Junk Yard Doggin’ Around Los Angeles one Morning

All-City’s Junk Yard Dog, or JYD for short, is a do-all, hobo trail cuttin’, curb jibbin, bar or delivery bike, built with burliness in mind. I’ve seen various permutations of this bike floating around in my travels. Some people build it up as a delivery bike with a porteur rack, others a drop-bar monster cross like in Kyle’s case.

Kyle‘s had this frameset for a while now and the potential build always centered around the Salsa Woodchipper 2 bar. Those bars, paired with White Industries, Paul Mini Motos and Bruce Gordon Rock n Road tires results in one mean, yet fun around town bike.

On my last day in Los Angeles, I went on a ride with Kyle (who modeled the new All-City Big Gulp Kit) as we left from our favorite pre-ride spot, Intelli Coffee on Sunset and made our way through bum trails and city overlooks.

Check out photos of the quick jaunt as well as the JYD bike-check in the Gallery!

  • btdubs

    Such a great, simple set. Really exemplifies what you’d actually do on a JYD, roll around and have fun. Love it and the build Kyle put together.

    • Jamie McKeon

      i’m pretty sure rolling around and having fun is what you’re meant to do on every bike!!

  • barry mcwilliams

    I like everything about this gallery.

  • Love love love the paintjob and fork on the JYD, in fact it’s a mighty tempting bike overall. Great build that has the GSC / Grandpasaurus Rex signature all over it.
    Glad you highlighted component logos, should save all the ‘OMFG what ______ is that’ comments (even though they’re more of an Insta thing).
    OMFG I almost forgot to ask – What coffee spoon is that?

  • Roman DeShong

    Working as a mechanic and owning a JYD I can honestly say it is one of the most fun bikes I own. Really goes to show what you can do with a simple frameset. Love the build and digging the rad photos, wanting to get out there and tear up the streets!

  • Jeff, please make an XL and I will book one. Also please re-release it, cause hot damn this bike is good.

  • #3 is so rad!!!

  • Western Rapid

    I’m really tempted by those Bruce Gordons – does anybody know if they’ll fit an ENVE CX fork? I fear not…

    • Nope. :-(

    • Andrew Mc

      They fit the ENVE Disc CX fork. I run R&R’s with Crest rims on my buggy.


      • Western Rapid

        Dammit. I have the canti version.

  • Nice!

  • AsSeenOnOkra

    Great photos. Love the bike. Is that back tire on backwards (#17)?

    • Mounting a tire like the RockNRoad gives you more traction.

  • -Steven

    Big gulps huh? Alright… Welp, see ya later

    • thomasakelley

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  • cuppow

    I really love the look of the White Industries chainrings with the two holes on each spider ‘leg’ or ‘arm’ or whatever. The one I use for SSCX (40T) has three holes, pretty similarly sized. But on Kyle’s JYD and on the Vanilla below – the chainrings have the two drillings in different sizes and are SO much better lookin’

    Just chainring things ;-)

  • Harry

    Stupid question but what is a bum trail?

    • Mike Jandora

      DIY trails, probably leading to a hobo camp, littered with beer cans and used condoms.

  • scottmbobbitt
  • cork grips

    vest/road paint shot

  • Kyle Gostinger

    Hey John. I’ve been looking for a JYD frame for a while
    now. Know any alternative framesets for a similar build?

    • A vintage MTB frame… or a Redline Monocog? Not many modern bikes have v-brake / cantis

      • Kyle Gostinger

        Thanks. That’s what I’ve come down to as well.

    • Greg Biché

      the venerable old cross-check fits 45mm knobby in the rear, and a little more in the fork.

    • Óðinn

      Surly Ogre (29″) and Troll (26″) framesets are designed to be versatile and can be set up with drops bars and cantilever brakes.

  • Mike Jandora

    Do you know if there were any clearance issues with the crank arms? I have the same crank on my JYD and is pretty tight.

  • leeon

    it looks even better in person!!!!

  • marydhoope

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  • charlestwalker

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  • Andy

    Much air wow! I want woodchippers on my JYD now. But it’s my favorite bike just as it is and I don’t want to mess it up.