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the 2016 Three Peaks

Here’s a video about Three Peaks, a cyclocross race in Yorkshire. It includes an interview with Paul Oldham, a two-time winner of the event about why this race in particular has such a cult-like following.

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Mike Truelove

Sigma, like Zeiss, have been pushing their new cine lenses by pointing them towards cycling. Here Mike Truelove, a MTB frame builder in Squamish, Canada gets some exposure.

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Bombtrack at the Tuscany Trail

This looks like a beast of a trip!

“Clement Stawicki (France) and Joachim Rosenlund (Norway) competing the world’s biggest bikepacking race – the “Tuscany Trail” (Italy). An unsupported bike adventure race of 560km distance, 11.000m of elevation and 530 competing starters. Clem and Joachim both achieved a great 15th out of all riders – but somehow it seems it’s far more about the experience than the actual result.”

See more at Bombtrack.

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