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Stoemper Smash

Macro photography is a delicate art and while I prefer to err on the “stopped down” side of things, sometimes a shallow depth of field works, especially in a controlled lighting environment like a studio. Flickr user Twenty Tree has just uploaded a photoset of this Stoemper ‘Cross bike shot against a black backdrop and my favorite photo is of the head badge. Head over to Twenty Tree’s Flickr to see more.

Mar 2, 2015 8 comments
Above Category: Baum Turanti

There’s something so boss about an oversized titanium frame, especially with Baum‘s own unique selection. It looks like you can throw anything at it. Dirt rides down fire roads and cross races beware! This Turanti from Above Category fits the bill, right down to that blue paint and red anodized components. Check out more of this Bike of the Week at Above Category.

Feb 27, 2015 5 comments
A Pedalers Fork Argonaut Cycles Road with Dura Ace
Pedalers Fork Argonaut Road with Dura Ace

When the team at Pedalers Fork became a dealer for Argonaut Cycles, they needed a bike that would operate as both an advertisement and a floor model / test bike for interested clients. While I love my matte-black Argo, stealth is not the best at advertising for the brand, so Gideon at Pedalers Fork cooked up a purple, flashy, chevron-inspired design for painter Eric Dungey to get to work on.

Since this particular model will be a test bike for inquiring customers, Pedalers Fork chose the traditional seatpost spec, rather than an ISP. The result is a flashy, yet classic stance with the brand’s name in bright silver on the downtube. With a painted PRO stem, a blue King, a purple seatpost collar, Mavic 125ans wheels and Dura Ace throughout, every detail has been considered… It’ll be sure to turn heads.

Feb 26, 2015 19 comments
NAHBS-Bound Curtis Inglis Retrotec Backroads Bike

Inspired by the Bel Airs of the 1950’s, this backroads Retrotec is remarkably as easy on the eyes as I’d imagine it’d be on washboarded gravel roads. With clearances for a 45mm tire, this build included hydro Di2, the new Whisky No.9 CX fork with fender mounts and one of those nifty Brooks Cambium saddles.

You’ll also spy 2 winchester shells in the bar ends, with special meaning to the owner, Matt, who works for QBP. Those shells shot his late gramps’ ashes into the woods. To further up the ante, the seat pack is one his wife’s gramps used in the Korean War to hold ammo. Matt uses these items to remind him how bad-ass his grandparents were… and it kinda puts the pain encountered while pedaling a bike into perspective.

Thanks to Marty Wood for the beautiful photos and the crew from Angry Catfish for help on the build.

We’ll be seeing this bike at NAHBS next month! Til then, check out more below!


Feb 25, 2015 23 comments
David’s Olive Stinner Frameworks Road
David's Stinner Road

To quote Tom Petty, “the waiting is the hardest part” and waiting for a custom frame isn’t easy by any means. Plenty of frame builders are so busy that their queue is up to over a year out. For Santa Barbara’s Stinner Frameworks, things have been slammed. New clients and a warm winter has kicked his queue into overdrive. Although, that’s not the only reason Aaron is busy. His bikes ain’t bad either!

David placed an order for a straight forward road bike 9 months ago and just picked it up. Since then, Aaron has hired extra help and reduced wait considerably.

I met David today and talked to him about his new bike a bit. Consensus: nothing but stoke! With Stinner’s Select Tubing, the bike will perform out in the hills surrounding the Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, where these photos were taken. David’s component choice round out the crazy sparkle olive paint: Force 22 and ENVE rims, matched with Thomson bits and Ritchey bars.

Ride safe, David!

Feb 24, 2015 25 comments
44 Bikes: Rohloff 29er

When I first came across this MTB on the 44 Bikes Instagram, I immediately was reminded of a 1980’s BMX frame. Turns out, this is for a man entering his retirement in Connecticut. The client approached Kris of 44 Bikes with a few ideas of what he wanted, pointing towards specific products like a Rohloff system, as well as a few color notes, but let Kris and painter Jay Nutini take over from there. The resulting design exudes speed, despite the upright riding position.

For the long term this bike is initially for rails to trail usage and buzzing around town, but it’s infused with true 44 Bikes trail shred-technology so when the client is ready to ride single track, the bike is waiting for him.

Check out more photos below, and follow 44 Bikes on Flickr!


Feb 23, 2015 12 comments
Independent Fabrication: Deluxe 29+ MTB

Phil runs the finishing department at Indy Fab, where recently, he was able to design, build and design the paint for his newest bike. This steel Deluxe MTB, built around a Paragon Machine Works chainstay yoke. This allows builders to have clearance for a 3″ 29er tire, along with ensuring chainrings and cranks will fit the stays, using a 68mm wide bottom bracket shell.

This Deluxe is rolling on Industry Nine hubs, Stans Hugo rims with the new Bontrager Chucacabra tires. Drivetrain is Sram X01 1×11 groupset with gripshifts and the bike is very stoppy thanks to the Avid BB7s mechanical disc brakes. Those 3″ tires fit just fine in the Bontrager carbon 29r fork, and Phil painted the Bontrager seatpost to match, along with the stem.

The color is PPG’s liquid crystal Candy Apple Red, with black on white decals. See more below!


Feb 21, 2015 29 comments
Winter Bicycles: Quiscale Touring Bike

Photos by Anthony Bareno

Eric from Winter Bicycles‘ newest bike to roll out from his shop is this gorgeous touring / randonee bike. The Quiscale is an all-rounder, meant for exploration, touring and is perfect for a daily rider. This frameset features thin lugs with accented window cuts and is built from traditional, classic diameter tubing. Accompanied by internally-routed lighting, fenders, custom racks – with removable low-riders – and specially-made RuthWorks bags.

The parts group is nothing short of choice with White Industries, Paul, Cane Creek and Shimano Ultegra, yet one of the cleanest details is the “French point” winter stem with bell mount.

The Quiscale’s class is elevated by Keith Anderson’s impeccable paint. See more at the Winter Flickr.

Feb 2, 2015 1 comment
Royal H Cycles: John’s Belt Drive Rohloff

Photos by Eric Baumann

Belt drive commuters make a lot of sense in cities like Boston and New York. Road grime, dirt, salt and other contaminates hardly effect the system and personally, it’s always interested in seeing this technology paired with a Rohloff on a custom steel bike.

Royal H Cycles keeps me tuned in and this recent project is maddeningly beautiful. See more of it at the Royal H Flickr!

Jan 29, 2015 8 comments