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The Wolf’s Mouth

This is great! Here’s some background:

“This video was made in support of The Wolf’s Mouth’s upcoming travel project “FOUNDATIONS.” Its intent is to show the struggles and mental hardships of growing up ethnic, the acceptance of one’s self, and how the joy of cycling is present for everyone.”

See more information at the project’s Go Fund Me.

Nov 25, 2014 4 comments
Dosnoventa Runs Japan Teaser

We haven’t seen much street brakeless track bike action from Japan, mostly because it’s supposedly illegal, but Dosnoventa is taking to the streets in their new video. Also, I hope we see more of that Bronco at the :26 mark.

Nov 24, 2014 11 comments
Thank You Dudes of Hazzard, Thank You

Joe Barnes is doing it right. He could have looked back on his season and thought, “Hey, I finished on the podium at an Enduro World Series event and finished 9th overall in the series, I should get out a RED camera, select my favorite dub-step cuts, design some slick graphics, and make a facsimile of almost every other video out there at the moment to really push my brand.”

To the benefit of us all he didn’t, instead he continued to produce the Dudes of Hazzard, a mix of on bike schralping, off bike antics, and conceptual absurdity that takes itself just as seriously as anything based on professional recreation should. If this strikes your fancy don’t worry, there is a couple years worth of back catalogue to watch and the Dude’s don’t deviate.

Nov 20, 2014 3 comments
Watch this Red Hook Crit Milano Documentary

I’d say this is the best RHC Milano video to date, but I wish they interviewed more women about their criterium. Where’s Ash Duban?! Regardless, it’s a well put together documentary about a race that began illegally in the backstreets of Red Hook and eventually, Milano.

Nov 19, 2014 1 comment
Beat Down

Yeah, it’s a total bro-down and a quick NSFW moment at 1:20 but cliff jumping a MTB seems like a good way to spend your afternoon. Check out the extras for how they pulled that one off.

Nov 19, 2014 1 comment