Gettin’ Sconed with Garrett and Olive on their Frances Cycles Cargo Bike

Mornings with a two year old begin bright and early. For Garrett from Strawfoot and his wife, their schedules allow them to split the weekdays with their daughter Olive. For Garrett, that usually means breakfast duties around 6 or 7am, followed by a quick jaunt in their Frances Cycles cargo bike to Companion Bakeshop to “get sconed.”

Garrett and Olive

The Dadavist.

Garrett’s business, which we looked at earlier today, is nestled in a garage behind his home in Santa Cruz. He doesn’t like to drive their car around town, so spends most of his errand time on his custom Frances Cycles cargo bike. For the past few years, this bike has been Garrett’s go-to in terms of localized commuting. When Olive was born, he found a child seat and began taking her to the farmer’s market, the post office, the supply or grocery store.

Garrett and Olive

These trips usually involve a few distractions:
-a ride down the beach
-seeing the horsies
-seeing the chickens
-seeing the goats
-pedaling through the neighborhood gardens

Garrett and Olive

Keeping Olive engaged and happy is an ongoing process, as with any kid. Garrett just choses to do so on a bike. Commendable yes, but like most fathers know, getting time on the bike in while raising a child is precious!

Garrett's Frances Cycles Cargo Bike

Precious, just like this bike. Purpose-built, functional, smooth-rollin and easy on the eyes. Enjoy more details in the Gallery.


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  • Nils-Erik Hilliard

    So Rad. And if I could build bikes I would want to build one like this :)

  • barry mcwilliams

    1. That bike rules.
    2. Scone rides are the best rides.

  • hans

    love this.

  • Justin Scoltock

    This set rules! Love the vibe and that bike is one of my faves around.

  • Peter Drastrup

    Sooo rad! I commute with my child every day and I desperately need a new child seat..
    Can anyone tell me what the name of this one is?

    Thanks alot!

    • Jake Caouette

      It’s the Yepp Mini. It’s a lot like the Thule Ride Along Mini.

      • Kevin Jeffery

        I was at REI last weekend buying a pack to carry my 7 month-old daughter. I strapped her into the Yepp mini and carried her around the store – she loved it. Can’t wait till she is actually big enough to ride in it!

        • geoff.tewierik

          She’s not too far off. Here’s my daughter in her Yepp Mini at 9 months.

          • Kevin Jeffery

            Just sent this picture to my wife. We are so excited to be able to ride together as a fam!

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Cycle trucks rule. I was wondering if it would be possible to mount a child seat to the front platform? Wouldn’t you want the weight down as low as possible?

    • Garrett Kautz

      Hey Brian, I’ve put a lot of thought into this. The child seat on the front platform is a good idea, but I’ve ran into issues. The handlebars/brake levers can hit the child seat and restrict turning. I had to use a shorter basket because the “legs” on the child seat hit the basket. Also, I use the platform for heavy groceries and packages with her on the bars, so I need that cargo space. Soon she’ll be big enough for the rear seat system on the rack.

      • Brian Richard Walbergh

        Thanks Garrett! I have seen it done once, but I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t more common. I could see the handle bars being an issue, I guess it depends on how long the platform was and how far the bars/stem extended over the platform. Maybe with some more swept back bars? wide porteur/ albatross style bar? Obviously it is nice to be able to use the platform for what it is meant for, but for some one who wants to get their kid around and doesn’t have the room / want the hassle of a longtail or low bed it might be nice.

    • Keith Lee

      Never having ridden one, i’m curious to what their advantages are over a low-bed cargo bike (Cetma, Larry vs. Harry, etc). Having the load significantly higher up, and directly above the front wheel makes me imagine it wouldn’t handle nearly as well as a load that’s low and between the two axles. Of course, a good builder would adjust the geometry accordingly…but still?

      • Brian Richard Walbergh

        I havent ridden one either, but I have ridden a Larry vs Harry for a few miles. I would say the idea behind the trucks is that they handle pretty much like a regular short wheelbase bike. They are substantially lighter and fit in places a low bed would never fit. If you are picking up two heavy bags of groceries they are ideal, throw some panniers on it and you can add a bit more cargo. If you are regularly picking up really heavy bulky items( large dogs, Costco runs) and have the room for one, a low-bed would be better. But just to ride around and pick up more than you would ever want on a regular bike, a cycle truck might be superior.

  • boomforeal

    getting time on the bike, almost as precious as getting time with your child

    don’t learn that lesson too late

  • Frank

    Dadavist! I’d buy that stem cap.

    • Frank

      getting around …

      • So much awesome. Love hauling the two small bikes – it’s like the old WW1 Navy dirigibles that carried their own fighter escort aircraft.

      • RAD!

        • BoostahMante

          Super Rad!

  • JLN

    As a vey, very new dad, one thing I am looking forward to is taking my son out our bike (amongst other things). This build is so awesome.

    • D.J. Bolles

      Congrats on being a very, very new dad! My kids are 3 and 1. I’d encourage a portaging set up as shown on this build over a trailer if it’s safe for the area you ride in. I have a trailer and my boys just aren’t very fond of the set up(feeling the bumps, looking at my back – I think they’d like being up front – more engaged in the experience). That said, I’m sure plenty of other kids are. It’s nice having options for riding with children!

      • Love the up-front setup, but we have 1 year old twins and I think a trailer is our only option for now. We picked up a Thule with suspension and they love it and the ride is pretty smooth. A setup like this would rock, having your kids up front to see what is going on.

        • D.J. Bolles

          Yes, with two you basically have to do the trailer. What’s nice is they do have the space behind the seats so you can toss snacks, clothes, blankets, etc. in that space.

  • Bas Rotgans

    I have a Swedish Mark Truck that I bought second hand eight years ago, around the time my daughter was born. She has ridden in a kids seat in the front, later in a rear seat (with rear rack removed), then on a small saddle mounted to the top tube with pegs mounted to the down tube and now she rides standing on the rear rack or on her own bike. She’s even fallen asleep in the crate after long days at the beach on occasions.

  • evilgordon

    Everything about this is great. Thanks for posting this inspirational stuff.

  • Liam Griffin

    I love seeing the progression of bikes on this site. From track, to road, to CX, to MTB, to all road adventure… and now starting to see more cargo / kid builds. Maybe someday when John has kids and becomes the Dadavist we’ll all be geeking out on more bikes like this one!

  • Daniel Olmedo

    love the recent insight into being a dad and being a shredder, since my daughter being born i’ve had time to go on 2 ‘serious’ road rides in the last 11 months but i’ve covered many miles in our repurposed mountain bike.

  • Daniel Olmedo

    love the recent insight into being a dad and being a shredder, since my daughter being born i’ve had time to go on 2 ‘serious’ road rides in the last 11 months but i’ve covered many miles in our repurposed mountain bike!

    • BoostahMante

      Hell yeah!

  • Eddie Barksdale

    The cross and road bikes are always nice, but I’ve really enjoyed these last updates of such unique and practical bikes with these “parts bin” builds. There’s just something about their character that comes with the dirt, scars, stickers, and replaced parts that makes them almost inspiring. A silght asaide, been loving all these Porcelain Rocket Micro Panniers that have shown up as well!

    • Tryin to diversify it a bit. Thanks for noticing!

  • missshelby

    Cutest thing on two wheels (except maybe me and my boy, but I’m partial)!

    Now if only I could find a bitch’n off-road tag-along…….

  • JP Coates


  • peter

    This is rad! Does anyone know where I can get that cup holder or something similar to that?

    • Garrett Kautz

      Randi Jo Fab

    • ACO

      ATM Handmade Goods has a ‘snack sack’ that does the job well.

  • disqus_P7QxzuvwHH

    So very cool. I missed this stage, but caught up with a Bike Friday Family Tandem. We still ride it occasionally, but now he rides an old Trek 950.