Robert’s All-City JYD Work Bike

The All-City Junkyard Dog, or JYD for short, was a limited edition release due to its relatively unique use. A singlespeed mountain bike frame with canti mounts may not be at the top of your list of bikes to own, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a blast to ride. These frames really are unique. They’ll take a 2.35 tire, feature a segmented fork and are non-suspension corrected. In fact, they remind me a lot of my Indy Fab 29’r.

A lot of bike messengers use old mountain bikes with porteur racks for deliveries. They’re a bit lower trail than a road or cross bike, so they’ll handle better when loaded and they fit a bigger tire to keep the ride smooth over the rough terrain you can experience in cities like Los Angeles.

Robert runs Chicken Hawk Courier in LA and he delivers a lot of food to the guys at Golden Saddle Cyclery, where he bought his JYD frameset, Nitto bars and PAUL Flatbed Rack. To make delivering food easier, Yanco made Robert a custom porteur roll-top bag.

The build is functional, yet stylish and as soon as Robert rolled it through the doors of GSC, I had to shoot photos of it…

  • Tyler Morin

    Hot damn! This is a sweet ride!

  • Love this! The fork is especially nice, I hope A-C consider selling it separately.

    • It’s such a specific niche though. A non-sus corrected fork will only work on a non-sus corrected bike and most bikes from that era are 1″

      • I think we cyclists are becoming increasingly specific as time goes by!

        • Yeah, for sure, but it’s not like All-City can make a couple of forks. That’s what your local frame builder is for. :-)

      • A 26″ suspension corrected fork works well with a 29er wheel if you can find the right one. But yeah, the non-suspension corrected frame is always an issue. This is why I love my Ragley TD:1 so much. Rigid specific isn’t that niche IMO, but it definitely limits your options down the road so frame makers don’t do it very often.

  • hans

    really dig those bikes; shredding, pure and simple. this is a great set up. oh yeah, and Robert is a super cool dude!

  • Andrew Deane

    You listed the max tire size as 2.3 yet the MAXXIS ARDENTs on that beast are 2.4. Are they simply a narrow 2.4 or is that a typo? I ask b/c My rig has clearance issues above 2.3 and I have been wanting to try the gum wall 2.4 ardents.

    • I’m just relaying what All-City’s specs report.

      • Andrew Deane

        No problem. I was just wondering if they were one of those tires that ran a bit smaller than the stated size (and therefore might fit my narrow rear triangle).

        • boomforeal

          on the contrary, the ardent has a really high volume casing for its stated size – especially for a maxxis tire!

    • Mark Reimer

      The Ardent’s here say 2.25 on the sidewall..

      • Andrew Deane

        The front is a 2.4. I didn’t realize the rear was smaller. Thanks

  • Alex Steinker

    Sweet build. Not my bike, but i likely would have built that bike with a Motolite out back. Seems like a lot of unnecessary hardware with the current set-up.

  • Area45

    That’s a rad bike. And that donut stem cap!

  • Fizzle

    Worst rack ever

    • arlcyclist

      Not agreeing or disagreeing but I’m curious to know the basis of your claim?

    • thebennonite

      I can’t quite make such a strong statement on the issue, but the design has always made me scratch my head. I have to wonder about rigidity of those S-bend struts.

    • CW

      The rack does has a relatively light maximum load capacity and is made out of lightweight aluminum tubing, not steel. Both of which would seem like bad qualities for a high abuse work item. Maybe that is what he is getting at?

      • Sebastian

        Yeah, I agree with the sentiment, if not the tone. CETMAs are the gold standard in couriering for a reason.

    • boomforeal

      agreed. looks funky, but can’t carry a fart without weaving like a drunk

      • You’ve more than likely got a porteur rack on a bike that’s not designed to carry a front load.

        “can’t carry” – weird. This dude carries shit all day on it. Maybe it’s user-error.

        • boomforeal

          you like to make all kind of assumptions about me

          in 2007 i had an article published about rake and trail. i had to write it based on research and theory, because few people were playing around with or building forks of different rakes/offsets, and front racks weren’t a thing yet

          i was pretty excited a year later when a friend and local shop owner showed me his paul rack, the same one pictured above – i would actually get to try the idea of front load out! but as he warned me, the rack did not deal well with any type of “load” (he had about 10 pounds of dry laundry strapped down) – it was too lightly built, and the mounting was poorly executed; it wobbled and weaved alarmingly

          so, that’s where that comment came from (informed also by anecdotes from a few riders i know who bought them and were disappointed). maybe it works well enough for your man – couriering on a single speed with mountain bike tires and an ass-hatchet saddle, he doesn’t seem overly concerned with practicality – but in my experience its not a very functional piece of kit

          • I was just reacting to your other comment where you called me out for saying “never”. If you say “can’t carry” that means it’s unable to. That’s all.

          • boomforeal

            you took my comment literally?

            here’s my porteur by the way. i’ll let you guess how well it handles a front load

          • Ha! It’s the internet!

          • boomforeal

            grips are for pussies

  • tripleD

    Anyone know the maker of that stem/bar combo? It looks so sweet, as does the whole bike

  • Jammin!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    That is a pretty swanko Yanco!

  • Peter

    what’s up with that rear brake hanger?

    • stringa

      Seriously. My JYD came with a seat binder bolt mounted one.

    • It’s a PAUL Funky Monkey. Usually stiffer than standard hangers.

    • Danny B

      Nothing wrong with the hanger itself but the mounting looks stoopid. Obviously its there’s too little space between seat collar and brake bosses to run cantis effectively. The owner should run Hunter Nugz, and route the cable via a hole drilled through the frame and seatpost – à la Rene Herse – or, more easily, swap the brakes out for Vs.

      my 2c

    • kt

      Run it.

    • Theodor Rzad

      Seems like the Paul hanger’s stiffness makes the bad brake geometry at least kind of work. I’d be interested to hear the owner’s take on of the brake feels.

      Aside from running a v-brake or a Rene Herse-style mod, other solutions involve the frame builder: 1) add u-brake/centerpull studs on the underside of the seat stay and a housing stop underneath the top tube ahead of the seat tube then run the straddle cable long enough to clear the seat tube, or 2) braze on an extension to the seat tube to provide a cable path parallel to the seat stay.

      Several different ways to solve this (should the owner feel the need!)… I’d imagine All-City assumed v-brakes judging by the top tube housing boss.

  • Jamie McKeon


  • Peter DiAntoni

    Chiming in from Milwaukee…Love this bike, but knobby tires on the streets of LA?? And maybe this goes with LA (always sunny), but no fenders on a food delivery bike?

    • He rides dirt (found everywhere in LA) en route to jobs and it just rained in LA, for the first time in over a year.

      • Peter DiAntoni


        • Morgan Taylor

          Ardents are a fast-rolling knobby too. Lots of shallow, firm knobs down the center.

  • Harry

    These more “eccentric” bikes are always my favorite.

  • Josh

    What bars are those?

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    That thing is dope! If only the JYD had disc mounts… the donut top cap almost makes up for it though.

  • Hey I’ve seen that guy mobbing through LA, cheers!
    I would love to see along the line a JYD fully built out of used parts, it would bring more sense to this frame.

  • mikey

    soooo, fixed freestyle no longer cool? sorry bro. JYD=FGFS

  • Morgan Taylor

    Those tires make the bike. So good.

  • TaylorSizemore

    It’s the future of the “lazy bike”! So into it! Thanks for spotting John!

  • such a rad ride, rack and bag!
    All it needs a DIY mod like this Kuwahara for the rear brake cable.

    • jamiecarlin

      Of course. This bike screams “Peter Hamtramck”.

      • Haha! I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a Kuwahara on ebay.

  • Bradley

    Awesome bike! The JYD is very versatile, get some bar-ends!

  • Brigita

    I imagine there are a lot of factors to take into account since it’s not only about what’s good for urban biking but also for biking in smaller communities and states (egg. miesto dviračiai).

  • Roy Gene

    What’s the price on this? I’ve had my eyes on this since it’s been posted and All City’s site isn’t a direct buy.

    • You have to go to your local All-City dealer and ask. Also, these sold out a while ago.