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Machines for Freedom and Cadence

I love when two brands come together for a project like this. Cadence is known for their performance cycling kits, for men. Machines for Freedom is known for their exceptional fit and quality kits, for women. So when Cadence wanted to make a kit for women, they contacted Machines for Freedom to supply the fit and performance of their kits with a Dustin Klein-illustrated Cadence design. The result is one of my favorite collaborations this year.

See more photos below and ordering at Cadence. (more…)

Nov 16, 2016 2 comments
Randi Jo Fab: Pocket Tender Bags in Stock

Solving on-the-bike portage problems is something Randi Jo excels at. For those looking for a less techy handlebar holster, check out these new Pocket Tender bags. Made from waxed canvas, with pockets all around the perimeter, these bags can fit a variety of items you might need while pedaling around town or taking on your next tour. You can order these bags, in a variety of colors at Randi Jo Fab for $45 each.

Nov 15, 2016 3 comments
Raleigh’s New Stuntman All Road is Ready for Anything

Two years ago, this would be a bike that only a custom framebuilder could deliver. Raleigh’s new Stuntman all road checks all the boxes with its retro-inspired paint, Reynolds 631 tubing, 1x drivetrain, thru-axles, clearance for a 50mm tire and even a dropper, all for $2,499. Head to Raleigh to see more!

Nov 14, 2016 19 comments
SWRVE’s New Waterproof KEIU Line

KEIU means “welcome rain” in Japanese and when you have the right gear, you can do just that. SWRVE’s new waterproof rain gear line includes an anorak, a full zip jacket with removable hood and a vest. All three are fully-taped and made from Teflon™Shield+® waterproof fabric. There are vents and pockets to keep you comfortable and they come in a matte marled finish. Check out all the details at SWRVE.

Nov 14, 2016 No comments yet
Mission Workshop: Albion Water-Resistant Insulated Shirt Jacket

I love products like this. Ones with multi-functionality built into a tight, clean package. The Mission Workshop Albion shirt is part down jacket and part rain jacket. While it doesn’t pack down into a pocket, or completely protect you from rain, it appears to do a good job at keeping you warm and dry in cold, inclement weather. Check out more information at Mission Workshop.

Nov 12, 2016 Comments are OFF
SOLD OUT! The Radavist Olive Drab and Desert Tan Bottles

I cannot OD from OD. I cannot OD from OD. Olive drab is a timeless color and one that, as you can tell, is not going anywhere. It, paired with desert tan, are personally my two favorite tones. We kept it simple this round, with two bottles in two colors, with one design. In stock now in high numbers and shipping worldwide. Scoop up a pair of Radavist Olive Drab or a pair of Radavist Desert Tan bottles below for $20 a pair + shipping. These will ship on Monday. Sorry SOLD OUT!

Nov 11, 2016 27 comments
The Swift Industries Sugarloaf Basket Bag is Here!

Everyone has been asking about this bag. Swift Industries’ new Sugarloaf basket bag has landed. Designed specifically for a Wald 137 bicycle basket, it makes on and off-the bike portage a cinch, especially when paired with the shoulder strap. The Sugarloaf basket bag comes in three color options: 1000d Cordura in black or steel for $150, Camo XPac with Cordura laminate for $165 or a limited run of waxed canvas for $165. You can see more specs below and check Swift Industries for ordering! (more…)

Nov 10, 2016 5 comments
Advocate Cycles: Hayduke IMBA Special Edition frame

The more companies we have backing IMBA and other organizations that work for trail stewardship, the better! Here’s the latest from Advocate Cycles:

“Advocate Cycles is the first bike brand to pledge 100% of after-tax profits to be donated to cycling advocacy efforts. To coincide with IMBA’s World Summit this week in Bentonville, AR, they have created a limited run of 30 frames from their Hayduke model, with custom art designed by Adam Turman that reflects a singletrack trail, and all the parts of the earth around it. These 30 frames will be sold through Advocate Cycle’s dealer and direct sales channels for $800. Each purchase will include a free 1-year membership to IMBA, with the entire purchase price going to IMBA’s Dig In Campaign.”

Nov 9, 2016 2 comments
Bike Jerks: Holy Mountain Work Apron

Tired of getting your favorite t-shirts covered in grease? Bike Jerks has something for you!

“Made in the USA of heavy duty canvas and industrial thread, built to last a lifetime. Putting to use our years of experience working in bike shops and doing greasy jobs, we’ve designed the apron of our dreams.

It’s got three main waist pockets, an upper pocket for small parts and tools with a pen slot, and durable webbing shoulder and waist straps. Available in the most practical color of all for an apron – black. Handmade in Baltimore USA”

Swoop up at Bike Jerks!

Nov 8, 2016 1 comment
100 Copies: Tree of Joy Artist Proof

We can’t get these posters up on the site before they sell out. At least that was the case with the original prints of this design by 100 Copies. The Tree of Joy sold out so fast that they felt compelled to sell some artist proofs of the design. Head to 100 Copies now to see more details.

Nov 8, 2016 1 comment