NAHBS 2013: Outside is Free Show at Pearl Velo and Avery County Cycles Feb 19, 2013


There’s going to be a lot of parties going on Saturday night during NAHBS weekend in Denver but this is the one I’ll be attending. Brian Vernor, Jeremy Dunn, Chris McNally, Dustin Klein and I compiled some photographs and art to display under the theme “Outside is Free”. The show will be at Pearl Velo & Avery County Cycles. We’ll be selling prints, zines and there will be bourbon to be consumed. I’ll try to bring some Texas warmth with me!

The only catch is, there’s a pesky fire permit involved, so at most, 300 people are allowed. If you’re interested in attending, find one of the exhibitors, Tyler from Pearl Velo, or Josh from Avery County Cycles at NAHBS for a free invite.

Get there early, because I’ll probably be wasted at 7:15. Serioulsy.