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The 2015 Bike and Beer Festival: DiNucci Cycles Classic Road
DiNucci Cycles Classic Road

I’m here in Portland, Oregon attending the Bike and Beer festival at HopWorks Urban Brewery. While I’ll be documenting many of the frames, I’ll also be capturing the general vibes. For now, let’s just check out some bikes!

Mark Dinucci is the man. He’s been building frames for over 40 years, has been the go-to consultant for numerous other builders and still to this day epitomizes the craft of bicycle frame building. For this year’s Bike and Beer Festival he displayed a classic road frame, fit for a Dura Ace 25th anniversary group and elegant Joe Bell paint. While the bike wasn’t a complete, I still wanted to get a few photos of this masterpiece. Oh and some portraits of Mark himself…

Oct 4, 2015 18 comments
The 2015 Bike and Beer Festival: Breadwinner Arbor Lodge Porteur
Breadwinner Arbor Lodge Porteur

I’m here in Portland, Oregon attending the Bike and Beer festival at HopWorks Urban Brewery. While I’ll be documenting many of the frames, I’ll also be capturing the general vibes. For now, let’s just check out some bikes!

For Breadwinner Cycles, it may appear their bikes are designed for racing and ripping. That’s not the case for their Arbor Lodge porteur bike. These do-it-all city commuters are designed to pack versatility in a nimble steel frame while still holding true to that Breadwinner aesthetic. My personal favorite detail is the custom porteur rack and the use of the White Industries VBC cranks.

Oct 4, 2015 3 comments
The 2015 Bike and Beer Festival: Igleheart Mixte City Commuter
Igleheart Mixte City Commuter

I’m here in Portland, Oregon attending the Bike and Beer festival at HopWorks Urban Brewery. While I’ll be documenting many of the frames, I’ll also be capturing the general vibes. For now, let’s just check out some bikes!

Some would argue that one’s best work is done for their partner. In this case, Chris Igleheart‘s latest bike may not be his best in your eyes, but if you pay attention to the detailing, you can see his heart not only went into this creation, it poured over it.

Fran’s bike has everything considered.

A SON Hub, Edelux lamp, beautiful hand-shaped chain guard, Alfine internal hub, nice cushy tires, excellent fit, stem-mounted bell, beautiful stem, segmented fork crown and many other details make it unique. My favorite details are the heart brazed into the top tube split and the fender’s unique coating with a 3M paint, which if I had a flash I would have tried to document more clearly.

Look, Igleheart’s legacy extends well beyond this bike for his wife. He’s built frames for some of the most renown builders, but you see something else in this bike. You see a special love…

Oct 4, 2015 17 comments
The 2015 Bike and Beer Festival: Muirandessi Cycles Sparkle Explosion Fixed
Muirandessi Sparkle Explosion Fixed

I’m here in Portland, Oregon attending the Bike and Beer festival at HopWorks Urban Brewery. While I’ll be documenting many of the frames, I’ll also be capturing the general vibes. For now, let’s just check out some bikes!

For the past five and a half years, AJ Lu of Muirandessi Cycles has been working on frames, one by one. After attending UBI framebuilding school, then getting his certification, AJ spent his free time researching the art and history of building a bicycle by hand.

When it comes to new framebuilders, it’s tough to make a leap out into the world and grow your brand or clientele. In the brief time I spoke with AJ, I didn’t get the sense that he was eager to be the next big thing, he just wants to perfect his art and build bicycle frames for people with a purpose.

This Muirandessi Cycles has an interesting story. It was built to be the owner, Lucas’ daily work bike at his company Cascadian Courier Collective. Earlier this summer, Lucas and his buddy Alexander decided to make the trip from Eugene, Oregon to Portland. A tour that most people would plan to undertake with panniers and a touring bike, yet they decided to make it a bit interesting and ate 99 Doughnuts along the way…

Recently it was powdercoated with a metallic flake clear and as the morning sunlight caught each individual flake, the bike illuminated itself in the most flamboyant way. Personally? I freaking love it!

Oct 4, 2015 17 comments
A Father and Son’s Sunset Speedvagen Shred Sled
A Father and Son's Sunset Speedvagen Shred Sled

Yesterday, Jonathan and I rode up to the blacktop in Griffith Park to catch the sunset. As we’re sitting there, talking about life and this transition I’m going through, up rolls Bryan and his son Alden in a Burley trailer, being drug up the crazy steep hill by an older Speedvagen team ‘cross bike. It literally happened in slow motion for me. Maybe it was the light, or the fact that a young human being is having the best introduction to cycling. Whatever it was, I was engaged.

Luckily, I had my camera on me from shooting a few photos of Jonathan for the #HotBoyzofCycling calendar, so I was able to capture this moment in the last seconds of sunlight. I love the logos, especially the EDGE logo which really dates this frame. The asymmetric Paul touring canti is a nice touch as well, but like with all Speedvagens, the paint was so good!

I’ve seen a lot of amazing stuff in Los Angeles, but this just made my day…

Oct 2, 2015 16 comments
Firefly Friday!

As I was out, showing Jonathan some great Los Angeles road riding this morning, the team at Firefly posted photos of my rat rod-inspired disc “all road” up on their Flickr. Without going too deep into that this is, or what inspired it, all I’ll say is that it’s going to be my Grinduro ride and I want to get it dirty before I photograph it. I’ll leave you to check out some great detail photos at the Firefly Flickr in the meanwhile.

Jordan Low at Hot Tubes absolutely killed this paint job… All I did was send him a few photos of rusty rat rods and a quick Illustrator drawing.

My mind (and wallet) is blown.

Oct 2, 2015 41 comments
Seeking Versatility with the Stainless Brodie Wolff – Morgan Taylor
Seeking Versatility with the Brodie Wolff – Morgan Taylor

In recent years, bikes of all kinds have been segregated into smaller and smaller categories, marketed to more and more specific uses. Meanwhile, riders are looking for a performance machine that allows them to enjoy a wide range of riding. Splitting the difference between categories can make for a confusing experience while looking for a bike. The Brodie Wolff is one such bike, with DNA from a variety of places. I’ve spent the past few months ripping the Wolff on roads, trails, and everywhere in between.


Sep 29, 2015 37 comments
This Baum GTR MTB is Zesty

Light and refreshing like a mid-summer ride lemonade stand stop, this Baum GTR has all the accoutrement of a race-ready ripper while keeping it classy. I’m loving the added, classy wet paint to the Rock Shox RS-1. See more of this yellow and white beaut at the Baum Flickr.

Sep 27, 2015 3 comments
When This Hub’s a Cookin’

Without a doubt, the most polarizing bike of the year on the site (thus far) is the Speedvagen Urban Racer. A veritable atavist catalyst, this two-speed internal coaster brake bike is meant to keep you on your toes and out of the saddle the second you throw a leg over it.

Its one caveat is the coaster brake. Fun for around town for sure, but I found after prolonged use, especially in the hot hot hot summer months, once it’s cookin your ability to brake safely is jeopardized. Granted, that’s the fun of it, right? Sure but last month I put on a Paul Klamper disc brake as a bit of added protection. Luckily, since Speedvagen uses an ENVE ‘cross fork on the bike, it was an easy install.

So far, so good and it’s still one of the most fun bikes I’ve ridden… Now it’s just a bit safer.

Sep 23, 2015 31 comments
Greggy’s Cherubim Racer Road with Campagnolo EPS
Greggy's Cherubim Road with Campagnolo EPS

Greggy’s Cherubim Racer Road with Campagnolo EPS
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by Greggy San Pablo

When Kyle reached out to Greggy for the back-story on how this gorgeous Cherubim Racer Road came to be, he answered in such a manner that was just too good to chop up or paraphrase, so here it is, albeit slightly edited down for content.

So… Why a Cherubim and what inspired this bike?

“Well, the choice took a forever for many reasons, but I’ll condense it for you…The Cinelli Laser and several NJS frames are my favorite frames to gawk at. If a Cinelli Laser and a 3Rensho had a baby, that was the style of frame I wanted built. I started looking for frame builders in 2012 and came across Shin-Ichi Konno’s builds on the NAHBS 2013 webpage. The Cherubim racer prototype at the 2013 NAHBS was almost exactly what I imagined. Through emails I communicated with Keigo at Cherubim to have one built. I sent my measurements, the geometries of the bicycles I ride most and find most comfortable before being confirmed for a build in December 2013. Hopefully, on my birthday.

The frame was designed to have a sloping top tube with an integrated stem but my frame size would be too small for an integrated stem. I elected for the traditional top tube without the integrated stem and to have the frame built specifically for the Version 2 Campagnolo EPS group. The most difficult decision was choosing a paint scheme. After three months of being indecisive I decided to have them chose it for me. Then a few weeks later I came across this iridescent purple and blue Bridgestone. I sent the pictures to Keigo and I was told Bridgestone possesses that color, so the frame was sent to their facility for paint.

I got the frame December 2014 and finished the build May 2015. The final product looks more like the child of a Cinelli Laser and Bridgestone Anchor, which isn’t a bad thing, right??”

Greggy, that is definitely not a bad thing!


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Sep 23, 2015 37 comments