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Chuck from Velo Retro’s Vitus Kas Team Bike Built with Mavic – Sean Talkington

Chuck from Velo Retro’s Vitus Kas Team Bike Built with Mavic
Words and photos by Sean Talkington, with fact-checking by Chuck of Velo Retro

This Vitus Kas Team bike belongs to Chuck Schmidt from Velo Retro. I first met Chuck when we opened the doors to the original Cub House a few years back and am pretty sure we have seen him every day since. He is a graphic designer/lettering artist by trade and quickly became a shop legend when we discovered that Chuck created the coolest Eddy Merckx logo ever. The guy is also responsible for the lettering on some of the most iconic album covers and posters spanning across multiple generations of the world’s best stuff. Take your pick: Star Wars summer release poster, re-design of Hot Wheels logo, re-design of Road & Track logo, Parliament/Funkadelic, John Denver, Donna Summer, Sports Illustrated 25th Anni cover, fonts for ABC and CBS… It’s wild!

On top of his talents with a pencil, Chuck also happens to have quite a wild collection of bicycles that he slowly trickles into the shop for all of us to drool over. He likes to dangle the fancy bike carrots to keep us chomping at the bit (and it works). The most recent to roll through is this Kas Team bike from the late 80’s. The bike was produced in France by Vitus. Kas was a Spanish-based professional cycling team which was active from 1958 until 1979 and again for three years 1986-8 and they have been sponsoring pro teams since the late 1950’s. (more…)

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Wolf Ruck’s Freewheelin’ Article in Freehub Magazine

Photos by Wolf Ruck, words by Brian Vernor

“It was my friend Kevin Wilkins, founding editor of The Skateboard Mag and an avid mountain biker, who first came across the film on YouTube and sent it to me. The upload date said 2010 and the quality of the video was grainy at best, a poorly digitalized version of old celluloid that made it hard to view details.

But you didn’t need a sharp image to see the obvious— if dated—skills of the mountain bikers it portrayed. The mustaches, the fanny packs, and cutoff-jeans, the insane bike setups with everything from drop to bull-moose bars, the riders’ radical style; it all added up to a masterpiece both timeless and purely 1980s.

The film was titled Freewheelin’, and was made with a windup 16mm camera by someone named Wolf Ruck. I immediately emailed Kevin back, and our conversation went crazy from there. We scoured the internet for more information, but beyond the grainy YouTube video, Freewheelin’ seemed to be completely forgotten. The original publishing date said 1985, ancient in mountain bike terms—so ancient that, as far as we could tell, the poetic, funny and, by any standard, action-packed romp was the first mountain bike film ever made.”

Check out this story at Freehub Magazine and make sure you pick up a subscription!

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Vintage Radness at the 30th Annual Keyesville Classic – Erik Hillard

Vintage Radness at the 30th Annual Keyesville Classic
Photos and words by Erik Hillard

This past weekend was the 30th annual Keyesville Classic, the longest running mountain bike race in the United States. Because of its Vintage Class races, Keyesville is also a gathering of mountain bike restoration artists from across the country. Each year, a group of enthusiasts meets for the weekend with a beautiful selection of historic mountain bikes. (more…)

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A Cable-Actuated IRD “Dropper” Post?

Photo by Erik Hillard

Wednesday on the Radavist, we’ve got a big, fat (tire) gallery from the Keyesville Classic, the longest-running MTB race in the USA. Included in Erik’s photos is this 1989 IRD cable-actuated “dropper.” Sure, this might not be news to anyone who dives deep in the vintage MTB realm, but it’s the first I’ve seen this specific model. Photos like this can get lost in a big gallery, so I wanted to give it some light on its own… I can’t wait to see something like this leave a custom frame builder’s shop.

Mar 12, 2018 6 comments
Analog Cycle’s 0mm Upright Stem Is Perfect for Your High or Mid Trail Bike

There are gooseneck and “LD” stems, so why not go with a 0mm upright stem? Analog Cycles believes the long and low stem is on its way out, that stems should evolve and while this might be on the extreme end, I can see its application for high to mid trail vintage mountain bikes, turned all-rounder city and tourers. Why only high to mid trail? Read all about it at Analog, who now has these stems open for pre-order at $80 with a total cost of $140 for raw, or $185 for a clear coat.

Mar 5, 2018 4 comments
Scotty 2 Hotty and His MUSA Nishiki

Scotty 2 Hotty is a local staple here in Los Angeles. He’s what I like to call an autodidactic raconteur or a self-taught man with lots of informative ramblings. For those of you who have ventured into Golden Saddle Cyclery, you’ll probably recognize him as a patron of the bike shop and literal sponge of knowledge. While Scotty is a farmer and a consultant for soil nutrition, his passions in life exist far beyond the liveliness of plants. His favorite subjects include but are not limited to fishing, gliders, obscure bicycle parts, firearms, fishing, boating, Shimano, both reels, and bicycles. (more…)

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