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A Saturday Snow-Capped Mountain Ride

No matter where you are in Los Angeles, the snow-capped, towering mountain loom overhead. It’s rare that we get this much rain in such a short amount of time here in Southern California and at the higher elevations, that translates to snow. Over the past few days, there’s been snow and ice as low as 1,800′ in the Angeles National Forest, yet with the warmer weekend temperatures arriving, we weren’t sure just how much we’d encounter once we reached the 5,000′ mark.

On Saturday, Cari and I drove up Highway 2 into the Angeles National Forest, parked the car and began riding a loop I’ve wanted to take her on for a while now: we’d climb Mt. Disappointment and cut through to Mt. Lowe via an unmarked trail, resulting in a short, but scenic ride. As we pedaled up the mountain, on the icy road and through all the people building snowmen and taking selfies, it was apparent even with the warm temperatures, the north-facing sections of road would be entirely frozen. The theme for the day was “go slow, and avoid sliding out” on the black ice and slick roadside.

The views did not disappoint, nor did the riding conditions. That’s the beauty about the wilderness here, you’re only a short jaunt back to civilization…

Jan 29, 2017 8 comments
Safe Trails, Amigo!

Our buddy Gabe from Limberlost was in town after the Baja Divide, completing his strictly-taco and mezcal diet before heading back up to Oregon. While a month of riding in the Baja Penninsula is a great way to disconnect from it all, Gabe’s back to work on planning the Oregon Timber Trail. Over the next few months, he’ll be working with a team on cutting more trail and working to gain access to areas in the backcountry of Oregon. There’s a bigger story to be told with all of that, but for now, I just wanted to bid him adieu and safe travels back up North. Oh and sweet Chinook!

Jan 28, 2017 5 comments
Sean’s Stagecoach 400 NS Bikes DJAMBO 27.5+ MTB

This time of year, all types of ramblin’ riders roll through Los Angeles. Many of which are of the bikepacking cyclotourist variety, seeking to take on some of Southern California’s most infamous desert routes. One route that has always piqued my interest is the Stagecoach 400. As you might have guessed, this 385-mile, mostly dirt route with a bit of singletrack mixed in, is best tackled in the cooler months. Usually the winter is a prime choice, yet with all the rain we’ve been having as of late, even a well-traveled route such as the Statecoach can quickly turn into a muddy mess as Sean and his friends found out. While they made it through the entirety of the course, it wasn’t easy. For the past week Sean’s been in LA soaking in the local riding without the weight of his bikepacking bags on his NS Bikes DJAMBO 27.5+ hardtail, including our group ride on Saturday morning.

His rig utilizes Porcelain Rocket, Revelate, Shimano and Race Face to ensure he’s not left on the trail with broken or town parts. As for the lightweight aluminum frame, it’s perfect for bikepacking, with a good amount of front triangle space and a built-in handle at the seat tube cluster for when the going gets tough!

Sean’s on his way up to NorCal, via a route that Benedict and Nam plan to tackle as well through the Los Padres National Forest. If you see this trio on the road, give them a high five!

Jan 26, 2017 27 comments
Ringtail’s Tie Dyed Jackets are Back in Stock!

Ringtail’s lightweight and colorful Breeze Breaker wind jackets are back, due to popular demand. These jackets are individually-dyed with special Cordura fabric and sewn here in Los Angeles. They stuff into a pocket and are easily stashed on your bike or in a jersey pocket. This will be the final run of this particular design, so act fast! Head to Ringtail now to see availability.

Jan 26, 2017 1 comment
Winter Light

All the rain and weather that moved through California recently has brought along with it lush, green vegetation and full nüke sunsets. Tonight in an attempt to shake the last leg of this winter cold I’ve succumbed to, Cari and I pedaled through Griffith Park to catch the last bit of daylight.

Jan 25, 2017 4 comments
The Sverigetempot Teaser and This Weekend’s LA Group Ride Info

This weekend brings about the Sverigetempot premiere in Los Angeles. To give you a taste of what to expect, Ertzui has uploaded a teaser trailer. Check out all the information for the premiere at our archived post and info for the group ride on Saturday morning below.


Meetup at Golden Saddle Saturday morning 1/21 7am. All welcome, no drop, 35 miles, mixed-terrain with over 4,000′ elevation. Be advised, these roads are steep and the terrain is rough at times. You can ride it on a road bike, but a fat tire ‘cross bike would be best. Complimentary breakfast stuff upon return to GSC.

For anyone that can’t make it to the premiere, you’ll be able to view it on over the weekend!

Jan 19, 2017 4 comments
The San Gabriel Mountains: Above the Clouds

I love seeing videos like this from my favorite place to ride…

“In 2014, President Obama designated a portion of the San Gabriel Mountains as a National Monument. Located northeast of Los Angeles, California, these mountains often experience a weather phenomenon of inversion clouds called “marine layer” due to their proximity to the cold Pacific Ocean. From 2012 to 2017, I frequented the San Gabriel Mountains recording time-lapse footage in a variety of weather conditions and seasons to showcase the natural beauty of these mountains. To learn more about marine layer, visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration site. To learn more about the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument visit this website

Jan 18, 2017 3 comments
Starting the Weekend Off Right

Coffee, friends and stoked faces. Thanks for the morning ride, guys! If you live in LA, and can make it out on a 2-4 hour ride each Friday morning, follow @GoldenSaddleCyclery for the meetup time and location each Thursday. The ride begins at Intelligentsia Coffee in Silver Lake and ends at Free Coffee Friday at Mission Workshop, to ensure you’re good and caffeinated all day.

We’ll see you at the All-City GSC Happy Hour Ride this afternoon. Enjoy the weekend!

Jan 13, 2017 1 comment