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Matthew Slaven on the Kona Cinder Cone Past and Present

This conceptual video by Kona, featuring their Cinder Cone and Matthew Slaven has all the makings to land on any top ten list for 2014. Take a bike from 1988 and pit it against its modern equivalent (how many companies still have the same model in their catalog?) – then watch the obvious differences in riding style and presentation. Personally, I still love seeing bikes from the 80′s get their shred on but yeah, modern MTBs ride pretty ok.

It’s really amazing. Thanks for the heads Bike Mag.

Mar 18, 2014 9 comments
Boda Boda NYC: The Rookie Race

To avoid your bank accounts being drained by the queues of NAHBS builders, I’ll start dropping in normal content these next few days…

The Rookie Race is the “warm up” to Monster Track. So once again Boda Boda took to the streets to cover another fast-paced alleycat in NYC but this one’s got an unexpected ending.

Remember, in Boda Boda videos, #neverreadthecomments

Mar 18, 2014 6 comments
Juliana Bicycles: Anka Martin in New Zealand

Photo by Gary Perkin

Juliana Bicycles, the sister company to Santa Cruz, sponsored a rather epic MTB excursion in February with Anka Martin throughout New Zealand and the surrounding areas of the Nelson Tasman district. I’ve always wanted to visit New Zealand and now, I want to go there even more. This looks like it was quite the trip!

Mar 11, 2014 6 comments