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Santa Cruz Bicycles Updates the Tallboy

I love, love, love my Tallboy and yet, I do wish it were a bit slacker and longer. Clearly, the team at Santa Cruz Bicycles felt the same and decided to smoke the Tallboy out… The head angle dropped to 68º and updated the rear to 110mm of VPP travel. The reach got longer and the chainstays shorter, bringing this 29r platform up to date with the rest of the SCB line. Best of all, a flip chip on the upper link, combined with a 130mm fork allows you to run 27.5+ wheels. Now we’re talking! Head over to Santa Cruz for more!

Apr 26, 2016 6 comments
Salton Sea Bikepacking – Spencer Harding
Salton Sea Bikepacking

Salton Sea Bikepacking
Photos and words by Spencer Harding

I had ridden around the Salton Sea many times for work and visited the Slabs many times in the past few years, but when Brad posed the idea to traverse the east side of the sea on dirt it got me stoked. The plan was to ride along the edge of the sea south toward Slab City, camp out for the night, and then return on the road paralleling the aqueduct. We drove out late Friday night and camped up in painted canyon. We had a gang divided between two 80s stunt jumpers and two fatbikes. The route south was pretty much unplanned and we crossed all manner of path; dry drainage ditches, beaches of dead fish bones, borderline impassable swamps, and even just riding straight across the desert in places. We got turned around a few times and had to succumb to the road for part of the day.

After sunset we arrived at Slab City, “The last free place in America”, a desert oasis of squatters living on the remains on an abandoned military base. After a quick dip in the hot spring we headed to The Range, the local venue that hosts an open mic every Saturday. We chilled out on one the many rows of dusty blown out couches and enjoyed the tunes. We made camp for the night in an installation of burnout cars and bikes some friends of ours have been working on for a few years now. As we faded out from the long day someone in the Slabs lit off a massive firework and a beautiful little desert fox quietly ran into our camp and peed on Alex’s sleeping bag.

Sunday we cruised out of the Slabs, stocked up on plenty of water in town, and made for the aqueduct. This concrete river flows gently down from the California/Arizona border bringing water to Southern California. When a levy broke in 1905 it spilled the entire flow of the Colorado River for a year into the Salton Sink creating the Salton Sea. We were stoked for the icy waters as the temperatures reach the high 90s. Sorry not sorry for swimming in your drinking water LA.


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Apr 25, 2016 10 comments
Hack Bike Derby

This sounds incredible!

“17 frame builders racing home hacked Klunkers over a rain & fire filled weekend in Somerset. The Hack Bike Derby is an annual event held over 2 days with a different type of bike and series of races proposed for each year. This year, the first year, the theme is klunkers; the original Mountain Bikes as raced from around 1976 in California, USA.”

See more details below. Anyone have photos of the bikes?


Apr 21, 2016 21 comments
Breadwinner’s Goodwater 27.5+ Hardtail Has Landed

One of my favorite bikes from NAHBS is now available as a custom model within Breadwinner’s extensive bicycle lineup. The Goodwater is a 27.5+ hardtail that can also take a 29’r wheelset. It’s got internal routing, Di2-ready integration and thru-axles. This bike is high on my list of hardtails and honestly, I’m really pumped for Tony and Ira. Check out the Goodwater at Breadwinner!

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Claudio in Cairns

Queensland is home to some rugged and rough terrain, perfect for a bit of World Cup action!

Apr 21, 2016 1 comment
FatBike Touring in Northern Alaska

The words “I’m cold” will not come out of my mouth again. The words “I’m cold” will not come out of my mouth again. The words “I’m cold” will not come out of my mouth again. The words “I’m cold” will not come out of my mouth again. The words “I’m cold” will not come out of my mouth again.

Apr 19, 2016 3 comments