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Josh’s Watanabe Street Fixed
Josh's Watanabe Street Fixed

Compared to the early 2000’s, the NJS track frame market has had its bottom fall out. Now you can pick up a like new frame for a couple hundred bucks, versus a couple grand and there’s plenty to choose from, in various sizes. Hype has died out on these frames, which is perfect for guys like Josh who still love to ride a fixed gear on the street for a living. He works for Chicken Hawk Courier and makes various deliveries around town here in Los Angeles on this Watanabe frame. Aside from the fluoro paint, I was immediately drawn to the build: all black Nitto, Dura Ace hubs, Sugino Zen, ATAC pedals and a Spurcycle bell to top it off.

Say what you will about fixed gears and track bikes on the street but you’ll be hard pressed to find beausage like this elsewhere. Much less shorelines like that on the lugwork. Dang!

Apr 28, 2016 5 comments
Mean Green Stigmata ‘Cross Machine
Mean Green Stigmata 'Cross Machine

You’ll have to excuse the overdose of Santa Cruz Bicycles posts these past few days. It’s merely coincidence that they just launched a new Tallboy around the same time this bike was scheduled to be published…

The Santa Cruz Stigmata wasn’t always a flashy carbon race bike with clearance for 43mm tires and disc brakes. It began as a made in the USA aluminum machine with a very traditional cyclocross racing geometry and posts for canti brakes. While I loved the modern reincarnation of the Stiggy, I still absolutely love seeing its aluminum predecessor in the flesh. Especially one that’s so tastefully built.

There’s nothing super flashy or tricked out about this build. The owner found the frame, NOS online for a deal and built it with mostly used parts but some fancy DT Swiss 350 to H+Son wheels. Ultegra became the platform it’d be built upon and Paul Mini Motos would provide the stopping power. It’s still a new build, so he’s working on the fit, hence the “top hat” spacers, but other than that, this bike is dialed!

Oh and I love the green! It matches the mountains of Los Angeles right now.

Apr 27, 2016 17 comments
His and Hers Jerome Cycles Townies – Kyle Kelley
His and Hers Jerome Cycles Townies

His and Hers Jerome Cycles Townies
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

Being able to ride with your partner can be one of the most cherished experiences in any relationship. Now, whether or not it’s on the road, or a trail, or even just around town is contingent upon that couple’s own experiences on the bike, naturally. When this couple in particular decided they wanted new townie bikes, they contacted Southern California frame builder Jerome Cycles, who gladly took on the project. These bikes are traditional porteurs, with a large, flat rack platform and a geometry designed to accommodate a decent load like a bag of groceries. This functionality is only increased with Son hubs and Edelux II lamps, custom stems, PAUL Brakes, White Industries cranks and pedals with T11 hubs, laced to Velocity Synergy rims.

The most striking thing about this project are the colors. A dark, midnight blue for him and a burnt mustard for her, these two colors, matched with the Jerome Cycles headbadges really make these frames pop with character. I can’t wait to see how these bikes patina over time!

Follow Kyle on Instagram and Jerome Cycles on Instagram.

Apr 26, 2016 19 comments
Emilio Santoyo-Illustrated Team Dream All City Macho King Disc – Sean Talkington
Team Dream All-City Macho King Disc

Emilio Santoyo-Illustrated Team Dream All City Macho King Disc
Words and process photos by Sean Talkington, bike photos by John Watson

Custom bikes are one of the coolest traditions continued within modern cycling (IMO).  The idea of having a bicycle custom tailored to your specific needs is pretty amazing and being able to (sometimes) participate in the finished aesthetic is the big fat cherry on top.  I have always been drawn to the idea of having a bike that looks nothing like the ones my friends are riding.  Its the reason why people like all of us visit sites like The Radavist. We come here to see cool bikes (generally speaking of course). (more…)

Apr 21, 2016 37 comments
Gian Lucagimini’s Velocipedia Renderings of Drawings

People, of all ages are masters of the sketch or doodle. Their interpretations of everyday objects can sometimes provide inspiration to artists like Gian Lucagimini to render these sketches in 3D. Honestly, these look way better than most of the concept bikes we see. Check out more at Velocipedia!

Apr 21, 2016 14 comments
The All-City Log Lady: Sometimes Bikes, Like Men, Jump Up and Say ‘HELLO’ – Kyle Kelley
The All-City Log Lady in Los Angeles

The All-City Log Lady: Sometimes Bikes, Like Men, Jump Up and Say ‘HELLO’
Words by Kyle Kelley, photos by John Watson

From the beginning All-City has been ahead of the curve. They are dedicated contributors to the current evolution of cycling, pushing their own boundaries and those of the industry around them, making bikes that are actually fun to ride. They began making high quality, affordable track cranks and hubs when there was nothing but Campagnolo and Sugino to choose from. Next they introduced the world to the 32c production road “race” bike. After that, they took the cyclocross world by storm and produced a NAHBS quality production single speed cyclocross bike. And during the vintage MTB craze of 2014-2015 they made a modern day, old-timey MTB equally equipped for ripping down the trails as through the streets to the bar. (more…)

Apr 18, 2016 20 comments
Four Seasons with the Salsa Blackborow – Jarrod Bunk
Four Seasons with the Salsa Blackborow

Four Seasons with the Salsa Blackborow
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

It started over a 2 years ago, when I was riding my current fatbike – a Surly Moonlander – for much more than just winter riding. It was slowly becoming my everything bike, and eventually that Moonlander replaced my carbon Cannondale Scalpel. Looking back, that piqued my interest in a more aggressive geometry bike, that could handle some sort of suspension fork.

There were a handful of manufacturers with tapered head tubes to allow for a Rock Shox Bluto or other fork. Simply put my next bike had to have the ability to run suspension, fat 5” tires, and through axles. Of the handful of bikes out at the time this wasn’t possible. Along comes a Blackborow. It has checked all of my boxes, and even some that I didn’t know I needed checking. THAT FOREST SERVICE GREEN, I had to have it. Things fell into place and a few months after waiting my dinglespeed build showed up. I have a tendency to build my bikes custom, so I stripped the bike down and rebuilt it with some stuff that I prefer to use. Industry 9 Hubs, dropper post, RaceFace NEXT SL cranks and the cockpit from Chromag. (more…)

Apr 13, 2016 23 comments
Speedvagen Launches their Ready-Made Program with the OG-1 Road Machine

What if I told you that you can ride a Speedvagen, completely built with Shimano components, for $5,385? Oh and it’ll be ready to ride in 1-2 weeks. Today Speedvagen announces their Ready-Made Program with the OG-1 road machine. I’ve been riding one for a few weeks now and it’s a total blast. There’s a full review coming shortly, but for now, check out Speedvagen’s press release below, complete with a full component break-down and tons of detail photos… (more…)

Apr 12, 2016 37 comments
Garrett’s Team Fresh Air Hunter Cycles ‘Cross
Garrett's Team Fresh Air Hunter 'Cross

As fate, or at least the press circuit would have it, I’m back in Santa Cruz for the Blackburn Ranger Camp. I drove up from Los Angeles a night early and crashed with my friend Garrett, from Strawfoot Handmade.

The last time I was in town, I got to spend a lot of time with him, photographing his shop, his bikes and even he and his daughter Olive’s daily routine.

This round, time was precious, but I managed to get a few photos of his new bikes, the first being this Team Fresh Air Hunter Cycles ‘cross with a carbon seat tube. Garrett built this bike up as a strictly race machine. SRAM Force CX1 and PAUL Mini Motos with a DT / Pacenti wheelset will deliver all the reliability needed for racing in Santa Cruz, while a Sim Works’ cockpit and WTB saddle on a Sim Works post top the build off.

Balance is key for a ‘cross bike and this bike has it, both aesthetically and in terms of weight. Oh and I love the Fresh Air Cycles blue!

Apr 11, 2016 27 comments
Mosaic Goes Full March Madness

To be honest, I’m not enough of a “ball sport” fan to really know what March Madness is, yet I appreciate the execution here. Then again, it is Mosaic, a framebuilder known for their precision. Here’s what’s going on with these two bikes!

“The timing of the NAHBS show happened to coincide with the start of the NCAA March Madness tournament. Paul Keodprom from Blacksmith Cycle in Toronto and his bud Eryn Stott made the drive down to Charlotte to hang with the crew from Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles, which organically turned into the production of these collegiate themed Mosaic RS­2 framesets. The two schools might not have met each other in this year’s tournament, but it’s a Syracuse vs. Michigan showdown whenever these two bikes hit the road.”

Check out more photos and details below! (more…)

Apr 6, 2016 10 comments