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Sverigetempot: Length of Sweden Premiere in Los Angeles

After months of compiling and editing footage, the boys at Ertzui have finished their documentary on the Svertigotempot brevet we documented last year. If you’re in Los Angeles, please join us for the Length of Sweden Premiere at XIX Studios, along with a photo show from the brevet.

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This Weekend in Portland! Velo Cirque: Modern & Vintage Bike Show at Velo Cult

Got a fancy custom bike? Bring it on down to Velo Cult in Portland this weekend for the Velo Cirque: Modern & Vintage Bike Show. The show will go on Saturday, which features vintage custom bikes before 1990 and Sunday, which feature any custom bike from 3pm – 8pm with a 10am vintage ride on Saturday before the show. It’ll cost you $5 to attend the show, unless you’re bringing a bike to display. Along with vintage bikes, featured builders will include Breadwinner, Belladonna, Littleford, Ti Cycles, Norther, and many more!

*Participants that will be showcasing their bike may only bring one bike and must bring a bike stand. Displaying for the Modern Frame Show must be built by a custom frame builder; no production or semi-production frame. Otherwise, all types of bikes are acceptable. Classic Frame Show displays must be made by custom frame builder before 1990.

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The 2016 Philly Bike Expo Mega Jawn Gallery – Jarrod Bunk

The 2016 Philly Bike Expo Mega Jawn Gallery
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

I was happy to be able to attend the Philly Bike Expo this year, albeit only for a short period of time. There were so many gorgeous bikes from awesome craftspeople I could’ve only wished for more time at the show, but prior engagements had me out of there a bit earlier than I would have liked. There was so much to see, and it really was bigger than I expected going into it. That being said I was able to capture a few bikes that I really liked, but didn’t get any face time with other builders that I would have loved to. Next year if I am able to make it out I’m going to make sure to not have any time constraints. I feel like this event is going to only grow, which for me as someone who lives in PA, makes me extremely happy.


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The Tour de Melburn: Australia’s Summer Time Fun Ride

This sounds like a lot of fun! From the minds that bring you Melburn Roobaix each year comes the Tour de Melburn:

“After a decade of pounding the pavé during the coldest and wettest month of the year – the Tour de Melburn is a summery twist on the cobbled classic – Melburn Roobaix. Inspired by the big bike race in France, FYXO is injecting all the fun and festive spirit – without the racing. Just like the other Tour, riders will ride in teams of two covering all points of the compass, using their brains in the pursuit of glory. Teams accumulate time bonuses for finding Melburn landmarks, far and wide, high and low. The teams with the most time bonuses up their sleeves will be awarded limited edition Yellow, Green and Polka Dot jerseys.

A Grandest Prize will be raffled to any team that makes it to the finish by days end just for enjoying the day with us – whether they make it first or last, with a musette full of points or none. The inaugural year is one not to be missed.

Vive Le Tour!”

See more and register at the Tour de Melburn!

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The Rock Lobster Cup Strikes Back

Usually the sequel doesn’t stack up to the original, yet the consensus I gathered at the Rock Lobster Cup II was that this year’s event was way harder and way more fun. Or maybe just way harder. Having only raced the sequel, I can’t say for sure, but having not raced ‘cross for two years, It was all I could have asked for and more. (more…)

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Mission Workshop: Ride + Q + A with Curtis Inglis of Retrotec

Curtis is the best and these series from MW are always a lot of fun… Here’s the scoop!

“Join us on October 22nd for an evening with Curtis Inglis of Retrotec Cycles. Hear about his 25 years building bikes, SSWC08, restoring British cars, and everything in between. We’ll kick things off with a ride* leaving the shop at 12:30 pm and return to beers and tacos starting around 5:30 pm, with Curtis taking the stage at 6:00 pm.

*The ride: It’s a cyclocross ride. Bring a cyclocross bike and extra tubes (a road bike won’t cut it). There will be rocks and singletrack with the route sometimes erring on the mountain bike side of the spectrum. We’ll be riding in the east bay. Bring some cash for a BART ticket or meet at Rockridge station at 1:00 pm. Not to be missed. Here’s the route.”

RSVP for the event so Mission Workshop has an estimate for attendance.

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