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Straight Outta Brompton: Black Edition

We all know when it comes to bicycles, sometimes blacker is better. Brompton releases their new Black Edition and before you judge folding bikes, I highly suggest you head to a dealer and try one out. Does anyone else want to see this thing with gumwall tires?

Mar 3, 2015 4 comments
The Just Desserts of Gluttony

Eddie Master is method actor, his art form, mountain biking. In this short but powerful documentary film, Eddie risks his title as “King of the Enduro” in order to prove a point to the world, that there is no shame in fat bikes, and in order to do so, he piles on weight like he’s auditioning for a cameo role in another Eddie M’s The Crumps series The man simply sacrifices everything for his art,  and takes the Morgan Spurlock approach to the proof is in the pudding by simply eating all of the pudding. If you are not sold on fat bikes now, you better start cutting out coupons, because after you watch this video you are going to be buying bulk and living large with a whole new take on meaning of “The fat of the land.”

Mar 2, 2015 4 comments
I’m Digging the Boreas Aperture Photo Backpack

… and I totally blanked on sharing this before the Kickstarter deadline finished up. Boreas’ backpacks all use a native harness system, dubbed the suspension and part of the Bootlegger Modular Pack system. The Aperture Photo Series is built on this design.

The idea is you can swap different pack bodies depending on your needs. Kayaking, surfing, packrafting, cycling, hiking or even commuting, each pack can be dropped into or removed from the suspension straps with ease.

Since the funding is already finished up on the Aperture pack, we’ll have to wait until May to see these hit the consumer market.

Check out more on the Aperture pack, including diagrams and plenty of product photos at the Kickstarter page.

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Hi, Five

Nothing like some trail riding on a Friday afternoon to get the weekend stoke up.

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