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Carlos’ Spectre Fab Commuter with Sim Works Fun 3 Bars

Sometimes, you come across a part and literally imagine a bike that would best suit it. This mindset seems backwards but it happens all the time. People justify a complete bicycle over a vintage French chainguard or a set of fenders, I’ve even seen people obsess over a crankset, yet in this case, it was the Sim Works Fun 3 bars that got Carlos‘ brain ticking over a bike. Having extensive experience fabricating bicycle frames, he found himself in the unique position to begin making his own bikes. It’s one of those things where if he had more free time, it probably would have already happened, but having to work full-time as a fabricator has put a damper on his plans of launching a company. For now, all he has is a name, a direction, and this bike.

Spectre Fab will eventually be a no-nonsense, tig-welded, custom and stock frame company specializing in bikes that like to get thrashed and used, not abused. This bike, in particular, is meant to handle like a fun, zippy track bike but with gears, bigger tires and yeah, the unique and fun riding position of the Fun 3 bars.

Carlos has taken this bike all over the dirt roads in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and then some. It’s his go-to commuter, cutty singletrack machine, with plenty of details to make even someone like me spend extensive time investigating it, piece by piece. I love bikes like this because ultimately, it’s their owners who have the idea, but it’s the bike that does all the talking.

Keep an eye on the Radavist for future updates as events warrant on Spectre Fab.

Aug 23, 2017 25 comments
Nate from Monkey Wrench Cycles’ Hunter Commando Tourer

Nate from Monkey Wrench Cycles’ Hunter Commando Tourer
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

Nate and the entire Monkey Wrench Cycles gang have done a lot for US framebuilders over the years, as evident in their in-house museum where you can find vintage Moots MTBs, alongside Steve Potts’ creations, while a modern Hunter Cycles might be hanging out as well. The thing I can appreciate about what I’ve seen coming from MWC is all their bikes have the same modus operandi: fat tires, practicality and a stance that commands trail time. I mean, honestly, a vintage MTB is still an ideal touring bike and in a lot of ways, the bikes the MWC team are always building up are just “modern” vintage MTBs. Take for instance this Hunter Cycles from 2013 NAHBS in Denver. (more…)

Aug 22, 2017 24 comments
The Crust Bikes Nor’Easter Looks Damn Fine!

Photo from @JDGESUS

I gotta say, the latest frames Crust Bikes have been putting out have been damn fine bicycles. The Romanceur, Dreamer and now the Nor’Easter, pictured above are all exceptional. Yet, there’s something about this build in particular that has me drooling. It’s like a Rivendell that has disc brakes! More info to come…

Aug 18, 2017 13 comments
The Mosaic CT-1 City Bike with Shimano Metrea

For those looking for a sporty, stylish, titanium, made in Colorado city bike, Mosaic’s latest offering is for you. The CT-1 is a city bike built around Shimano’s Metrea groupset, complete with flat mount brakes, flat bars, appropriate gearing, fenders, flat pedals, stock sizing from XS to XL and natural corrosion-resistance thanks to the titanium tubeset. Mosaic stands by their bikes, with exceptional support and a six-week delivery promise. Head over to Mosaic to see more specs and click through below for more photos.


Aug 17, 2017 7 comments
Jay Petervary’s Dirty Dirty Tour Divide Salsa Cutthroat

I first met Jay Petervary back when Salsa took me on the Cutthroat launch on the Tour Divide. Admittedly, Jay was friendly, but you could tell there was apprehension. He was about to embark on the TDR on a new bike and had plenty of other things to think about, rather than making small talk with a photographer / blogger. I hadn’t seen Jay in years, until this year’s Saddle Drive when he greeted me with a smile and a firm handshake. Jay’s like that. He’s the nicest guy you’ll meet, but like all athletes, before a race, he’s reserved and focused. Catch him post-race or at a Salsa event and he’ll wax poetic tales of racing, or just shoot the shit in an intoxicatingly positive manner. The dude has a smile as big as his accolades.

After hearing that he brought this year’s TDR Cutthroat to Saddle Drive, I really wanted to photograph it. There’s something telling about a bike, all dusty and sated, that you just can’t get from documenting a show bike, or something that’s brand new. This bike has character and best of all displays Jay’s personal choice when it comes to products. Industry Nine wheels, a power meter and a mix of Salsa and Bike Bag Dude bags. There’s nothing overtly corporate or branded about this rig. It’s punk rock from a dude who has nothing to prove at this point in his career.

Jay, you keep on ramblin’ round the world, doing your thing and I’ll catch up to you again in the near future. High fives, buddy!

Aug 16, 2017 29 comments
Chris King’s Cielo to Cease Production

This was shocking news to me, but someone smarter than me once said “do what you’re good at” and I can see Chris King just wanting to shift all their energy on hubs, headsets and bottom brackets. Still, it makes me sad every time a framebuilding operation shuts down. Here’s the official news from Chris King:


We are quite proud of the product that Cielo has produced over the years and are honored by those who ride our frames. We are suspending Cielo indefinitely to focus our attention on Chris King Precision Components core product families (headsets, bottom brackets, and hubs).

We will continue to support the Cielo warranty and will fulfill any outstanding orders. For any questions, email [email protected]

Cielo will always live on here, on the Radavist, so check out some of the archives on the Related column to the left.

Aug 16, 2017 6 comments
Golden Saddle Rides: My Twilight Yellow Stinner Tunnel 27.5+ Hardtail

Hello, my name is John and I’m a hardtail addict. I’m not sure when or where it began, but when framebuilders send me bikes to review, specifically hardtail mountain bikes, I tend to want to buy the framesets from them. Most recently, this Stinner Frameworks Tunnel 27.5+ bike, which I reviewed a little while back when it was built with Box Components and Magura products.

Coming from my stout and solid Retrotec, the Stinner offered a much lighter, zippier feel. It wasn’t necessarily a better ride, just a different one. One that I liked a lot, save for one major – to me at least – flaw: it only had one water bottle mount on the inside triangle. (more…)

Aug 15, 2017 44 comments
Ethan’s Tahoe Rim Trail Salsa Timberjack

Eathan’s Tahoe Rim Trail Salsa Timberjack
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

“Fresh of an 8 week collarbone recovery, I felt the call of the woods and passing up the spectacular views and world class trail that the TRT has to offer just wasn’t an option. 4 day and 170miles with some of the best riding and hardest Hike-a-bikes, I circumnavigated my way around Lake Tahoe to Northstar for the Kick off of another rad Saddledrive! Covering some 24,000 feet of elevation gain left quit a toll on not only my body but also my gear. TJ was the perfect choice, confident on the descents and still perfectly at home loaded down. And though I may have push it up more trail then I would have liked I can’t think of a better way to spend 3 nights under the stars!” – Ehtan Frey

We’ve all been there, the feeling of spending time off of your bike, when its all you want to be doing, sometimes it can be the daily grind, or some thing outside of your control, like breaking your collarbone.  Ethan defintiely made the most of the time before Saddle Drive this year, he took his custom timberjack, outfitted with everything he would need to naviage the TRT.  After I talked to Ethan about his trip he said if he had the choice he would do it over with a dual sus bike.  The combination of a dead silent Onyx Hub, Whisky Carbon Rims, and a SRAM Eagle build peg this as anything but stock, to me its really cool to see how a stock bike could be transformed over time as your riding styles change.  From the trail to the tour this Timberjack is ready for anything, and Ethan proves that bicycles are the best medicine!


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Aug 10, 2017 22 comments
Leave it on the Road and the Big Lap

To honor Bill Brady and to fight cancer, Leave it on the Road gets ready for this year’s big trip:

Leave It On The Road is proud to present another epic cancer-fighting ride. Beginning Sunday August 6, 2017 six riders will ride 1000 miles in 10 days around Ireland in honor of Conor Brady’s father Bill, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2013. Bill’s racing career evolved into a love for multi-day rides, the most ambitious of which he called The Big Lap. We are honored to recreate this ride with Conor and share the story with you on Instagram. ”

And of course, they get to ride these sweet Speedvagens. Check out more photos below. (more…)

Aug 8, 2017 3 comments
Crystal’s Gunnar Not-So-Roadie – Jarrod Bunk

Crystal’s Gunnar Not-So-Roadie
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

I still remember seeing this frame when I was in District Bicycles this March at the Land Run. You remember that story, right? The muddy as all hell race where I couldn’t feel my hands or feet? Well, anyway, I was at District and I asked, when is that thing going to get built?  I was told it had been there a while, like three years a while.  

Crystal, Bobby’s wife and co-owner / operator of District made the jump to get this built just a few days before Saddle Drive this year, test ride around the block and boxed up for a trip from Oakland California, to Saddle Drive near Truckee.  The 300-ish mile trip took Crystal on some pretty beautiful roads on her way to NorCal over three days. 

During my visit to District Bicycles I felt like Crystal was the glue of the operation and it was great to see her break in this beautiful Gunnar on such an epic journey. Next year, the whole Radavist team needs to make an appearance at the Land Run… Til then, thanks to District for the constant stoke!


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Aug 7, 2017 17 comments