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Log Lady Jammin’

All good things must come to an end and today, Kyle and I took to our favorite trail for one last Log Lady jam session. The overcast skies spared our brows from sweat and the recent rain left the corners tacky, perfect for ripping down and over our favorite obstacles. There’s more to come, once Kyle gets his thoughts down and I finish my photos. I just thought this shot would get you all stoked to ride.

Apr 6, 2016 4 comments
Destroying by Example

While this video is about skateboarding, I’d say the same applies to the world of cycling. From the bike messengers to the pro MTB riders in the downhill circuit, drinking can become a problem. Hell, even in the “wear plain clothes and just ride” crowd, we all drink a lot…

Apr 5, 2016 12 comments
Georgia Was a Lot of Fun!
Mulberry Gap at the Maxxis Summit

This past weekend we were in Georgia with Maxxis for their Appalachian Summit, a three-day trip nestled in Northern Georgia at the Mulberry Gap MTB getaway. We rode trails, drank, tested new tires, drank, ate, hot tub’d and drank more. It was one of the most fun press camps I’ve been to, partially because it took place in a very unique and unexpected location. There’s more to come as I sift through photos and try to recover the data off my laptop that has apparently decided to quit working… Yikes!

Apr 4, 2016 2 comments
The Problem with Shimano

Photo by Kyle Kelley

I like bike shops, and that means I support local bike shops because if we all stopped supporting bike shops, there wouldn’t be any left. This may seem like an extreme reality but when a giant corporation like Shimano refuses to stand with dealers, they are, in fact scalping them. Over at Cycling Industry News, there’s an amazing article on how Shimano has turned its back on dealers, to report an increase in yearly sales, only to aide in the decline of bike shop sales across the country. Here’s the gist:

“Today a friend brought in some new Shimano XTR brakes that he apparently bought online for $145.00 a unit, each from Arts Cyclery, an online business. No sales tax, and free freight. My cost is $155 from the only US Shimano distributor. I have been in the bicycle business for 36 years and it looks like it’s over. I can not seem to gather much support from dealers to fight for change. Shimano has control. Their sales were recently reported to be up 14% while bicycle dealers are down 25% and dropping.

I sent two emails to the two top guys at Shimano USA, before I received a response. Their response was to say that there is nothing on the horizon to fix this problem. He said several times during the conversation that he had nothing to say that will make me feel better. He just listened and apologized. If dealers stood up and stopped buying Shimano and Pearl Izumi, Shimano would correct the problem. Most of the dealers I spoke to at the Bike Summit in Arizona were apathetic about it. They know it is a problem, but they are not willing to take a stand. They think they can’t survive without Shimano and I think it is our death knell.”

Read more at Cycling Industry News and thanks to Drew Johnson, Owner of World Famous City Cycle for writing this piece. Support your local bike shop when you can!

Mar 30, 2016 247 comments
A Crisis of Faith

Photo by Adrian Marcoux

Continuing his in-depth series looking into the history and discourse of cyclists’ access to Wilderness Areas, Vernon Felton digs in yet again. As with the introductory article, this is another good read about a topic hits home for many of us. Check it out at Pinkbike.

Mar 29, 2016 5 comments
Just Another Bike Ride in the Angeles National Forest

There’s no better way to shake jetlag than to take on a big ride. After riding in a relatively flat city for a few days, I was ready to head up into the Angeles National Forest, climb Mt Disappointment and Mt Wilson before taking off down Mt Lowe and back to town. It ended up being around 65 miles with over 8,000′ of elevation (not including the ride up Griffith asterwards) and my legs are feeling it today. As always, I try to take some photos while riding and while there isn’t necessarily enough for a gallery, I posted them up below.


Mar 23, 2016 12 comments
It Feels Great to Be Home!

After two weeks on the road, it feels great to be home in Los Angeles. This time of year, traveling really takes it out of me and having just moved into a new apartment, I haven’t even had the chance to settle in yet. It’s kind of an overwhelming sensation, coming back to unpacked boxes, bikes in pieces and enough email to keep anyone busy for days on end. Yet with all this anxiety, there’s nothing better than pedaling on familiar roads… Or even unfamiliar roads.

Also, as a side note, my thoughts are with anyone who was traveling to or out of Belgium today, along with anyone who has been affected by this morning’s events. Be safe and spread love. xoxo

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You Don’t Belong Here

PinkBike has a feature up about mountain bikes and their relationship to Wilderness Areas in the USA. If you’ve ever wondered why bikes aren’t allowed in select areas of our great outdoors, it’s a good read, so be sure to check it out at PinkBike!

Mar 21, 2016 5 comments
I’m in Berlin for the Berliner Fahrradschau and Berlin Bike Week!

Thanks to everyone who came to the King of Gravus ride today, it was cold and wet but that didn’t keep us from having fun on the trails. I’m in Berlin for the Berliner Fahrradschau and to experience Berlin Bike Week. So if you’re in town, come by the Crema Cycles booth and say hello!

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