Andy’s Concorde Squadra PDM Road with Campagnolo

Andy White of FYXO has a pretty decent bicycle collection, ranging from some Australian pedigree, to classic Italian, carbon madness and bikes like this immaculate Concorde Squadra with a mix of Campagnolo.

Most of Andy’s bikes are obvious choices but this one stood out as being a bit different…

So I asked him why, out of all the bikes on this Earth, did he spend so much time building up a Concorde Squadra PDM? Nothing against these frames, they’re immaculate! His answer “Because I wanted to do Concorde PDM FYXO bidons.”

That’s dedication to the cause…

  • adanpinto

    Dutch bike, made in Italy and I believe painted in Belgium…I had one, they are beautiful bikes.

  • ChirstianWisdom

    They used Cinelli lugs?

    • John Watson

      The bikes were made in Italy.

  • William Maubert Tuco Gulliver

    Beautiful bikes. Made by Ciocc.

  • velomonkey

    We were just watching “slaying the badger” the other night and you see a few shots of riders from the PDM team and I had to look up what bikes they rode as they were so cool – and now look at this – perfect. These guys and then the Word Perfect dark blue with chrome straight forks were great 80s to early 90s pro peleton bikes.