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Ski Boys

This one’s filled with tons of randomness, yet there are some real gems to be had!

Feb 2, 2016 3 comments
How We Spent 2015 at the Radavist

2015 was life-changing for not only myself but for the Radavist, its authors and content. For the most part, the year felt like a giant ping-pong game as various stories brought me and the contributors of this website all over the globe. Luckily, the first major story unfolded in Austin, Texas so no traveling was necessary! Check out the Radavist’s 2015 Year in Review below! (more…)

Jan 4, 2016 15 comments
Peter Sagan Being Festive

Who knew Peter Sagan would have such a festive spirit around the holidays?

Dec 10, 2015 Comments are OFF
The Not Even Close to Being a Holiday Shopping Guide

This website is a resource for a lot of great cycling products. In fact, more of the collective time spent on the site than I’m willing to admit is spent scouring the internet or the products email inbox for unique, high-quality and when possible, made in the USA goods. Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten bombarded with “Black Friday,” “Cyber Monday,” and other sales. To the point where I decided not to do a traditional cycling-related holiday shopping guide. Instead, I’ll simply point out a few non-cycling related products that have caught my eye over the past few months.

I don’t want to encourage consumerism anymore than I feel like this site already does, but I do want to showcase a few products that a few of the contributors to the site, including myself have been more than happy with owning. Hell, some of these things are on my own wish list! Most are made in the USA but a few are not. Again this isn’t a cyclist’s holiday guide as much as it is a list of a few unique products that people you know might be interested in. There are only ten items, ranging from $3 to $500, so don’t expect too much of a surprise! (more…)

Dec 7, 2015 14 comments
Dirt Devil

My buddy Erik @hellhommus was in town this weekend for the Team Dream and Ringtail Cub House opening party. He’d been to Los Angeles before, but never rode in the Angeles National Forest, so while the group ride went up on road, we took a dirt detour. Dirtour?

It’s so dusty and dry here this fall, yet the wind has been remarkably still in the mountains. Still enough that Erik’s dusty trails just seemed to float there above the fireroad like some remnant of a smoke bomb.

I hope you guys got out and rode a lot this weekend, I know my legs are beat!

Dec 6, 2015 4 comments
Hump Day

Every Wednesday morning brings about the Los Angeles River Camp Coffee meet-up and this week, I was finally in town so my morning began there, around 7:30am. After dining on one of Nils’ delicious tacos (yes, he brought that stove on his cargo bike…) I headed out for a ride with Nick from Golden Saddle.

It was a pretty loosely planned morning with the Verdugos on our agenda. The problem with the Verdugos is, they’re so big that you can spend all day going up and down the fireroads and singletrack. Which is exactly what we did.

I didn’t think this was enough for a whole gallery, but I really wanted to share a few of these, so enjoy! (more…)

Nov 11, 2015 19 comments