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Bishop Bikes: Alex’s Aero Pista

Alex has not had the best luck with bikes over the past few years but Chris Bishop was looking to change that. As a native Baltimoron (is that right?), Alex has always admired Chris’ handywork, prompting him to save some money for a frame and what a bike it is. This Keirin-influenced machine has aero stays and an aero 3 Rensho fork.

You’ve gotta check out more at the Bishop Flickr.

May 13, 2013 7 comments
2013 NAHBS: Bishop Raw C-Record Track
2013 NAHBS: Bishop Raw C-Record Track

Yeah, I know, there’s already been a ton of Bishop NAHBS love here on the site but I was very impressed that with all the bikes Chris has been building, he brought two track bikes with him. My level of respect for Chris and Tommy only increases each year and I know the owner of this bike is beyond stoked on how it turned out. Full Campagnolo C-Record Pista, Cinelli heritage saddle with matching bar wrap and those fillets! This frame will be getting a coat of wet paint from Bryan Myers of Fresh Frame before it leaves for China. Have a napkin ready, this one’s a drooler.

Feb 26, 2013 6 comments
2013 NAHBS: Bishop Bikes Reverse Bi-Lam Road
2013 NAHBS: Bishop Reverse Bi-Lam Road

It should be no surprise that Chris Bishop won an award at NAHBS with this bike. For the third year in a row, this full time framebuilder and part time bike messenger brought an incredible fleet of absolutely stunning bikes with him from Baltimore. I was able to shoot three out of the four bikes, the first of which being the Drillium Revival track and now, this reverse bi-lam road.

Originally conceived by Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames, the reverse bi-lam head tube was a show stopper. When the client requested the detail from Chris, he called Ian, asking permission to make it, something he didn’t have to do, but Chris is a true Southern gentlemen. The end result is a tri-color jade, emerald and turquoise road bike with a modern Dura Ace group and a custom 1″ quill stem. The stainless rear triangle and Bishop-standard thin lugwork set this apart from the playing field at NAHBS.

Michael from Brooks England is beyond stoked on his new ride and as a fellow Bishop owner, I can say for sure that this bike is a life-long companion. Yes, I am very partial to Chris’ work, so I took a little more time documenting this machine. Go on and let it marinate in the Gallery.

Feb 25, 2013 21 comments
2013 NAHBS: Bishop Bikes Drillium Revival Track Bike
2013 NAHBS: Bishop Bike Drillium Revival Track Bike

Chris Bishop‘s 2012 raw track bike returned for 2013 with a fresh coat of paint and a new, Italian component group. The razor sharp blue wet paint was supplied by Fresh Frame. The vintage Cinelli and Campagnolo components were drilled, shaped and milled by Drillium Revival. Bottom line is, this bike has sass and class (you either love or hate that tag line, don’t you?).

Little details like the etched Bishop logo on the fork crown and chainstays make this build for me…

Feb 22, 2013 26 comments