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LA Dirt Rides: The Classic Strawberry Peak Loop

I often find it ironic that as city dwellers, we spend every waking moment finding ways to escape the very thing that draws us to the city itself. This could be a by-product of a technologically-dependant age, yet people have flocked to cities since this country’s very inception. A lot has changed since the early days of Los Angeles, where orange orchards would stretch for miles upon miles and the hillsides used to glow a bright green. It was before invasive plants took over the hillsides and long before human-error spawned ravenous, almost insatiable forest fires. Yet, here we are trying to make this thing we call civilization work, and at least in some capacity, coexist with the natural beauty that surrounds our unintentional urban sprawl.

The Angeles National Forest is my favorite place in Los Angeles County to get away from it all. Oftentimes that means ducking out of responsibilities, evading work, life and everything else that drives my existence in this plane of tarmac. Sometimes it takes heavy convincing, which in LA usually comes in the form of low-pressure systems and cold fronts. When the clouds are angry, the soil and thus, the trails are happy. It’s an experience not to be missed (more…)

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Nick Was High in LA on His Purple Haze 160mm Sklar Hardtail

Nick Was High in LA on His Purple Haze 160mm Sklar Hardtail
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by Nicholas Haig-Arack

I first met Adam Sklar a few years ago while riding bikes with a bunch of frame builder friends in Santa Cruz. I was impressed by the character of Sklar’s bikes – those flattened swoops are pretty sweet, can’t deny it – but it was Adam’s personality and lighthearted approach to riding that made me really appreciate his brand. Our paths crossed again in Moab for the most fun week ever and I was convinced that I wanted a bike from Adam. Fast-forward a few months and imagine my stoke when he asked me to do drawings for Sklar Bikes! Since then we’ve been cultivating a cross-country creative partnership, one that emphasizes creativity, exploration, and good times. (more…)

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LA Dirt Rides: the TGSCIF Ride in Cherry Canyon is Not to Be Missed

I know Friday morning group rides are tough for a lot of people to make, but for a group of freelancers and non-9 to 5’rs, the weekend’s riding schedule begins early with the TGSCIF rides. For those interesting in coming along, the group meets up at 7am at Intelligentsia coffee on Sunset Ave and leaves at 7:30am. For those who can’t make it, I do my best to document them, both photographically and on Strava, allowing you to take them on at your leisure. (more…)

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A Brief on Los Angeles Mountain Bike History with MWBA – Erik Hillard

A Brief on Los Angeles Mountain Bike History with MWBA
Words by Erik Hillard
Photos compiled by Erik Hillard from the MWBA Archives, on diplay now at Mission Workshop LA.

I rode my first mountain bike in the Santa Cruz Mountains while in high school and working at a bike shop in Salinas, CA. It was the early 1990s and by then, local hiking and equestrian anti-bike groups had prevailed and bikes were illegal on single track. There were few places to ride legally and I grew up with tremendous gratitude for legal trails when I found them.

Later I moved near Pasadena, CA and started to explore the adjacent Angeles National Forest. I was amazed at the miles of open trails for mountain bikes. How was access to this amazing forest preserved when so much of California single track was lost for mountain bikes in the 1990s? (more…)

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Work on That Trail This Weekend with Mission Workshop and MWBA

After the last trail work day on the Gabrielino Trail, I received texts, emails, messages and carrier pigeon notes asking when and how various people can learn about these work days. Well, here ya go. This Sunday, in Los Angeles, Mission Workshop and MWBA are kickin’ more ass on the Gabrielino Trail. Check out details at MWBA’s FB. We’ll see you there!

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The Argonaut Test Flight Program is Coming to Los Angeles on March 10th-11th

On March 10th and the 11th, Argonaut Cycles will be holding their test launch event in Los Angeles. The exact location of the event will be announced via email to those who register.

So what is a Test Flight?

“A Test Flight is where you can test out an Argonaut and find out first hand what ride quality really means. Each bike is equipped with Dura-Ace Di2 Hydro components and ENVE 3.4 / Chris King disc wheels. Take a spin, then schedule a fitting and get your bike in our build queue. When you register for a test flight we’ll have a bike waiting for you with the fit adjusted to your measurements. Take a 45 – 60 minute ride around a predetermined route, then take some time to talk one on one about the ride, and how we can make one tailored for you.

Registration will close at 12pm on February 26th. To ensure everyone is able to ride the size and configuration they need, fill out the form online and we’ll email you with the time of your test ride. Test Flights will be on Saturday March 10th, with a group ride and fittings on Sunday March 11th.”

Best of all, this is FREE! Register at Argonaut Cycles.

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Enjoy the Weekend!

Sending sunny love from Southern California to all y’all. Next week, we’re heading to colder weather in the Northeast for some pre-NAHBS fun.

See more below…


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