2013 NAHBS: Bishop Bikes Drillium Revival Track Bike

Chris Bishop‘s 2012 raw track bike returned for 2013 with a fresh coat of paint and a new, Italian component group. The razor sharp blue wet paint was supplied by Fresh Frame. The vintage Cinelli and Campagnolo components were drilled, shaped and milled by Drillium Revival. Bottom line is, this bike has sass and class (you either love or hate that tag line, don’t you?).

Little details like the etched Bishop logo on the fork crown and chainstays make this build for me…

  • gorgeous photos, John.

  • Bryan Smith

    is it weird that I want to touch this bike with my tongue?


  • Sen-fucking-sational! Between the headbadge (pure artistry), paintjob and the milled Cinelli stem. One of the finest cycles I’ve ever seen.

  • Simplicityofjoy

    …beyond words!

  • Richard Smith

    Absolutely incredible! Jaw dropped. One of the very finest bikes on the blog, and fantastic photography to complement it.

  • I give this a 9.9 on the FYXO scale. 

    Desire to own a Bishop cemented. 

  • Oh come on. What’s with the bars? It can’t be that hard.

    Like this.


    • JoshHayes

      next time you build a bike like this put the bars how ever you want brohammer. ;) 


    • #smh

  • A+.  I’m glad the concentration of track bikes in booths has waned. Pretty much every one that I saw yesterday was a superior product, worthy of the adoration we always had for master Japanese builders.  You should get some shots of the 6-11 San Rensho homage.  It’s spectacular.

    • freshframe

      WTF is so spectacular about tackin a bunch of tubes and lugs together that look like something built by someone else. Its a fuckin purple bike with yellow decals people. More attention needs to be paid to construction technique and quality thereof.
      Unless the builders of the past and those of the present do a double twist backflip into their cycling shorts they have’nt done ANYTHING new or ORIGINAL. 

  • love drillium revivial. paired with bishop craftsmanship = ace

  • Lawdamercy. This bike is a prime example of why I fucking hate powdercoat. A-mazing.

  • my lord. i would crawl across broken glass and salt…

  • Hurtin’ Albertan

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bike on this blog that I haven’t wanted to change one thing. Either for personal aesthetics, fit or just to look “right.”

    This one is not one of those. Spot-fucking-on.

  • En Tens

    Screw the fucking components.  I don’t get the hard-on about old shitty Italian components?  Yeah, they’re quaint and hoorah for yesteryear, but there are great craftsmen making great components today– and they’re NEW components!  Anyway,  it’s all about the shorelines on this mofo.  Look at the frame.  THE FRAME!

  • Max Chartier


  • jason baker

    wow!  That is one amazing bike, clean lines.  Nice to see modern with classic Italian class

  • Dylan Wright

    So suave. Especially love the matte bars against the chrome stem.
    Gangs build. Beautiful photos.

  • in image 21, is there a small bolt (slotted screw) in the chain?

  • simply perfect

  • Carl Anderson

    Red (or orange) might be the fastest color, but blue is certainly the classiest color. 

  • Theodor Rzad

    h-o-l-y s-h-i-t…Pino approved!