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Al’s Gift

Peter had quite the surprise on his bikepacking trip…

“While I was bike touring in Chile I met a fellow cyclist named Allister Knox. We ended up riding about a week and a half together, always searching for perfect river campsites, dry firewood, and good hill climbs. When we finally reached the end of the Carretera Austral, a village called Villa O’Higgins, we set up at a Hostel for a few nights until we could take the ferry to cross into Argentina. Al surprised me with a ticket on this flight the night before we were supposed to take the ferry and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my trip in Patagonia.”

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Montana Treasures and Big Sky

Freehub takes us on a ride to Big Sky in Montana with Tom Owen, the operator of Gallatin Alpine Sports. Tom uses his shop to share his love for mountain bikes and the opportunities to explore public lands with everyone who visits his store.

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The Cannell Trail… Don’t Call it a Shuttle Run! – Kyle Kelley

The Cannell Trail… Don’t Call it a Shuttle Run!
Words and photos by Kyle Kelley

Years ago Ryan Wilson told me of this mythical mountain bike ride in the Sequoia National Forest that dropped from the sky to the desert floor. He said it was thirty-something miles long and had around 8,000 feet of ripping descent. To be honest, I didn’t really believe him, so I retained little to no information that night.

Fast forward a few years, Mike Kalenda had just come onboard at Golden Saddle Cyclery, and one morning he was telling me about this crazy ride out of Kernville where you get shuttled up to 9,200 feet and you spend all day riding your bike down the mountain to a brewery! It all sounded familiar, but nothing was sticking, and then I heard about a Plunge and that got me thinking. Hell…I’m not even sure if Ryan even said the word plunge that night, long ago, but something about that word reminded me. I immediately started researching all I could on the internet about this trail, and came to the conclusion that this must’ve been what Ryan was talking about! Maybe the word plunge just sounded cool and I gravitated towards it, but either way, the word plunge got me there and after riding the last part of this trail called “The Plunge”, I’ll definitely be going back. (more…)

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From the UK to California: Adeline and Her Mercredi Hardtail

Yes, those astute readers of this website will recognize this bike. Kyle photographed it at Grinduro Scotland already, along with the bikes of other builders. It was the only mountain bike in the bunch and it coincidentally won the People’s Choice award at Grinduro Scotland, which is why it’s here in California right now. Adeline makes Mercredi Bikes in the UK. Her torch time is usually spent on road and ‘cross bikes, but this mountain bike was her first, in terms of building and the first MTB she’s owned. A serious cyclocross racer, it didn’t take much for Adeline to adjust to racing this mountain bike at Grinduro, where she won. I’ve always been of the opinion that riding mountain bikes will enhance your ‘cross skills and she’s quickly finding that to be true. (more…)

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Smoked and Stoked: Riding High in Central Oregon – Colin Frazer

Smoked and Stoked: Riding High in Central Oregon
Words and photos by Colin Frazer

Growing up outside of Eugene, I’d spent Summers camping and swimming in the rivers, lakes and hot springs that define the west side of Oregon’s Cascade range. Mountain biking was still a fledgling sport at the time and I was only vaguely aware of the burgeoning meccas sprouting up around me. Since I really only started riding after high school, I’ve been wanting to get back home to do some bikepacking for a while, but the right conditions just hadn’t come around. With all the rad work that Gabe and crew have put in making the Oregon Timber Trail a reality, the interest was brewing and a small crew started to form. Adam and Sam, childhood friends from Colorado, would come over with me from Bozeman, Corey and David, childhood friends from Ohio, would come from Seattle and LA respectively, for a week or more of shredding central Oregon. (more…)

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