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Nuestras Casitas Amarillas

Justin sent over this video he made while on tour in the lakes district of Chile and through parts of Northern Argentine Patagonia. It’s a bit long of a watch but well worth it to kickstart your wanderlust.

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DreamRide III

The third installment of the DreamRide series transports us to follow along as Mike Hopkins takes on epic landscapes. Check out the previous two DreamRide videos in the ‘related’ sidebar.

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Dirty Laundry 2018 TRAILER

The story behind this film is so interesting…

“The film follows my cousin, Zack, and I as we half bike-pack half bike ride across the US with cameras to uncover the dark story behind how or why our grandmother died suddenly from mesothelioma, an asbestos-caused cancer.

We made this film because we wanted people of our generation to know the truth about the fucked up problem of asbestos. It’s something that corporations and the government have covered up for years. Fun fact – the California state rock, serpentine, commonly contains a form of asbestos called “chrysotile”!

We are in the middle of our film festival run and are showing at the Newport Beach International Film Festival on Wednesday, May 2nd @ 7:30PM.”

See more at Asbestos Movie.

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