Preorders are Open For the RiG’d Supply RambleSwing: Reviewing the First Bike Rack Swingout with 300lb Capacity


Preorders are Open For the RiG’d Supply RambleSwing: Reviewing the First Bike Rack Swingout with 300lb Capacity

Known for the Ultraswing spare tire and accessory swing out, in addition to the RambleRack bike rack, Southern California-based RiG’d Supply makes hitch racks that are burly enough for off-road use, yet convenient and intuitive for everything else. Today, RiG’d announced a preorder for their newest product, the RambleSwing, which is the first swingout for bike racks we’ve seen to boast a 300-pound carrying capacity in addition to a list of other clever features. Josh got his hands on a prototype RambleSwing a few weeks ago and, below, offers a look at some highlights and fitment considerations using his F-150 and 1UP USA Super Duty 4-bike rack.

Last winter when I reviewed the 1UP Recon vertical bike rack with the RakAttach 2.0, I mentioned that I would follow up with a swingout roundup. Swingouts can accentuate inherent problematic aspects of racks themselves, thus eliminating movement in the swingout/vehicle connection is an important step in stabilizing the entire system. The RakAttach and Kuat Pivot V2 that I had used didn’t isolate wobble enough for me to feel comfortable using them as a long-term solution with the Recon or my 4-bike 1UP Super Duty. And, spoiler alert, I wondered if my expectations were simply unrealistic. I’m still putting that article together, but RiG’d have thrown an exciting new product into the mix – the RambleSwing.

The RambleSwing slots into 2″ receivers using the same wedge system as the UltraSwing and RambleRack. Its two-position receiver accepts any 2″ hitch-mounted bike rack and, at 27″ total closed width, I can slide the 1UP rack into the inboard lock position while still clearing the tailgate of my 2019 F-150 with the rack in its upright position.

Those with wider vehicles or different rear door situations should check fitment specs.

However, this new swingout’s most notable features are its 300lb carrying capacity and its fully symmetrical construction allowing it to flip and open on either the driver or passenger side. I suspect the recent popularity of heavy bikes like e-MTBs inspired RiG’d to achieve a higher weight limit than most other swingouts on the market (which typically max out at 250 lbs.)

But it’s also great for folks like me that want to carry four or five “normal” bikes and have the convenience of a swingout while traveling rough roads. For more on why I think a swingout is necessary for my vehicle situation, check out my Recon Rack review.

RambleSwing Features

  • In-Line-Design: RambleSwing’s in-line design creates the stiffest possible connection of the two arms, sandwiched by a set of Delrin® glide plates to ensure easy closure even when loaded with 300 lbs.
  • FlipFlop™ Technology: FlipFlop technology allows for swinging open to the left (driver side) or right (passenger side) simply by installing it into the hitch your preferred direction.
  • Wobble-Free™: Features the same proven wobble-free wedge system as UltraSwing to eliminate all movement in the vehicle’s hitch.
  • The Ultimate Latch: Patented bike grip-handled 500 lb compression latch
  • Integrated Step: Both sides have integrated steps for easy access to the vehicle
  • Battleship Grip: The integrated step utilizes a super-durable Jessup® grip tape originally developed for use on the decks of battleships to ensure maximum grip and a very long life lived in the elements.


  • 300 lb max load rating
  • Compatible with all 2″ hitch-mounted bike racks
  • 90° and 120° locking open positions
  • RambleSwing weight: 60 lbs
  • Total width closed: 27″
  • Zinc-rich primed and black semi-gloss powder coated

Like all other RiG’d products, the RamblSwing is made in the USA and backed by their Ramble for Life Warranty. RambleSwing preorders are open now for $799 over at RiG’d Supply with expected shipping in August 2023. And stay tuned for my swingout roundup review later this summer.

See more at RiG’d Supply.