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Showers Pass: Body Mapped Baselayers for Men and Women

Merino wool by itself is one of the best materials for cycling, year round. Add modal, nylon and spandex to it and suddenly you’ve got a form fitting, durable and stretchy garment. Perfect for a base layer.

The Showers Pass Body-Mapped Baselayer is first and foremost that: a baselayer that stretches to your body’s contours. Yet add it to the Showers Pass jacket line and you’ll find the ventilation areas match up, allowing excess heat in areas where you sweat to be released, keeping your winter rides more comfortable. At least in your torso.

See more at Showers Pass.

Nov 19, 2014 1 comment
God and Famous Paincave Overshoe

I love a good overshoe design and what better reminder that it’s cold out, than a bunch of little paincave emojis crying all over your feet? I feel you guys… Pick up a pair of Paincave Overshoes at God and Famous.

Nov 17, 2014 1 comment
Velocio’s Zero Bundle

New Hampshire’s Velocio knows a thing or two about cold weather riding and apparel for women. That’s why they’re bundling up their Zero Jacket and Zero Bib Tights in a package that rakes in 15% of total savings.

Head to Velocio to see more.

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Café du Cycliste’s Fall and Winter Collection

Fall is my favorite riding season, particularly because of the apparel offerings and layering options. There’s nothing like climbing for hours, stripping layers to descend in the brisk, chilly air wearing a favorite jacket.

With each year’s season change come new offerings from brands, one of which I’ve been really enjoying is Café du Cycliste. They just launched their fall / winter 2014 lookbook and it’s looking great.

See the 2014 Fall / Winter Lookbook at Café du Cycliste and their entire line at their web shop.

Also, see a few more photos below.


Oct 21, 2014 1 comment
Chrome is Ready for Fall

Like it or not, fall is here and apparel companies everywhere are “launching” their autumn lineup. The hues for the year are orange, greys and browns. Not much has changed in the outerwear industry, in terms of these colors, but one thing’s for sure, cycling companies have bitten the bullet and begun to match their offerings with classic silhouettes, reminiscent of yesteryear’s garments. Personally, I’m into it. Especially with all these urban hobos riding around on this website.

Check out the newest offerings from Chrome below!


Sep 24, 2014 1 comment
Le Coq Sportif: Fall Winter 2014 Lookbook

Cycling apparel designer le Coq Sportif just launched their fall winter 2014 lookbook and all I can think is that summer’s just begun. The brand has really stepped up their technical apparel and accessories, while maintaining their classics. Head over to le Coq Sportif to see their forthcoming offerings.

Jul 22, 2014 2 comments
Outlier: Women’s Merino Racerback Tank

This ain’t your boyfriend’s tank top. This is a tailored garment, made from the finest merino wool and sewn in New York City. Outlier needs no introduction, but their women’s clothing does. Head over to Outlier to check out the latest garments.

It’s spring and when I go camping, I’m always bringing Outlier’s clothes with me!

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