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Hump Day

Every Wednesday morning brings about the Los Angeles River Camp Coffee meet-up and this week, I was finally in town so my morning began there, around 7:30am. After dining on one of Nils’ delicious tacos (yes, he brought that stove on his cargo bike…) I headed out for a ride with Nick from Golden Saddle.

It was a pretty loosely planned morning with the Verdugos on our agenda. The problem with the Verdugos is, they’re so big that you can spend all day going up and down the fireroads and singletrack. Which is exactly what we did.

I didn’t think this was enough for a whole gallery, but I really wanted to share a few of these, so enjoy! (more…)

Nov 11, 2015 19 comments
An Ode to the Cyclists of Austin

From 2010 ’til now, Austin has been the homebase for the Radavist. In that time a lot has changed both on this website and in the city itself. Austin has grown. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s outgrown itself however, it’s just opened up, unveiling new layers of idiosyncrasies. Like a flower in perpetual bloom, the cyclists in this city continue to reveal new and interesting perspectives on the one thing that unifies us all: the bicycle. (more…)

Sep 25, 2015 20 comments
That Was a Haul!

Yesterday, at 4am I packed up my ’96 Tacoma with a few essentials, two bikes, a cooler with Topo Chico and left for Los Angeles. I had originally planned on camping in Arizona, but decided to push through in one go. 21 hours later: one I-10 Sniper, a pack of almonds, four Topo Chicos, two of those horrible Starbucks canned coffees, salty pretzles, approximately $200 in gas and a tuna sandwich, I found myself in Los Angeles in my new home.

I still have another trip out planned at the end of the month with a UHaul packed with bikes, records and my office supplies, but the biggest emotional barrier has been hopped.

Thanks for understanding my business this week with the move. Things will pick up again next week, promise.


Sep 11, 2015 8 comments
Labels Out Or In?

Yesterday people got in a little debate about hub label orientation on Chris King hubs. So which way is it?

A few years ago, I asked Chris King and Jay Sycip which “way” the hub label should be facing on a King front hub. I had always heard the rider should be able to read the label and while most manufacturers agree, Chris King wanted the viewer of the bike to see his name.

One way to tell it was intentional: the cone adjustment is on the same side as the rear hub when you place the name facing out. So, technically, yes the hub is in the wrong orientation with the Stinner. Does it matter? No. Especially since the traditional way is facing in.

Sep 11, 2015 30 comments