Peacock Groove Evil Dead Tribute Track

You know what? This is hands down the most creative and expressive bike I saw at the 2012 NAHBS. No bullshit, no gimmicks, just an homage to a true auteur and the director of some of my favorite movies: Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Drag Me to Hell, Spiderman, ok, maybe not the latter. Sam Raimi’s campy horror flicks are filled with catch phrases that have echoed through my lifetime. Groovy! How fitting?

Erik Noren of Peacock Groove has always been an outsider, a misunderstood craftsman who’s been building for much longer than most. His bikes are ostentatiously-outlandish and sometimes, crude but that’s Erik. A builder’s work should reflect their personality so I took Erik to the bathroom for some reflection time and lens love. This dual-disk track bike was my favorite bike in the show and not just because he used real blood to paint it. See for yourself why below.