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This looks amazing!

“Trails can’t be measured on a universal scale. There doesn’t exist a comparison of flow to stoke that equates to a universal metric — no ‘trail spectator’ out of 100, no simple charts or graphs. Rather, the experience of the trail, as related to euphoria, is a continuous collection of multitudes extending in all dimensions. There are too many variables to include in the equation, and a limit to the math. It takes a special cultivated knowledge of proximal landscapes to understand and create the right experience. And to maximize this experience it’s not just about finding amazing trails, but the process of linking landscapes through a vast network of natural terrain.”

Ash Smith sums it up best:

“Yes, you’re looking for awesome trails, but you’re also looking — on a bigger scale — for corridors of flow, through this network of nodes and edges. Through this network which we’ve been blessed with from the agricultural past and trading past. It’s all there; we just need to find the best ways through it.”

Check out the full story and see more photos at Acre!

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Salsa Cycles: Montana Firetower Bucket Brigade

Photos by Scott Haraldson

Multi-day bikepacking trips through the Montana backcountry should be on everyone’s cycling bucket list. For these women, the Kootenai National Forest would be their home for four days as they covered 170 miles, with three fire lookouts as their destination each day. Travel to each of the lookouts was via Forest Service roads and singletrack, with some intermediary roads sprinkled in throughout. Each of these lookouts, for obvious reasons, were on the very tops of the peaks within the Purcell and Salish mountain ranges: Garver Mountain at 5,784 feet, Big Creek Baldy at 5,768, and McGuire Mountain at 6,970 feet.

Head over to Salsa to check out this awesome story and see more great photos below! (more…)

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Dudes of Hazard: Stop Pokin the Monster

The Dudes of Hazard series is SO VERY GOOD.  The low-fi cinematography and cinéma vérité vibes do right by  the best sense of mountain biking. Hey, everyone is entitled to their thing, and this is by no means a denunciation, but their choice to eschew the much used trend to slow-mo/drone shot/jump cut the living daylights out 400 yards of trail, and just document their riding and character is engaging AF.  The Dudes do jokes, The Dudes go on adventures, The Dudes dirtbag it, and The Dudes can ride the stuffing out of their mountain bikes. Just look at Joe Barnes, he turns every corner into a horror film, slash slash slash. There is so much more to say on their brilliance, but thats for another time. For now look up and enjoy the show.

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