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Aerodynamics and Beards

Personally, I think unless you’re pro, you shouldn’t worry about being “aero bro”, because when you’re pro, someone else worries about it for you. That said, this was pretty fun to watch.

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Irreverent Road Ride

The IRR is in its third year and let me just say, out of all the organized dirt rides I missed this year, I’m most bummed about this one. Why? Just watch the video…

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Hilly Billy Roubaix

This looks great! Here’s the back-story from CX Hairs:

“It’s not really a documentary, not really a short film, but somewhere in between. Here’s a video I produced covering the Hilly Billy Roubaix, a 72 mile race that takes place on some of the nastiest roads in West Virginia. Started in 2010, the Hilly Billy Roubaix is a classic. Part of the Ultra Cross series, the Hilly Billy is a tough mud, dirt, grass, gravel, road race with a ton of climbing. Sounds fun, right?”


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Alvin’s Beautiful Day

Some random riding in Los Angeles, brought to you by the Sleepers! Seriously, Ace, what’s this all about!?

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UNREAL SPEED: Josh Bryceland’s Race Run at Mont Sainte Anne

UNREAL! The speed here is just unreal. There is no substitute for full-on-blasting and Josh Bryceland does just that, take a helmet top seat for Josh’s race run from last weekends race in Mont Saint Anne. Up at the first split Josh would eventually end up in second place. What is amazing is how smooth and effortless this entire run is, there are almost no impacts, stalls, or hard hits. This is so hard to believe onces you have taken a look at the track from other vantage points. Its as if they created the course by shelling a swath of land with mortar fire and then taped off a thin section of it down the side of the mountain. Impressive.

Aug 5, 2014 2 comments
Knog introduces the Qudos Action Light

Knog has branched out from the world of cycling lights and lamps to the [qudos] action lighting system. In short, it’s a light for your GoPro, but it can do much more:

“The [qudos] action is designed with GoPro HERO® aesthetics in mind. But it also works with other action camera’s like Sony Action Cam and Garmin VIRB that have conversion mounts. And with a cold shoe adaptor you can use it with your DSLR and tripod. Even in the day, the [qudos] action provides a great fill light for all cameras.”

For you GoPro enthusiasts and professionals, head over to Knog for more!


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