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The Athletic: Brian Vernor and Chris McNally Cyclocross Shirts

Man, I feel like this collaboration has been in the works for ages. Two of my favorite artists, working together for one rad brand, the Athletic.

“Brian Vernor and Chris McNally teamed up to make these fantastic t-shirts. This isn’t the first time that these two have teamed up together, but it is something that they have been talking about for a while.

Aaron Bradford and Vernor set out to make this one at Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz. Just as Brian and McNally did with their other shirt at Townsley Tunnel.

These are the spaces we ride all year round on cross bikes. In the North Cal. it is always cyclocross season, the terrain dictates it.”

See more at the Athletic’s web shop.

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SOLD OUT: Radavist Rune Stem Cap

Back by popular demand! Also, if I owe you caps, please email me again!

Let the raidō rune point you in which ever way your ride or journey takes you. These RADAVIST Rune top caps come in black only and are $12 shipped worldwide a piece. Made by Kustom Caps in the US of A.

Sorry, SOLD OUT.

Sep 16, 2014 4 comments
Manual For Speed does Vegas

There are some weird, strange places on the internet and Manual for Speed is one of them. Not many media outlets can tackle Las Vegas into submission, but these two put out a damn good effort. See the Las Vegas Red Carpet post and the Cross Vegas coverage at Manual for Speed.

Also, surely you can see the difference between Daniel and I, right?

Sep 15, 2014 8 comments
Kinoko Cycles: New Products

London’s Kinoko Cycles has been ramping up their online catalog since closing their brick and mortar store in Soho earlier this year. Part of their new products include new shop t’s and patches. Head over to Kinoko to see their full line of new arrivals.

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Made in the USA: SILCA SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump

Everyone always asks me what’s the one product I liked at Interbike and I never really have a clear answer. This year however, I was most impressed with one accessory.

Silca’s undergone a bit of a domestic production revival.

Their products are now made in the USA. From Co2 chucks to this SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump.

This one’s not for the bargain seekers, but I will say, it’s a damn fine floor pump. Every single piece is machined and finished. It’s like the Rolex of bike pumps. See more (including the price) at Silca.

Sep 15, 2014 10 comments