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Our Community Bikes in Vancouver, BC

For over 22 years, Our Community Bikes, a small workshop in Vancouver, BC has helped the community grow in their love of the bicycle through offering workshops and a space to work on bikes. They’ve reached a point now in which they must move to a bigger location and want the people of Vancouver to know what’s going on, hence this video…

Check out more at Pedal Power and follow along at the Our Community Bikes Facebook.

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Merckx Mondays

In my opinion, Merckx still holds the hour record in an era before aerodynamics were a main concern. His Colnago-built Molteni track bike was completely laced out with Pino Morroni drillium componentry to reduce weight and nothing protected the hardened cyclist from a potential collision, save for a Cinelli hairnet. In 1972, Merckx was the man of the hour and his legacy still lives to this day. This video showcases other greats from the Hour Record.

Don’t miss this Merckx Mondays from 2009 and the discussion on the original Merckx Hour Record bike…

Great find, Tracko!

Jun 8, 2015 1 comment
Seabase in the Pyrenees

192 miles of the mountains of madness on a track bike. If anyone can do it, it’s Seabase…

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More on Wiggo

You’ll have to excuse the dump of videos and photos for the Hour Record. I’ve been away from the internet for a few days…

Jun 7, 2015 1 comment
The History of the Hour Record

I’m so bummed to have been traveling from London during Wiggo’s Hour Record. For those who wanted a bit of background on the history of this event, check out the above video and see the rest of the series at Youtube. Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

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