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Thank You!

The response to our call for entries, specifically from female contributors has been quite frankly, overwhelming. Over the next week or so I’ll be sorting through your emails over the next week and will hopefully get a reply out to everyone in that time. Thank you!

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Help Us Make the Radavist Better

In an attempt to make your experience of this site better, we’re working on a re-design, with some new branding, and some new ideas, but I’d like to kindly ask to take a few minutes of your time to fill out a questionnaire we compiled in hopes of understanding how you, the readers, use this website. We’d also like to encourage you to write to our Contact email address with any concerns or critiques, again to make this a better place!

Also, the time has come to finally bring on some more authors, specifically women! So if you’re a female (femme) photographer and a writer, or perhaps a writer that can shoot photos too, please email our Contact email address with samples of your work and let’s chat!

You can find our anonymous survey at this Google Docs link!

Side note: check in below where I’ll address any points coming through the results…

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Scenes from the Sim Works Convenie Pop-Up at the Cub House

Over the past few months, the Cub House has been host to a number of pop-up shops inside its San Marino space. There’s a 10’x10′ room which happens to make for a perfect space for brands to display their product. This round, Sean, Danny, and Carla reached out to Japan’s Sim Works to open a “convenie” – Japanese slang, shortened from convenience store – filled with Sim Works, their outdoor brand, RAL, as well as Japanese snacks and trinkets. In the Cub House fashion, the team decided to make a big deal about it, throwing a group ride, and pinging Mick from 100 Tacos to cater the event.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to swing through the Cub House to see the Sim Works Convenie Store!

The Cub House
2510 Mission St
San Marino, CA 91108

Jun 10, 2018 13 comments
Looking Forward to the Chris King Swarm in Bend and the Lost & Found

Over the next two weekends, we’ll be hitting two events: the Chris King Swarm in Bend and the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship’s Lost & Found. Both events have a strong community tie-in for the type of riding we pursue over here, as well as a strong support from various brands and personalities. We hit the road tomorrow and from that point forward, you can expect coverage from Central Oregon and the Lost Sierra. See you on the road and if you’re going to these events, be sure to stop and say hello!

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WTF Bikexplorers Honors SJ Brooks

Following up on yesterday’s post, the team at WTF Bikexplorers posted an update to their scholarship fund, which has now been re-named to honor SJ Brooks, the cyclist who was fatally attacked by a mountain lion in Washington this weekend.

“We would also like to take this moment to honor and celebrate the life of SJ Brooks by renaming the scholarships in their name to the SJ Brooks Bikexplorers Scholarship. SJ was the founder of the Seattle chapter of Friends on Bikes, a cycling group that fosters a community for women, trans, femme and non-binary people of color who love riding bikes. SJ was scheduled to speak about FOB and be a part of the QPOC panel at the WTF Bikexplorers Summit. This past weekend, SJ was fatally attacked while biking outside of Seattle. SJ’s tragic death is a huge loss to the cycling community. They were a positive light who worked tirelessly to create change.”

Read more at WTF Bikexplorers.

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Get Your WTF Summit Scholarship Submission in by This Thursday!

This just in from the WTF Bikexplorers! Check out all the information you need to apply for their Summit Scholarship below.

“I’m hoping that you could help us spread the word about the Summit Scholarships that we’re accepting applications for through this Thursday! There are five scholarships available, all of which include a ticket to the Summit this August, a $500 travel stipend, a Sweetroll bag from Revelate Designs, a year premium subscription to Ride With GPS and awesome #shredthepatricharchy swag. Three recipients will also receive a bike, based on their needs, from either Bike Works or Specialized.” (more…)

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Humbled by the Hook: a Collection of Tales from Team Stanridge at the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn

Humbled by the Hook: a Collection of Tales from Team Stanridge at the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn
Photos by Luke Atkinson, words by Evan Hartig with quotes credited.

On Saturday, April 28th, tens of thousands of fans descended on a large asphalt parking lot on the western edge of Brooklyn. The occasion: Red Hook Criterium #11. Some were there for the crashes, some for the skinsuit clad superheroes (and supervillains), but all were there for the party surrounding the raucous spectacle of fixed gear criterium racing. By the end of the night, many an athlete had left pieces of themselves on the brutal tarmac, especially once the skies opened and rain pelted the already-technical course with 10 laps to go in the men’s final. A select few left with the glory of a successful race.

Gone is the stoicism and pseudo-ego of a road race. Why isn’t the field tenser? The course is dark, soon to be saturated with rain from the storm cell currently hovering over Manhattan. No brakes, no freewheel. Maybe the whole concept is so absurd one simply has to be relaxed. Delusion? Maybe. (more…)

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