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The World Needs a Soulcraft Dirtbomb

With all this talk about “adventure” bikes, or “gravel grinders”, all I want to do it move back to old school rigs. Away from talks of hydraulic discs or 1×10 drivetrains and onto cantis, with MTB drivetrains. While it’s easy to overlook brands like Soulcraft in the modern age, they have been killing it for over 10 years with bikes like the Dirtbomb.

Don’t think cantis are a feasible option? Ride more. Learn to control your bike. Focus less on the details of what the industry sells you and more on the experience. This bike will rip apart your trails and potentially win MTB races.

I’m not sure what spawned this post, because honestly, the Dirtbomb has been around for a while. Actually, that’s a lie, I do know what spawned this, but more on that later…

Feb 5, 2014 17 comments
Hollis Duncan at the 2014 Spanish Cyclocross Championships

Hollis Duncan‘s work has been featured on the site before and I really enjoy his photos. Here’s the latest from the photographer, a video from the Spanish ‘cross championships:

“A few weeks ago, I went on self-assignment to Spain’s ‘cross championships in Segorbe (Valencia) and the first person I stopped to ask directions on the street happened to be Belgian. I carried little more than a camera and some beer money; paid peanuts for an individual room in an NH hotel with a bed no wider than my brake pads.

One thing that makes the Spanish championships unique is that there is a race-within-the-race between the 17 autonomous communities that comprise Spain. While you see a lot of team jerseys the majority wear kits from their home region: Basque Country, Galicia, Madrid, Catalunya, Valencia, etc. It was nice to see kids racing their ass off for regional bragging rights. Of course the Spanish have an inferiority complex re: Belgium, but the Basques are doing their darnedest to close the gap. Their support would be indistinguishable from Belgium’s if they showed up in equal numbers, and one advantage Spain enjoys over Belgium is Iberian ham.

Cariño, ¿has puesto mis Lightweights en la furgoneta .. y el jamón?

Check out some photos at Hollis’ Flickr too!

Feb 3, 2014 4 comments
A-Train Cycles: Chad’s Monster Cross

Usually when a reader forwards me a bike, I have no idea what to expect but this time, I was immediately in awe. This A-Train Cycles monster cross has flowy singletrack written all over it. With those TRP hydro disc brakes I love so much and a big, fat tire for the contact patch, I betcha it rips! Not to mention that seat tube cluster and paint.

See more at A-Train Cycles.

Jan 29, 2014 17 comments
Cross Clinic This Weekend in Santa Barbara

If doesn’t matter how fast you are, if you have zero bike control in the dirt, you won’t enjoy yourself. This weekend, there’s a ‘cross clinic with the man that is considered the ‘original rebel’ and godfather of ‘cross in the US, Laurence Malone. (See more about him HERE.) It looks like a rad time.

Check out Crankys Bikes for more info!

Jan 29, 2014 2 comments
Villarocca Trailer

Miss cross season yet? This video was shot at the 2014 Villarocca cross race in Italy. The full movie will be screened at the 2014 Cross Crusade International Film Festival in Portland this year.

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Dustin Klein of Cadence Painted this Ritchey Swiss Cross
Swiss cross WIP

To commemorate a forthcoming collaboration with Ritchey, Dustin Klein from Cadence took the time to personalize his new Swiss Cross frameset. I love seeing projects like this unfold, especially with companies like Cadence and Ritchey, both of which make exceptional products.

Personally, I think the Cadence x Ritchey stems look great and I can’t wait to see what else they’re cooking up!

Until then, check out the process and completed bike photos below!


Jan 24, 2014 17 comments
Dan Chabanov on His New Bike

Dan’s been one of my favorite people to watch from afar as he takes on his dreams. One of which was to race for Richard Sachs. He recently acquired his race bike from this year as his new ride and I can’t be more stoked for him. Head over to Bonedeth to find out the back-story.

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