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Martyn Ashton is Back On Track

We’ve all been there before. A wreck keeps us from riding our bikes, yet few of us have sustained injuries like professional mountain biker Martyn Ashton. Back in 2013 Martyn took a spill while shooting video for Road Bike Party, damaging his spine and has finally gotten back to riding shape. Here’s his triumphant return…

Jul 2, 2015 5 comments
In the Know

SRAM ups the flow ante with Troy Brosnan as he blasts through some wicked steep trails with ease and style.

Jul 1, 2015 No comments yet
Strava Says Ride With Us

To the pizza shop! Or maybe the coffee shop? Kidding, of course. Here’s a nice video from Strava featuring some unique views from around the globe.

Jun 30, 2015 4 comments
Shreddin’ in the Deep South

The South has some amazing trail networks, including Coldwater Mountain in Anniston, Alabama. Eric Porter and Cody Kelley spent a week there, ripping the ribbons of deep south dirt, eating grits and biscuits, all while soaking in the rich culture. Makes me want to road trip!

Jun 30, 2015 2 comments