Chris King Brings Purple Back Aug 24, 2012

If you’re like me, every time a purple Chris King headset pops up on eBay, you watch it, patiently. Most of the time, the auctions close out too high, or it’s for a 1″ threadless. So imagine my surprise when Chris King handed off a purple 1 1/8″ Sotto Voce headset to me last week. These are a very limited run and can only be picked up at their Eurobike 2012 booth.

Here’s more information:

“We have something special up our sleeve for Eurobike 2012. Come to the Crema Cycles outdoor booth at this years show and visit the Chris King product bar where we will be hand-assembling components before your very eyes.

Chris himself might be the one to put the finishing touches on your hub, headset, or bottom bracket. As if this weren’t reason enough to pay us a visit we will be offering a limited amount of purple anodized shells and cups. These purple parts are exclusive to this years show and are sure to go fast. In addition to purple we will also be offering black and red options.


Who knows, maybe if there’s enough interest, we’ll see the return of the purple!

  • which bike is this going on?

    • Either my FBM (if I can get the cups cut off) or my Bishop Road.

      • Will you get your FBM S&S coupled, like Kyle did?

      • Robert

        Where can i still get that frame? i need a new beater bike and since i’m 6’2″ i’m guessing that a Gangsta v2 is too small.

  • iStone

    Installed pics stat!

  • krash

    arghhhh, eurobike only?!?! :(  hope they bring it back and offer it in the US!

  • Ben Stoddard

    What is the point of that white plastic ring?

    • All King headsets have them – keeps water out.

  • need moar purple!