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Santa Cruz Bicycles Updates the Tallboy

I love, love, love my Tallboy and yet, I do wish it were a bit slacker and longer. Clearly, the team at Santa Cruz Bicycles felt the same and decided to smoke the Tallboy out… The head angle dropped to 68º and updated the rear to 110mm of VPP travel. The reach got longer and the chainstays shorter, bringing this 29r platform up to date with the rest of the SCB line. Best of all, a flip chip on the upper link, combined with a 130mm fork allows you to run 27.5+ wheels. Now we’re talking! Head over to Santa Cruz for more!

Apr 26, 2016 6 comments
Rapha: Merino Rivals Jersey
Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.23.48 PM

I love it when Rapha does Rapha. Don’t get me wrong, there are many facets to the brand yet the designs that also resonate with me are their themed merino jerseys. Take the newest to their collection: the Merino Rivals Jersey. Inspired by the intense rivalry between two Italians of note: Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi. This jersey is colored in Neapolitan hues and accented with classic details. Read more at Rapha!

Apr 26, 2016 3 comments
Machines for Freedom in Death Valley

Photos by Tracy Chandler

Death Valley is one of my favorite National Parks and while its conditions in the summer are far from inviting for even the most experienced cyclists, the spring and late fall can make for exceptional riding weather. Machines for Freedom used this pastel backdrop for their latest photoshoot. Head on over to MFF to check it out!

Apr 25, 2016 1 comment
King Cage Universal Support Bolt

So… I’ve seen these before, but never had a chance to pick up a set, or photograph them in action. Luckily, Ocean Air Cycles did both of those for us. Ron at King Cage makes these. They’re essentially a hose clamp with a bottle boss welded onto it, allowing you to ad bottle cages to virtually any area of your bike. Just make sure you wrap your frame or fork with a protective tape as shown. Head to your local King Cage dealer to scoop up a set!

Apr 22, 2016 5 comments
Breadwinner’s Goodwater 27.5+ Hardtail Has Landed

One of my favorite bikes from NAHBS is now available as a custom model within Breadwinner’s extensive bicycle lineup. The Goodwater is a 27.5+ hardtail that can also take a 29’r wheelset. It’s got internal routing, Di2-ready integration and thru-axles. This bike is high on my list of hardtails and honestly, I’m really pumped for Tony and Ira. Check out the Goodwater at Breadwinner!

Apr 21, 2016 No comments yet
Wolf Tooth Components Fat Paw Grips

I love silicone grips and every manufacturer has developed their own special compound, shape and feel. For the team at Wolf Tooth, they couldn’t find one they liked, so they contacted RedMonkey Sports to make these. The Fat Paw Grips are larger diameter, soft, made in the USA grips and are in stock now at Wolf Tooth!

Apr 18, 2016 1 comment