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The Argonaut Test Flight Program is Coming to Los Angeles on March 10th-11th

On March 10th and the 11th, Argonaut Cycles will be holding their test launch event in Los Angeles. The exact location of the event will be announced via email to those who register.

So what is a Test Flight?

“A Test Flight is where you can test out an Argonaut and find out first hand what ride quality really means. Each bike is equipped with Dura-Ace Di2 Hydro components and ENVE 3.4 / Chris King disc wheels. Take a spin, then schedule a fitting and get your bike in our build queue. When you register for a test flight we’ll have a bike waiting for you with the fit adjusted to your measurements. Take a 45 – 60 minute ride around a predetermined route, then take some time to talk one on one about the ride, and how we can make one tailored for you.

Registration will close at 12pm on February 26th. To ensure everyone is able to ride the size and configuration they need, fill out the form online and we’ll email you with the time of your test ride. Test Flights will be on Saturday March 10th, with a group ride and fittings on Sunday March 11th.”

Best of all, this is FREE! Register at Argonaut Cycles.

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The Oregon Timber Trail 2018 Calendar

Photos by Gabe Tiller

The Oregon Timber Trail has a lot of activities planned for 2018:

“It’s the new year and we’re gearing up for a busy twelve months on the Oregon Timber Trail. A lot of you have been asking about our popular Stewardship Campouts and Sawyer Certifications so we’ve been busy getting all our ducks in a row. Here is our 2018 calendar of events covering a broad spectrum from cooking in the backcountry, to slideshows, to weekend-long certifications and remote trail stewardship events. We hope to share these inspiring and educational experiences with you. ”

Check out all the details at the Oregon Timber Trail and don’t miss their 2017 accomplishments.

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Bikepacking Round Up

This looks like it’ll be right up YOUR alley!

“Like to ride bikes and sleep outside?
Us too lets hang out!

Bikepacking Roots is devoted to supporting the bikepacking community, and we want more folks involved. Join your fellow Bay Area bikepacking kooks to swap stories, share routes, and brainstorm ideas for what we would like to see happen in 2018.

Afterward, a few folks will be heading out for a lil s24o ride to Anthony Chabot for camping, continued conversation and seasonally appropriate beverages. BYO bike/gear/lights to the talk, we will head out right from Lucky Duck*

Bikepacking Roots is a new non-profit organization founded by long-time bikepackers with the mission of increasing the availability of and access to the bikepacking experience and the conservation of the landscapes through which we ride.

*The s24o is not an official ride/event. Ride at your own risk. Safety first. Blah blah blah…”

Check out the event’s details at Facebook!

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2017 Philly Bike Expo: Gallus Cycles Rando Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Gallus Cycles Rando Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Jeremy from Gallus Cycles brought his personal randonneur bike painted in vintage Ford Playboy Pink, by Black Magic Paint.  It features some fresh details, including a front rack with detachable low riders and a quick release decaleur, all made by Jeremy. A SON connector-less dyanamo hub provides power to both front and rear lights via internal wire routing.

Built with a mix of NOS Suntour XC Sport Components, Paul Component Racer Brakes, and a René Herse cranks this S&S Coupled masterpiece can go anywhere and have fun while you’re there.  Jeremy built this bike up leading into Philly Bike Expo this year and was even able to get some quality time on it before the show.


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2017 Philly Bike Expo: Peacock Groove Track Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Peacock Groove Track Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Going into Philly Bike Expo I was looking forward to seeing what Eric Noren of Peacock Groove brought, especially since he brought the peoples choice bike last year. This S&S Coupled track bike, was on display having just been ridden to a second place at Madison Nationals by Tiana Johnson, did not let me down!

This bike featured a HED Jet 9 wheelset, one of Noren’s own Peacock Groove headsets and some of the wildest splatter paint, all finished off with Peacock Groove’s signature dropouts. There’s one thing for sure, the Liberace of bike builders didn’t let me down this year.


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2017 Philly Bike Expo: Winter Bicycles All Weather Commuter – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Winter Bicycles All Weather Commuter
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Eric Estlund, master metal manipulator of Winter Bicycles makes beautiful frames, racks and stems by hand, one-at-a-time in his central Pennsylvania headquarters.  Designed around his concept that you should be able to ride all year long, in all weather this commuter bike was built with a matching set of Winter-built-racks front and rear, fillet-brazed stem and a color matched Ruth Works Ultralight Porteur bag.

With durability in mind for daily commuting, Eric built a White Industries/SON wheelset and mounted some fenders.  The frame was built with direct mount Paul Racer brakes in mind and finished with some beautiful top eyes, all filed by hand, coming into the Philly Bike Expo.  I think this bike is a great example of an everyday workhorse of a bicycle that is both utilitarian and elegant at the same time.


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2017 Philly Bike Expo: Pedalino CNC-Fillet Cross Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Pedalino CNC-Fillet Cross Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Julie Ann Pedalino spent ten years working as a fine artist, making a switch over to building bikes some time ago. From a distance, the Spray-Bike paint job pulls you in and from there, her CNC-fillet lugs (which change with every one of her creations) draw you in closer on the bike. These lugs are wild, with some details that are hand carved further.

It isn’t just a show bike, even with all of the exposed ornate lugs it will be getting raced this year Elizabeth Reinkordt as a tribute bike to her family with 3 generations of cyclists, going back to her grandmother, who was touring by bicycle in the 1940s. While on display at Philly Bike Expo, there was a storyboard with some photos of the tour. The lugs and the colors of the bike draw inspiration from the wildflowers and sunset of her home state, Nebraska.  With a mix of  SRAM Force 1, Thomson cockpit, and some polished adornments from Paul Component by way of their Set N’ Forget through axles and QR seat collar, you can bet that this bike will be around for seasons of abuse.



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2017 Philly Bike Expo: Richard Sachs Candy Red Road Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Richard Sachs Candy Red Road Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

I remember this first time I had heard about Richard Sachs and his work.  I was 16,  flipping through some cycling magazines and a co-worker of mine at the time,  Em ( a much older and wiser person with over 30 years experience in the industry) told me to put them down and learn about Richard Sachs, stating that a Richard Sachs would be the only bike she could love.

This romanticised bikes in a way for me and I began to appreciate bikes with a bit more panache than the mountain bikes I grew up riding.  Fast forward a few years, and I’ve seen many bikes,  but this candy red Richard Sachs caught my eye from across the PBE show floor.  From the symmetric headtube logo to the dropouts, to one of the most beautiful seat-tube clusters.  I am blown away by just how beautiful each detail is up close.  The bike as a whole is a work of art and elegance, from a builder that we are lucky enough to experience in this lifetime. ATMO


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2017 Philly Bike Expo: Mars Cycles JRA Approved Track Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Mars Cycles JRA Approved Track Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

David from the Bay Area contacted Casey Sussman over at Mars Cycles (Featured here during NAHBS) for this rad track bike!  Built for everyday commuting, from Columbus Zona double OS tubing, and featuring a wrap-around seat stay cluster that morphs into the ISP with a Ritchey topper, this bike is far from ordinary.

The Deluxe 840mm Ti bar stem combo along with 45mm deep carbon Deluxe wheels should make for some fun rips through traffic on this JRA approved track bike. Other details include an ENVE fork and a Columbus tapered headtube with raw, un-filed fillet construction throughout.  I’m so stoked on the stance of this bike.



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