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Ride to the Beach with Your Board and Brews on the Poler Surf Jammer
Ride to the Beach with Your Board and Brews on the Poler Surf Jammer

While fatbikes might be at home in wintery environments and locales where it snows more than the sun shines each year, over time these strange bicycles began to migrate to sandy regions. From the Mojave to the Oregon coastal dunes, fatbikes have spent a fair amount of their short-lived existence on Earth shredding sand. With their high volume, low pressure tires, suddenly you can pedal for great distances through thick sand. Something not really possible on a bicycle prior. Visit any beach town, especially one with a high influx of tourists and you’ll find some janky fatbike sitting next to a beach cruiser and soft top surfboards in the rental fleet.

That’s not what’s going on here, I can assure you. (more…)

Jul 13, 2016 29 comments
Santa Cruz Goes Metal

Thought the carbon versions of Santa Cruz’s mountain bikes were pricey? Well, they’ve just gone metal. Now, Santa Cruz models are available in aluminum and start at only $2,599. See more information at Santa Cruz.

Jul 12, 2016 1 comment
Niner’s New Jet 9 RDO and Rip 9 RDO Mean Business

Niner recently redesigned two of their most popular trail bike models, the Jet and Rip. Both got geometry tweaks, new details, clearances for a 27.5+ tires and are still rolling smoothly over trails thanks to Niner’s Constant Varying Arc suspension design. Check out a video above and a few product photos below. Head over to Niner to see the all new Jet 9 RDO and Rip 9 RDO bikes! (more…)

Jul 11, 2016 5 comments
The BC Bike Race Videos

The 2016 BC Bike Race went down last weekend, bringing mountain bikers from all over the world to the lush, green forests of British Columbia to rip down some of its best trails. Over at the official BCBR Vimeo, they’ve uploaded some recap videos. Here’s Day 03 and you can see the rest at their Vimeo page.

Jul 11, 2016 No comments yet
Rivendell: Hubbuhubbuh MTB Tandem Pre-order

Designed with Clem Smith Jr, the new Rivendell Hubbuhubbuh is a tandem unlike any other modern steel bicycle. Well, maybe there’s something similar floating around, but this one’s made by Rivendell! These frames come in three sizes, are tig-welded, fit 650B wheels, come with two seat posts (29.8mm), a elegant fork and a special Nitto stoker stem for $1,600 at the time of pre-order. Head to the Hubbuhubbuh (did I spell that right?) website for ordering information.

Jul 7, 2016 9 comments
Claudio Does Lenzerheide

Claudio and Steve Peat take to the UCI MTB World Cup course in Lenzerheide for a POV video with yet another hilarious voice-over.

Jul 6, 2016 1 comment
Turn Your MTB into a WTB Scraper Bike

If you love some wide-ass tires on your mountain bike, check out one of the newest players to the plus-sized game. WTB Introduces the Scraper rim, designed specifically for 2.8″ or 3″ tires and meant to take a beating on the trail or your next bikepacking trek. The Scraper comes in two models: the i40 is designed for 2.8” tires while the i45 is optimized for 3.0” and both are TCS tubeless compatible. For more information, head to WTB and for ordering, holler at your local dealer.

Jul 6, 2016 2 comments