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Golden Saddle Rides: Tom’s Moots Routt 45 is Ready To Rip

With a road geometry, clearance for a 45mm tire, longer stays and the zippy, lightweight feel of titanium, the Routt 45 is a contender for one of my favorite, production drop bar bike on the market. Over the years, we’ve seen Moots make large leaps out of the traditional, doctor and lawyer marketplace of high-end performance road machines into more back-country oriented exploration vehicle market. That’s not a great surprise either, as even the automotive and motorcycle markets have seen a shift from speed-centered experiences to more “adventure-driven” vehicles. People want to get out more, away from the crowds and away from the confines of asphalt-driven transportation. (more…)

Jan 26, 2018 49 comments
No Compromises: A Firefly Super Commuter

For some people, commuting by bicycle to work each day is the only time they’re assured time on the bike, so making those rides as enjoyable as possible is an added bonus. When it comes to Firefly, I can’t think of a better ride experience, so starting your day on something like this must be an extra special treat. Check out more at the Firefly Tumblr.

Jan 24, 2018 13 comments
FYXO: Black and Gold Speedvagen Road

Photo by Andy White

If you have an appetite for absurdly aesthetic cycling apparatus, do not miss this black and gold Speedvagen road, documented by FYXO.

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Passing Down a Unique Land Shark Track Frame

Jim C, one of the founders of Orange 20 and later, Cranky’s in Santa Barbara, held a swap meet sale at Golden Saddle Cyclery today, before moving out east. Jim brought along with him a unique Land Shark Time Shark frame. This frame was allegedly raced by Amanda Henry in the 1986 UCI track worlds in the Flying 250mm. While I can’t find any information on the bike, or Amanda Henry’s career online, Jim’s memory of this frame’s history will have to do.

The asymmetric seat stays were a common detail on these Time Sharks, as were custom stems, wild paint jobs, and beautifully-curved forks. A few more details of note include the Magic Motorcycle cranks, which were later purchased by Cannondale to become part of their Coda line. Check out that outboard bottom bracket! The home-made disc wheels are made from common plastic, mostly used in model airplane fuselage construction.

All in all, these “funny bike” designs are always a pleasure to document and admire. Jim passed this bike down to the team at the Cub House, so if you’re ever in their neighborhood, make sure you check it out. See more photos below. (more…)

Jan 20, 2018 3 comments
Ben Serotta Returns, Opens Serotta Design Studio

With over 40 years of framebuilding experience under his belt, Ben Serotta couldn’t keep away from the industry after Serotta closed its doors, a few years back. Just this week, Ben launched Serotta Design Studio with two flagship bikes, the Duetti – a disc all-road bike, and the aModoMio – a classic, do-it-all road bike with clearances for 28mm tires. There’s so much more to the story of Serotta Design Studio, so head over to their site to discover more.

Jan 11, 2018 11 comments
The Jones Titanium Spaceframe Plus LWB is Coming

Jones Bikes recently took everything that’s fun about their Spaceframe and added their LWB, or long wheelbase, geometry to it, resulting in a more “all-mountain” stance and handling. If you’ve never ridden a Jones before, there’s nothing like it and this new LWB looks to be the yin to the shorter wheelbase yang. Check out more details – and there are plenty! – at the Jones Blog!

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