if you want to take them off while climbing but don’t wanna tuck them away just yet. Drop them down around your neck and lettem hang…

Made in the USA by Croakies, in two designs (the Jackal by Land and the Radavist by Kyler Martz), both for $28 shipped worldwide. Yes, you get two pairs per order.

Sorry sold out!

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Argonaut Cycles and Chris King Precision Components Unveil the T47 Bottom Bracket Standard

Do we really need another bottom bracket standard? Maybe. It depends on what your experience has been with pressfit 30. Personally, my Argonaut has been fairly maintenance free but any steel frame I’ve ridden with one has been a hassle. Noisy, creaky and kind of a pain to maintain.

Ben from Argonaut Cycles and I had a conversation a year ago about how much BB86 and PF30 makes sense in terms of frame design and performance, yet as the crux for a bike’s drivetrain, it’s riddled with failure. In short: a larger bb cluster allows you to shape a bike’s tubes and not have to worry about the cluster where they all intersect. That’s why it’s kinda hard to use a threaded, English BB in a frame with OS diameters.

Enter the T47 BB standard. It uses a standard PF30 shell, that’s just threaded with 47x1mm pitch to take these new nifty Chris King BBs – either 30mm or 24mm axle compatible. You thread them in like an English BB and walk away. The frame builder can work with OS tubing diameters and achieve the same “stiffness” without dealing with the hassle of a PF30/BB30 bearing.

I’ll step aside with the tech jargon and leave Argonaut Cycles and Chris King to explain the rest below. (more…)

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Cadence Collection: Camo Coaches Jacket

You can’t go wrong with camo™ and Cadence knows this. Their newest windbreaker, the Coaches Jacket features a woodland camo pattern, snap closures, elastic cuffs and the CA DNC logo on back. In stock now for $78 at Cadence.

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Velo Orange: The Far Bar
3-4 black

Like dirt drops? Want something with a nice big flat section and a good amount of flare? Check out these new Far Bars from Velo Orange. Available in 44 or 48cm widths, silver or black and in stock now.

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The New Bombtrack Beyond Drop Bar Dirt Tourer

Since its inception, Bombtrack has consistently kept up with the growing popularity of the various facets of cycling. New to the line for 2016 is the Bombtrack Beyond drop bar dirt tourer. Built to accommodate a 2.1″ and running a SRAM X7 long cage derailleur, the Beyond can take you there, and back.

See more at Bombtrack.

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