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Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No9 Recap

Here’s the official recap for the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn No9 and it’s a long one! RHC has uploaded the men’s and women’s races in their entirety by splicing together multiple cameras used by athletes throughout the race.

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I love this video so much!

“Cherrapunji is a region of Meghalaya, India. It is a hilltop plain where the sun shines brightly and storms rumble deeply. It was where I went to wrap myself in a blanket while I dealt with the split of Dan and I’s journey. Believing that it was also the splitting of our relationship and coming to terms with what looked very much like failure.

Once I had started cycling I felt comfortable but also very much alone, like a phantom limb I missed a partner. But as I climbed up more mountaintops and became more confident in my own ability I found the positives of being alone. Cherrapunji is a short about finding enough courage to set out alone on a bike tour. In a broader sense it is about women who do something courageous!”

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Cadence and Familia

Dustin Klein headed to the Midwest to discuss skateboarding with legends Steve Nesser and Todd Bratrud and to work on a collaboration cycling kit with Familia. Check out the Cadence x Familia offerings at Cadence.

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Engine 11 Trip

Engine 11 takes to New York, SF and Long Beach as their team races various track bike criteriums.

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Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah YESSSSSSS

Why’d you click that sleeping triangle?

You might’ve been drawn in by the cast of characters, a who’s who of MTB loosest DH riders – Ratboy, the Spirit of Enduro, Loose Dog Lewis – just to name a few. Or maybe you were drawn in by the promise of thick mudded berms being sliced and diced like a stoned Edward Scissorhands set upon a fresh batch of brownies. Or you’re the type who just clicks on everything with your own patented brand of devil-may-care/I’m-so-bored-at-my-job ennui. Whatever the case you’re here. And each of the above  are valid reasons, each one is more than enough to want you to poke that sleeping triangle. (more…)

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The Pro’s Closet Interviews John Parker

Perhaps you’ve heard of Yeti Cycles? Well, John Parker is the guy who got that company rolling. Check out the latest from the Pro’s Closet interviews!

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The Loop of Doom

Usually, we see loops being shredded by BMX riders, yet here Matt Macduff takes one on with his MTB for the Rise. It’s worth the watch, trust me! Follow this story at the Rise.

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