Workin’ Dirt on the Gabrielino Trail with Mount Wilson Bicycling Association

Trails need work. All the time and across the globe, there are numerous organizations that rally the troops when work needs to be done on their local singletrack. In LA, one of our organizations is the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association. Year after year, MWBA has been working alongside the Forest Service, IMBA and CORBA to re-open various trails that were closed after the Station Fire ravaged the San Gabriel Mountains in 2009. One such project is extending the Gabrielino Trail from Ken Burton to Switzer’s. If you’re an LA local, these names might sound familiar to you.

The Gabrielino follows a canyon down below Highway 2 and out to the Arroyo. This trail hugs the hillsides of the canyon walls, crosses waterfalls and snakes its way through the sandy, rocky and loose wash. Today, 30+ volunteers spent their Sunday morning workin’ dirt with MWBA. With such big crowds, it’s easy to cover a lot of ground in a single afternoon.

The Angeles National Forest is home to many exceptional trails. Once MWBA, and their volunteers, have worked to open these remaining trails back up, we’ll have even more options for big back-country loops, almost entirely made from singletrack. If you’d like to help out, follow MWBA on Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you to everyone who came to help out today!

  • Kyle Marmesh

    Very cool. Love seeing trail progression and awesome people working together. Making a trip down your way in April, can’t wait to explore the area on the MTB!

    • We’ll show you around! Just holler when you’re in town.

  • Erik Hillard

    Thanks for joining us, John! Greatly appreciate the awesome photos. CHEERS!

  • Ray Juncal

    Good goin’ John. Great photos and a lot of trail cleaned up.

  • Matt Baffert

    You da best😘 The inaugural ride on the Gab (end to end) is gonna be sick!

  • redhead322

    24, 40, and 48… Trail looks *narrow*
    Is this to be a one way trail? Multi-use with hikers and bikers?
    After hearing so much about California landslides, #48 makes me wonder how long some sections will last. But maybe those landslides are in other areas, not here?

    • Samuel Jackson

      It’s singletrack for the most part, and downhill traffic will be expected to yield to uphill traffic where necessary.

    • There hasn’t been a fire here since 2009. The landslides you’re seeing are all fresh burnzones.