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Konga Bicycles Balance Bike

When Antti from Konga Bicycles‘ daughter wanted to learn to ride a bike he couldn’t just go out and buy her a balance bike he had to make her one. Granted he didn’t have to make her something this beautiful, but as both a builder and a father his creative ability and aesthetic eye got the best of him. This thing looks amazing with the sparkle powedercoat, segmented fork, Chris King and those curvy stays… Check out more photos below. (more…)

Oct 31, 2015 9 comments
Tyler’s Electric Mexican Blanket Sunday Driver Chromag Road Bike – Ross Measures
Tyler's Electric Mexican Blanket Sunday Driver Chromag Road Bike

Tyler’s Electric Mexican Blanket Sunday Driver Chromag Road Bike
Photos by Ross Measures, Words by Tyler Morland

The idea was simple: Create a “Sunday Driver” of sorts. I took inspiration from a bike I was currently riding and blended it with that taste I have for old Ritcheys. My dad has this old Ritchey Timberline comp and I always loved the Fillet brazing look and feel. So Ian Ritz at Chromag Bikes and I started the conversation and we talked about every detail. We used raw material that Chromag had in stock and used something that they have refined for a couple of years, like the drop outs and generally put it through the process that all Chromag frames go through. The head tube was machined in shop and follows the taper of the fork. A real pain in the ass to make. Then, we chose curved seat stays to give it that plush steel ride.

He had no idea it would be this long of a process and neither did I. We roped in Chris Dekerf for the internal routing and brazing. North Shore Billet for the machined parts and sent the completed frame in for a crazy paint job at Troy Lee Designs. I visit TLD once a year for various reasons and those guys are just a bunch of beauties. I’ve been part of the family over at TLD FOREVER and this was a great conversation with a legendary painter… Why not electric Mexican blanket?

The build kit was a no-brainer. That just goes with the territory – All SRAM everything. I still can’t decide if I go ZIPP 303 or 202.

Basically, its special and part of my weird collection… Forever.


Follow Ross on Instagram and follow Tyler on Instagram and special thanks to Morgan Taylor for coordinating this post!

Oct 29, 2015 35 comments
Above Category Visits Mosaic Cycles

Photos by Derek Yarra

Above Category continues to visit the places where their utmost talented suppliers build their frame. First with Pegoretti and now with Mosaic Cycles in Boulder, Colorado. Derek continues to document the space with beautiful simplicity, so if you’ve ever wondered what Mosaic looks like from the inside out, be sure to check out this feature over at the Above Category blog!

Oct 27, 2015 2 comments
Nick’s Rock Lobster Singlespeed ‘Cross
Nick's Rock Lobster Singlespeed 'Cross

Nick‘s new to town. Like myself and like myself, part of the draw that brought him to Los Angeles was the riding. Well, that and he got a job at Golden Saddle Cyclery. When his lady and he moved here, they opted to ship all of their bikes rather than bring them en tow.

Easy enough, right? Yeah until the shipping company crushes your beloved Rock Lobster singlespeed ‘cross bike’s steel fork! Yikes. After a back and forth with insurance, he was able to get Paul Sadoff to make him another fork. In the meantime, this ENVE will have to do….

While I’m not sure Nick will be racing this year, he will be enjoying all the dirt Los Angeles has to offer, right in his neighborhood.

Oct 26, 2015 20 comments
TiCycles #CarGoAway

Think you need a car? Think again…

“CarGoAway™ is Ti Cycles Fabrication’s platform of customizable cargo bike configurations, handbuilt in Portland, Oregon, USA. With options to carry up to 4 passengers, solar and dynamo battery charging systems, 300lb XL cargo area, clean and reliable belt drive, and electric assist motor, each bike is custom tailored, made to order.
Utilitarian. Green. Strong. Fun. Swift. #CarGoAway™”

Check out more at TiCycles.

Oct 25, 2015 7 comments
Steve Rex All Road
Steve Rex All Road

What’s this? Rim brakes? Yep. Steve Rex‘s submission to the Grinduro expo was the only bike that used traditional rim brakes and you know what? I like that. A lot. Especially when it comes to the stopping power of PAUL Minimotos. Steve chose White Industries T11 hubs to Pacenti rims, SRAM CX1 and even had some slick pinstriping added to the otherwise sleek and minimal frameset.

Void of ostentation, classic, timeless and ready to rip. Rex surely is king here…

Oct 25, 2015 11 comments
One on One with the Mosaic GS1 Disc All-Road
Mosaic GS1 Disc All-Road

Remember this one? From NAHBS? It was one of my favorites in the show. Everything about it just looked right. First impressions are everything you see and these days, with the whole bigger is better mentality about tire clearances, it was nice to see something embrace a modest tire so elegantly.

Mosaic‘s GS1 disc all-road bike is a custom steel or titanium frameset, offered by the Colorado-based frame builders.

Let me reiterate that: this is not a production model with stock sizing. It’s made with 100% custom geometry. A custom geometry ensures this bike will fit you like a tailored suit.

The GS1 is a road bike with disc brakes and room for around a 38mm tire. It has a road bottom-bracket drop (72.5mm) and a slightly slacker head tube than your average road frame (72.5º). Side note: I like how those two numbers match up so perfectly. The 420mm stays and 1033.5mm wheelbase can be best interpreted as smooth sailin’ down your favorite road, be it dirt or sealed. (more…)

Oct 22, 2015 21 comments
BAUM Cycles Tandemonium

Just in time for Halloween, this Baum Cycles Doppio tandem sure caught my attention. For whatever reason, tandems are everywhere I look these days. Take a look at more details on this beautiful bicycle at the Baum Flickr!

Oct 21, 2015 3 comments