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In the Know – Connor Fearon

Oh my god. I don’t know what is my favorite part of this video, the riding or the sounds coming from Connor’s tires as they hook up. So good.

Aug 1, 2015 1 comment
Salsa Cycles’ Grateful Deadwood – Kyle Kelley
Salsa Cycles' Grateful Deadwood

Salsa Cycles’ Grateful Deadwood
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

Leave it to Kyle to bring some hippy shit into the mix for Salsa’s newest drop bar mountain bike, the Deadwood. Sorry, the “Grateful Deadwood.” Personally, I would have gone with some sort of fellen tree or Nature is Metal reference.

Kyle recently went to Saddle Drive, QBP’s open house demo in Ogden, Utah for his bike shop Golden Saddle Cyclery after having spent a great deal of time this year on the Niner Ros9+. Needless to say, Kyle came into Saddledrive with a pretty open mind about the 3″ tire platform. Over the years, he’s also sold a number of Fargos to customers who were planning on tackling the TDR either in the near or far future. How could you make the Fargo better? Throw some bigger tires on it, right? (more…)

Jul 27, 2015 14 comments
One and Done

This is so good. Clearly the culmination of an incredible amount of planning, Brandon Semenuk’s effortless style is the perfect complement to Anthill’s filming – all done in a single shot.

Jul 22, 2015 12 comments
The Official Get Sick Day Worldwide Recap – Sean Talkington

The Official Get Sick Day Worldwide Recap
Photos from a whole lotta folks and words by Sean Talkington

Think about what we use our personal or sick days for? Dumb stuff. Staying home sick (or if you have kids you stay home when they get sick), going to the doctor, going to the DMV, jury duty, visiting in-laws, funerals, etc. Question: What do all of these things have in common? The Answer: None of them are fun. Sure, you can schedule your vacation time around whatever events you want but what if you really just want or need a single day to get your head right? Can you just tell your boss “I think I am going to skip tomorrow and ride my bike locally all day with some buddies. Might do a little swimming too. Fuck it. Maybe even grab tacos after and watch the sunset.” Some of you have awesome bosses but the majority of us are afraid to take a day off for ourselves… (more…)

Jul 22, 2015 17 comments
Chasing Skittles in Livigno

The MTB world is colorful these days, to say the least. Watch as Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey chase skittles through a new flowcountry trail in Livigno. Yes please!

Jul 21, 2015 No comments yet
New Growth on the Salsa Deadwood

In the forest, dying trees bring about new growth. Bigger is better, when it comes to ride cushioning and traction. The drop bar MTB world is growing, thanks to Salsa.

This week is SaddleDrive, the QBP open house that goes down each year in Ogden, Utah. That means a whole lotta new stuff rolling through the Q brand’s lineups, including Salsa. With the success of the Cutthroat launch, I wouldn’t have expected a bike to immediately speak to me from Salsa for a while yet here we are, staring down a even gnarlier drop-bar dirt tourer / MTB: the Deadwood.

Granted, it ain’t carbon and it ain’t designed with racing in mind but that wouldn’t keep this 29+ from getting plenty rowdy on the trails. Check out more info on the Deadwood at Salsa, see the full 2016 lineup while you’re at it and see these bikes in person at dealers in October.

Jul 21, 2015 15 comments