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OPEN and Yeti

“I have crossed paths a couple of times with YETI Cycles owner Chris Conroy. We both worked at Scott a while ago (ok almost 25 years…). Back then Scott was the owner of the Yeti- and Schwinn brand. YETI was just the coolest brand out there with a couple of legendary riders and great bikes.” Check out more at OPEN!

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Let’s Help Charlie Cunningham

Photo via Cunningham Bikes

“The past two years have been the weirdest and worst in decades in so many ways—planetary and political and personal-people disasters, haven’t they? They seem to suggest a gloomy future. It’s all — well, “surprising” sums up all the other adjectives, but neuters them a little, right?

Let’s do something wild and huge, a laser beam of super good for one guy, Charlie Cunningham. Jacquie Phelan comes free in the bargain. Charlie and Jacquie have been a married bike couple for 30+ years.

Charlie is a hero. His story is available to those who dig enough, we’ve told it and it’s on the web, but the fact that it’s not familiar to every bike riders over the age of 20 is testament to how people can become forgotten stepping stones. Charlie has a history of bicycle inventions, innovations, improvements, and independence in an industry that for the most part is ruled by trends, marketing, racerworship, copycatism, and an unwarranted inferiority complex that is being addressed by bulk (road bikes are fatter than mountain bikes used to be; mountain bikes are monstrous); and tech, with nothing more to learn than which buttons to push, few if any operator skills to learn, motors marketed as pedaling assists—always marketed as progress.”

Check out the full story at Rivendell… and any bit helps, so head to the Go Fund Me to share some Holiday love.

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El Hierro

El Hierro is in the Canary Islands and as evident in this video, offers unique riding.

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Kyle From Outer Shell’s Mikkelsen Drop Bar MTB

How a “maker” builds their personal bike says a lot about how their mind works. For Kyle from Outer Shell, a bag manufacturer in the San Francisco Bay Area, that means go with time-proven staples and splurge on the important places. Kyle’s Mikkelsen is unique, to say the least, but every moment, every bolt, every component has been thought out, down to the cantilever arm, machined to hold his Sinewave Beacon light and Hite Rite dropper. (more…)

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Kriss Kyle on a 29er

Kriss Kyle is a household name in the land of BMX, and if he keeps riding mountain bikes, there will be good things to come!

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