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Kyle Sending it On His New All-City Log Lady Singlespeed MTB
Kyle and His All-City Cycles Log Lady

A while back, Kyle reviewed the mostly stock complete Log Lady before sending it back to All-City so they could use the bike in their demo fleet. Truthfully, I, like many of the readers who commented on that post, were bummed to see that bike go. As a photographer, I love shooting with Kyle when he’s stoked on something and that bike was perfect on our local trails, for him especially.

In an industry where many people want more travel, not less and even more gears, not one, the Log Lady stands out as an archaic, living fossil of the mountain bike evolutionary timeline. For some people, riding a bike like this down technical trails would be a nightmare, but for dudes like Kyle, it’s a buckin’ good time. (more…)

Jan 12, 2017 43 comments
Sklar Bikes Factory Team Does The ColoRADo Trail
Sklar Bikes Factory Team Does The ColoRADo Trail

Sklar Bikes Factory Team Does The Colorado Trail

Photos by Adam Sklar, words by Sam Atkins

A particular genre of plans are hatched in the depths of cold, dark Montana winters. Call it cabin fever, call it seasonal affective, call it whatever you like, but after months of cloud-choked skies, icy winds, and trails buried under feet of snow a cerebral switch flips. Dreams of green and blue flicker, illusory echoes of hoots and laughter brought by the thrill of wheels rolling over dirt ring in the subconscious. So when a group of old friends reached out last January to suggest we reunite to bikepack the Colorado Trail, I couldn’t say no.


Jan 11, 2017 14 comments
Santa Cruz’s New Syndicate Recruits

With the new year, Santa Cruz brings on fresh meat to their Syndicate team. Lead by Steve Peat and Greg Minnaar, new recruits Luca Shaw from the USA, and Loris Vergier of France take on a week of training at SCB.

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The Caldwell Riot – Yep You Suck at Bikes

Ok, right, so before you get into this you should now that what you’re about to watch is the essence of the puerile, testosterone fueled, grossly immature, hell for leather, snotty nose, blokes just having lark part of contemporary mountain biking. This video does not pass the Bechdel Test.

It’s not trying to, what its doing is blistering your eyes with a rapid-fire onslaught of graphic pictorials, what it is doing is exposing the bleeding edge art of mountain bike shredding. My guess is that it’s probably illegal to watch this in some countries such is the explicitness of the corner slapping and a loam-drifting. So check your local by-laws, ping your constable, do your f*cking research and enjoy. Just remember there’s no un-seeing this, there’s no coming back.

If you dig this then give Tommy a follow on Instagram.

Jan 9, 2017 9 comments
Paul Component Engineering: the Plastic Bastard

I love these videos of Paul Price, the owner of Paul Component Engineering. There’s something entertaining about listening to people talk about their bikes. Even if it’s a “plastic bastard.” Also, I can attest to how much the Jones bars rule with this Paul setup!

Jan 9, 2017 2 comments
Enjoy the Weekend!

This time of year, it seems like every other day someone’s in town, wanting to venture out into the mountains for some shredding. We’ve had a lot of rain in Los Angeles over the past few weeks, making the backcountry trails particularly tacky and chilly. This, as you’re well aware, makes for pristine riding conditions. Clayton had never ridden deep in the San Gabriels before, so I took him to Chilao, my personal favorite, for a bit of Friday morning shredding.

Enjoy the weekend and I hope you can get in some riding. Check out a few more photos below. (more…)

Jan 6, 2017 2 comments
Tom’s Hunter Cycles 27.5+ Hardtail Loaded Up for the Baja Divide
Tom's Hunter Cycles 27.5+ Hardtail Loaded Up for the Baja Divide

For the past few months, all I’ve been reading and hearing about is the Baja Divide. Lael and Nicholas created a route last year that would take riders on a 1,700 mile journey from the US-Mexico border down the length of the Baja Penninsula, almost entirely on dirt. Well, dirt and sand. They are two completely different riding substrates. The grand depart took place last week and over 100 cyclists embarked on the journey, two of which being Tom and Sarah Swallow.

In order to prep for their 45-day ride – they’re going out and back on the route – Tom and Sarah rode for two weeks along the Baja Divide route in December. Afterward, they both described their ride as “the hardest thing we’ve ever done.” But at least they now know exactly what they needed in terms of gear. For instance, they left their filter at home, because there is no fresh water on the route, only bottled and filtered water. They’re also confident in their setups, which are very similar, save for Tom is riding a Hunter Cycles 27.5+ hardtail and Sarah is on a carbon S-Works hardtail.

Tom’s bike just looked so damn good all loaded up with Revelate bags the day before they left, so I had to shoot some photos of it. Not only to give Rick props for building such amazing frames, but I rarely get the chance to shoot loaded down hardtails. All of Tom’s little hacks – like those killer King Cage USBs – to make this a proper tourer simply add to the bike’s character.

I want to wish everyone who’s out on the Divide’s course good luck. You can follow Tom and Sarah’s trip on their Instagram.

Jan 5, 2017 33 comments
Tobacco Roots

Yeti takes on the Tobacco Roots range in their latest video, showcasing some of Montana’s epic scenery and riding.

Jan 4, 2017 5 comments