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Stinner Frameworks: Painted Top Caps

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your cockpit, then check out Stinner Frameworks’ new painted top caps. Each is designed and painted in-house at their shop in Santa Barbara, feature four designs and are $15 a piece. Head over to Stinner to scoop one up.

Sep 27, 2017 4 comments
My Stinner 27.5+ Hardtail with Porcelain Rocket Toyota Trophy Truck Inspired Bags

Things don’t always go as planned. That’s what I have to tell myself all the time. Last winter, Clayton from WTB and I planned on doing the Tahoe Rim Trail, the week of Interbike, not with any political agenda in mind, just that it worked for both of our schedules. It was the only week where neither of us had anything penned in our calendars.

While you can do the TRT on a rigid bike, you’ll probably have more fun on at least a hardtail. Clayton’s route includes a lot of singletrack on the eastern side of the lake and like everything up there, it can be rowdy at times. I planned on bringing my Stinner Frameworks, with a few component upgrades, which would make the long days and high elevation gain a bit easier. All I needed were some bags.

I’ve been using Porcelain Rocket bags for quite a while now and while my trusty frame bag fits my road or cross bikes, even my 44 UTE quite well, it wouldn’t cram into my hardtail. Around the time I was planning for this, Scott from Porcelain Rocket launched his sealed waterproof bags, with the first special color offering being “Prolly Gold,” or Coyote as the rest of the world calls it. I was honored and slightly amused at the playful nod to my obsession with various shades of tan, so I reached out to Scott, with the emphasis on the byline: nothing special, just want to buy a bag. (more…)

Sep 21, 2017 21 comments
Klamper Solution on My Stinner Hardtail

I’m not sure how many of you caught this in the gallery showcasing my Stinner hardtail but we ran into an issue when building the bike up. I wanted to run Klampers on this bike, since I’m using it for some bikepacking trips in the near future and I really liked the way the Retrotec I rode at Paul Camp’s Klamper brakes felt with the short pull lever. So, when I bought the frame from Stinner, we began building it and ran into a problem. It’s a common issue, when a frame is designed to run modern hydraulic disc brakes and you try to run a cable actuated brake like the Klamper, with its high cable entry point. Basically, if we ran the cable through the braze-on and into the Klamper, it wouldn’t work; the bend was too abrupt for the cable.

When I brought it up to Aaron at Stinner, he suggested using a V-Brake noodle, so I passed the idea off to Mike at Golden Saddle Cyclery. This is what he worked up. A simple noodle, with rubber heat shrink tubing around the metal part, so it won’t scratch the seatstay. Personally, I think this is an elegant solution.

Aug 22, 2017 22 comments
Golden Saddle Rides: My Twilight Yellow Stinner Tunnel 27.5+ Hardtail

Hello, my name is John and I’m a hardtail addict. I’m not sure when or where it began, but when framebuilders send me bikes to review, specifically hardtail mountain bikes, I tend to want to buy the framesets from them. Most recently, this Stinner Frameworks Tunnel 27.5+ bike, which I reviewed a little while back when it was built with Box Components and Magura products.

Coming from my stout and solid Retrotec, the Stinner offered a much lighter, zippier feel. It wasn’t necessarily a better ride, just a different one. One that I liked a lot, save for one major – to me at least – flaw: it only had one water bottle mount on the inside triangle. (more…)

Aug 15, 2017 44 comments
Our Friend Edie

… was hit by a car and is paralyzed from the chest down. As you might imagine, this has been horrible news for our community here in Los Angeles – both for cyclists that know Edie and for everyone who has heard the news. To add to this, Edie had just received her custom Stinner Frameworks Romero all-road to be built up the day before she was hit. In hopes to reduce her medical bills, Edie has listed the frame on eBay. It’s a 50cm frame, will fit 45mm tires and has a beautiful coat of wet paint. You can see the geometry and details at the eBay listing and see more at Edie’s Go Fund Me!

Jul 5, 2017 4 comments
F*ck Yeah Desert Tan Stinner Frameworks Tunnel Hardtail with Box Components

When I first heard the news that Box Components had branched over from BMX racing products to mountain bike componentry, I was eager to get some hands-on experience with their shifter, derailleur, and big-range cassette. A few weeks later, the Box rep visited Golden Saddle Cyclery and I was able to see it. Albeit not on a bike, so when Stinner Frameworks offered to build a review bike for me, built with Box, for NAHBS, I was stoked. I love riding and reviewing hardtails and since Stinner is one of the local builders in the Los Angeles area, I like helping him out when I can, particularly when it comes to mountain bike design. Aaron Stinner had been working on their Tunnel hardtail design over the past year. Previous versions popped up here on the site and with some feedback, he had finally moved closer to nailing down the official Stinner Frameworks hardtail. The team had two bikes on display at NAHBS this year, Kyle’s Grateful Shred 27.5+ and this Fuck Yeah Desert Tan 27.5″. I was excited to try it out, but I was also looking forward to putting miles in on Box Component and Magura’s latest offerings. (more…)

Jun 19, 2017 11 comments
Jeremy’s Stinner Baja Buggy 27.5 Monster Cross Bike

The 70’s were the automotive paint design heyday, ATMO anyway. Earth tones and bright hues intersected along cars, vans and trucks via a network of chevrons and stripes. While many manufacturers embraced these trends, it was the niche hobby market who took it to the next level. A whole culture emerged with vans donning intricate designs, long before #VanLife, yet it was the off-road culture that has always piqued my interest, most notably the baja bugs and trucks. Jeremy from Stinner Frameworks has always had an affinity for the early 70’s Baja Bug paint designs, ultimately these became the inspiration for this two-wheeled off-road machine. (more…)

Jun 12, 2017 45 comments
Tom’s Super Shreddy Stinner One-Off 26+ Hardtail – Kyle Kelley

Tom’s Super Shreddy Stinner One-Off 26+ Hardtail
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

Working at Stinner Frameworks for the past few months, and other builders over the past few years, Tom LaMarche has learned a lot about frame fabrication. Riding BMX and MTBs for a majority of his life taught him about frame design. Tom’s a ripper. An ex-Hollywood movie professional stuntman and overall ripper. When he picked up a job at Stinner, he really wanted to build a new MTB for himself to shred on trails, random jibs and also rip on at bike parks. Not being a fan of 27.5 or 29+ platforms, he decided on a 26+ frameset with slack angles and a lot of standover clearance.

This frame is a one-off, labeled a Stinner because it happened under Aaron’s roof, with Aaron’s tools, but this bike is Tom’s brainchild that he built on his own. Bikes like this look mean, like they have their own agenda and I can’t wait to see more of that…


Follow Kyle on Instagram and Tom on Instagram.

Jun 8, 2017 36 comments
A Look at the Team Dream Stinner Road with Mavic Open Pro Wheels

Even though this bike has been featured on the site before, I wanted to unveil the full monty after it had new wheels at NAHBS. The Team Dream x Stinner is here in Salt Lake City, floating between the Campy and Stinner booth, rolling on new Mavic Open Pro rims. These rims have a new profile, Exalith technology, eyelets and are tubeless compatible. Wheels can make or break a build, in terms of aesthetics, and I really feel like this bike looks complete now. Check it out in person today at NAHBS, and see more photos below.


Mar 12, 2017 16 comments