Splatter Somec Road with Dura Ace 7400

Man, the Italians knew how to paint a bike. Rides like this will forever have a soft spot in any cyclist’s heart. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to bikes, or a seasoned, life-long rider. There’s something about a splatter paint job, a neon palette and vintage Dura Ace that just screams style.

I’m in Melbourne and staying with FYXO during the Melburn Roobaix, which is like having a museum of classic steeds at your disposal to ride and photograph.

Since the Eroica Britannia, I’ve been hankering for a classic steel road bike, scouring forums, eBay and the local Craigslist. Once I arrived at the FYXO HQ, I saw this bike and asked one question: you selling this? To which Andy replied “mate, everything has a price.”

It’s tempting… Columbus Extra Legger tubing, Dura Ace 7400, clearance for a 28c tire and yes, that paint job. It might be the vintage bike I’ve been looking for. What do you think?

  • James Moore

    neon colours and splatter paint reminds me far too vividly (quite literally) of too many cheap bikes under christmas trees as a kid.

    • Those were like lipstick on a pig though. This is like lipstick on a…

  • David Spiva

    Oh boy, just finished up my own 7400 build too. Not quite as glamorous, but still rides like a dream.
    Photography’s not quite as nice either.

  • Tyler Morin

    A friend of mine just got an Olmo San Remo complete. Full Dura Ace from all the way to the hubs. Beautiful build and shape only $550 from craigslist.

  • Majaco

    Always loved me some Somec

  • Stuart Hetherington

    7400 is so aggressive looking and refined at the same time. Love that
    seatpost. It fits great on the Somec with the 8-bit looking graphics.

    • Tom

      This group is so perfect. If they could make a modern group with these aesthetics and the cable routing of today’s Dura Ace, that would be an amazing option to have.

  • AKKC

    Might I ask what wheels are those?? I am running a set of DA 7400 also, so smooooooth.


  • Jordan Mackinnon

    Oh man, vintage dura-ace, pretty decent tubing + that paint job?! Hit up that shit! So hard.

  • John is this really a question? Look at these cranks, look at that paint job, the handlebars…look at the guy who’s selling it.

  • adanpinto

    If the price is fine, buy it. It’s lovely, the groupset performs as well as modern (the brakes even better) and you can fit in 28c tires…

  • Jimflip

    Beaut bike. “Just do it”…(n+1 and all…)

  • Zachery Small

    John these pictures aren’t as nice as yours but, here are some I took of Joe Bell’s Somec with a full pantographed campy kit. http://imgur.com/a/6vPVD

  • John, I sold that frame to Fyxo about a 1.5 years ago. It’s a beautiful frame, super light, Columbus steel, cinelli lugs and that paint job! It was a slightly too small for me, else it would have been my ride. Good luck, it’s a beauty!