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Banned in the USA: Mountain Bikes in Wilderness Areas Part 03

“Mountain bikes were not (and still are not) banned by the actual Wilderness Act; that didn’t happen until 1984, when the United States Forest Service was persuaded by traditional environmental organizations to change their regulations, so as to ban bikes. The other four agencies that manage Wilderness areas followed the Forest Service’s lead and we’ve been on the outside looking in ever since. The original Forest Service regulations prohibited mechanized transport propelled by a non-living power source, i.e. a motor. The new regulations banned mechanized transport altogether. Bikes are called out specifically. You can argue, of course, that horses, skis, snowshoes and kayaks all provide a mechanical advantage that enables humans to travel further and faster through the Wilderness—but none of these other forms of transport are prohibited in Wilderness areas. Bikes are special and by “special”, I mean “screwed”.”

Head over to Pinkbike to read part 03 of this series. It’s paramount you read this series if you’re a mountain biker living close to Wilderness areas since a bill for MTBs to gain access to Wilderness area has hit Capitol Hill.

Jul 29, 2016 3 comments
Patent Leather Helmet by Joe Parkin

“It was early fall, 1990, in Dublin, Ireland. I had just finished the final stage of the Tour of Ireland and was collecting myself a little, off away from the crowds and the other riders. I’d gone for the long breakaway — me and Irish rider Martin Early — but our bid had been shut down by one of the other teams. There wasn’t too much time to think about what could have been, though, before I was mobbed by some young boys looking for souvenirs.

They took the race numbers off my back and the bottle I hadn’t tossed away in the finale. I’d already had an Avocet cyclometer stolen earlier in the week, so I was pretty protective of the new one, but they did ask for it. They even asked for my jersey and shoes. I think they would’ve taken my shorts and socks if I’d offered.

And then one of them asked for my helmet.”

Continue reading Joe Parkin’s story on his hairnet helmet at Brancale!

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The Highway that Inspired Me

… to move to Los Angeles. KCET looks highway 2 in historical detail, including many great photos documenting the construction of this magical place. Head on over and check it out.

Jul 19, 2016 6 comments
The Land of the Midnight Sun

Well, after almost 30 hours of driving, we made it to the Nord of Sweden and the start of the
Sverigetempot, a 1200 mile brevet straight down the country’s spine. Tomorrow morning brings the start of the ride and even though its midnight, the sun is still shining…

Jul 15, 2016 1 comment
44 Bikes on Why Made in the USA Matters

Kris at 44 Bikes has written a great manifesto on why made in the USA matters. Here’s an excerpt:

“…Having a healthy, prospering U.S. manufacturing base that employs skilled workers and invests in that same workforce ensures we have a strong middle class with good pay. This strengthens the very foundation of our society which creates mobility and even more important: Stability in the market because workers who have money in their pocket spend that same money on goods and service. That’s why I take some time, care and pride in partnering with local manufacturers when and where I can. It’s a two way street. What goes around comes around.”

I’d say more, but I’d like you the read the whole article, so head to 44 Bikes to check it out. Also, I’d like to note that it’s not just that made in the USA matters, it’s that domestic production matters. I support products made in Japan, Germany, Italy, etc. It comes down to companies who manufacture products in their native land, where environmental regulation is upheld…

Jul 15, 2016 5 comments
Yoke’s on You

A week ago, I went up the coast here in Southern California to visit the shop of Stinner Frameworks. It’d been a few years since I’d visited Aaron and hadn’t yet been to their new shop. The intent of the trip was to check out a new rowdy 27.5+ hardtail they’ve been developing and document one frame’s journey from CAD to construction. When I get back from Sweden, the story will continue, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I just wanted to say, hot damn, Paragon!

Jul 12, 2016 1 comment
Summer Sunsets are the Best

When work is busy, the late afternoon is the only time I can ride and even then, I usually have to stay local. My go-to sunset loop is a mixed terrain ride, that takes me from one park to another, offering various vistas to the neighboring mountains. Sometimes I bring a camera, more than often I do not, but when I do, I’m always glad I did.

Catching the summer sunset and the rapid change in light, is always worth the extra wait and yes, weight…

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Tough as Nails

Yesterday while on a ride, Erik hit a trash dumpster with his face in a freak accident. One minute we were all riding to explore the mountains and the next, a cacophony erupted and Erik was flying through the air before landing on his face. By the time Dylan and I made it to him, he was bleeding from his head and having seizures. I immediately called 911 and made sure he was breathing. After a few minutes, the ambulance and fire truck showed up, rushing Erik to the ER for scans.

A few hours later and he was good to go with a few stitches, a mild concussion and a sore back. All this happened just a few days before he and I are leaving for the Length of Sweden brevet, the Sverigetempot, a 1400 mile brevet from Northern to Southern Sweden. It made for an interesting start to the weekend and served as a sobering reminder that we’re all pretty fragile while on our bikes. Many thanks to the local South Pasadena emergency response teams for being so rad and be safe out there!

Jul 9, 2016 20 comments
Weekend Wanderlust with Found in the Mountains

Photos by Morgan Taylor

If you have been following Morgan on Instagram, then you’ve seen a few recent posts, documenting the first days of their massive tour. He and his wife Stephanie are riding from British Columbia to California (eventually) and documenting it both here at the Radavist and on the @FoundInTheMountains Instagram. What I like the most about this documentation is the daily updates on each photo, so follow along, wherever you might be!

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A Chance Encounter

Going slow during rides sometimes has its benefits. You’ll find new lines on a trail, or discover a new lookout point on a climb. Yesterday, during the heat of the day, Cari and I went to ride in the Verdugo mountains, my go-to ride spot in Los Angeles. Now, I’ve spent many hours climbing these steep beasts since moving to LA and in that time, have witnessed a broad selection of wildlife ranging from gray foxes, bobcats, rattle snakes, king snakes, red tailed hawks and even a weasel scurrying through the brush. Most of these animals I came upon while descending and spooked them on the trail but I rarely see anything other than the occasional gopher snake while climbing. (more…)

Jul 5, 2016 6 comments