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Ari’s Bike: A Story about a US Army Vet, PTSD and Cycling

Today’s videos are so amazing…

“This profile film follows US Army Veteran, Ari Sonnenberg throughout the streets of Portland, OR as he describes his 15 years in combat, his transition into civilian life and his struggle with the Veterans Affairs system. Throughout everything in Ari’s life, cycling has been a constant source of therapy and joy.

To view the entire story, please visit Juliet Zulu.”

Thanks for sharing this video, Brenton!

Jun 24, 2014 2 comments
Yak Attack

Ever wonder what the highest MTB race on Earth looks like?

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Adam Craig’s Limited-Edition Giant TCX SLR SS

This is why Adam Craig will probably win SSCXWC in Kentucky this year and no, it’s not the bike. It’s his training! You see that Four Roses? Dude means business. Although being in the bourbon mecca might put a damper on those roosts!

Jun 18, 2014 9 comments
e r t z u i ° film: Rapha Continental Hidden Europe – Holland

The e r t z u i ° film team just sent over this beautiful video they made for Rapha’s EU Continental:

“Back in April of last year, RAPHA commissioned us to document the second ride of the European Rapha Continental “Hidden Europe – HOLLAND”. Our initial thought was: Where is the “hidden” in Holland? But after Frank from the Pristine bike shop in Amsterdam presented the route and we took some time to do some research on the ride, our doubts soon transformed into curiosity. Another unstable factor was the weather, which after dealing with a long winter that year, spring was far away and that meant: The crappier the conditions to film, the more epic the footage…”

Check out all the photos at Rapha’s Flickr and the full story at Rapha!

Jun 17, 2014 5 comments
Chrome Launches their Forged Rubber Sneakers

Back in WWII, eastern European countries began making military boots by using a process known as forged rubber. For the most part, this process has been forgotten, largely because of how essential it is to be close to the source of rubber.

Fast forward 70 years and Chrome introduces their new Forged Rubber sneakers. Made in Thailand, at a facility literally adjacent to rubber farms, that houses unique Slovakian machines used in WWII work boots production.

Each of these shoes are made by hand at these facilities, where the sole is fused to the uppers, resulting in a truly unique sneaker. The video above outlines this process.

Head over to Chrome to see their new Forged Rubber Sneakers and check out the loobook on Issu.

Jun 17, 2014 2 comments
FBM: The Hard Way

No one ever said it was easy to make frames in the USA. This new video from FBM showcases their framebuilding process and their new digs. Nice one guys!

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