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Jen in Stealth Mode

@JennySayYes is always making me laugh, especially when she told me the backstory to this photoshoot for the new Stealth kit. Tenspeed Hero‘s shoots are always so good, but they’re even better when you know the model. Keep killing it girl!

May 18, 2016 4 comments
Brooks Celebrates 150 Years

… with a limited edition run of polished copper rail and rivet saddles. Oh and one of those Pickwick Rucksacks too. See all the details at Brooks and order any of these products at your local Brooks dealer!

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Geekhouse Bikes: Titanium Mudville Complete

Boston is no stranger to titanium. Back in the day, Merlin ruled that market, and later, Indy Fab. These days Firefly and Seven are cranking out beautiful ti frames and now, Geekhouse can be added to that material roster. We’ve seen Geekhouse work with titanium before, with that flashy, painted frame, but here’s a look at what the new Geekhouse Ti bikes look like raw, leaving the welds exposed. Geekhouse works exclusively with USA 3AL2.5V tubing and the Mudvilles feature thru-axles, and a Loco Machine head tube. These bikes look great and you can see for yourself below. If you’re interested in a Ti Geekhouse, wait time is around 3-4 months. (more…)

May 17, 2016 2 comments
Cadence’s California Collection

Cadence especially loves California this year, what with the Tour going on and all. In a clever take on the current “tour,” the brand developed a California Collection, referencing the classic 1960’s Olympic design. See the full California Collection at Cadence!

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Parra for Colossi

Dutch artist, Piet Parra has teamed up with Sander and Jan from Colossi to paint a limited run of classic Columbus SL tubed road frames. These frames are available only as a custom geometry and are priced for a price of $1,365. Head over to Parra’s site for more photos and information.

May 17, 2016 6 comments
Tie Dyed Ramblin Rolls

This might be the funkiest Ramblin Roll design to date! Pre-order a Ramblin Roll for road tubes or a Rumblin Roll for MTB tubes and if you don’t need either, there are also pouches for pre-order. All at TDT!

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Rapha and Herman Miller for the Amgen Tour of California

In many ways, what Herman Miller did for modernism in terms of furniture, Rapha has done for cycling apparel, so it would make sense that the two brands would come together for an event like the Tour of California. Check out these commemorative caps for the ATOC, featuring Rapha’s fit and Herman Miller’s patterns, available each day of the tour via Rapha’s site. Be quick though because the first day sold out fast!

All I wanna know is how do I buy that extra, extra long Hang it All?

May 16, 2016 18 comments