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No Bikes Allowed in the High Sierra

There’s kind of a joke on Instagram right now. A joke hashtag that is, dubbed #NoBikesNoLikes. From what I can tell, it implies that if you’re a cyclist, and your followers are cyclists, all they want to see are bikes, bike rides and other cyclists. I get it. People can get very myopic about their interests, but there’s more to life, right? Obvious statements aside, we live in the great state of California, where the highest point and the lowest point cohabitate the same 100 square miles. In this magical place, you’ll be hard-pressed to find legit backcountry trails where bikes are allowed, if any. You can thank the Sierra Club for that. Equestrians and hikers greatly outnumber cyclists and a long time ago in a bureaucracy far, far away, someone, somewhere said “No Bikes allowed.”

This was written in stone and rather than get all in a huff about it, in recent months, I’ve kinda embraced the whole thing. Bikes aren’t allowed in Wilderness Areas. Got it. So what is? What offers a similar experience to bikepacking? Duh. Backpacking. Cari has experienced parts of the High Sierra I’ve never even thought to explore. Personally, if I take off four days from work, I want to be bikepacking or cyclo-touring some unknown region – to me anyway – of California. That’s why I moved to this damn fine state to begin with. (more…)

Jul 23, 2017 40 comments
High Sierra Sunset

Well, we had an amazing trip this weekend. Over three days a group of us backpacked a 40 mile loop in the High Sierra, overcoming snow, ice sheets, full and furious rivers, to come upon one of the most beautiful camp sites I’ve ever slept in. More to come!

Jul 17, 2017 2 comments
Our Raidō in Iceland and Embracing the Weather

Raidō is the r-rune of the Elder Futhark, an old proto-Germanic language, used by northern European civilizations. Its meaning translates to the ride or the journey and has been the icon of this website for years, at least in spirit. For Cari’s birthday this year, we wanted to do something new and challenging. We both had our picks for a vacation. Mine was a bicycle tour in Madagascar and hers was backpacking in Iceland. Luckily for Cari, it was her birthday, so she had the final say in the matter. All she wanted was to be on a trail during the Summer Solstice and her birthday, so we began planning… (more…)

Jul 10, 2017 46 comments
Thanks for Coming Out to Friday Night Bike Lights!

As part of the Cub House’s closing weekend (don’t worry, they’ve got a new space in the works,) Sean from Team Dream and myself organized a night ride in Cherry Canyon. A pleasant mix of dirt roads and singletrack made for a fun-filled two hour ride and as the sun set over the mountains, we all turned on our riding lights to make it even more interesting. I’m not sure if this will be a regular happening, but we’re gonna try to make it at least a monthly occasion. Head on over to the Cub House today, at 11am for a closing weekend sale, with a party beginning at 6pm. Details are in the “Related” sidebar on the left.

Jul 8, 2017 No comments yet
The Mountains of Radness

Last night, we escaped from the heat of Los Angeles, to ride mountain bikes and camp up in Chilao, our go-to refuge, spending time exploring the various granite boulders for lines, both new and old. Cache wins the biggest balls award, for a steep and sketchy chute Kyle found while pushwacking through manzanita. It’s always the same, however, because nothing ever looks as steep as it is! Check out a few more shots below.


Jul 6, 2017 6 comments
Our Friend Edie

… was hit by a car and is paralyzed from the chest down. As you might imagine, this has been horrible news for our community here in Los Angeles – both for cyclists that know Edie and for everyone who has heard the news. To add to this, Edie had just received her custom Stinner Frameworks Romero all-road to be built up the day before she was hit. In hopes to reduce her medical bills, Edie has listed the frame on eBay. It’s a 50cm frame, will fit 45mm tires and has a beautiful coat of wet paint. You can see the geometry and details at the eBay listing and see more at Edie’s Go Fund Me!

Jul 5, 2017 4 comments